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‘Oregon Trail' Game Cues

Will you survive the trek?

Throwing a Western party with an old-school spin? Channel your inner pioneer with Oregon Trail fun. Plan a few rounds of game cues throughout the evening by writing out different fates that befell the characters in the video game (this ranged from a snake bite to a broken wagon wheel), and add in your own original events. Guests can pick out of a hat, and by the end of the night there will be a select few survivors.

Here are some fates to inspire your own:

  • After sipping some water you notice a sign: "Contaminated Water!" You must take a shot of alcohol to cleanse your system.
  • A thunderstorm turned your path into mud and your wagon is stuck. Find 5 friends to help pull it out from the mud, or the caravan leaves without you.
  • Oh no, a rattlesnake bit your leg! You can’t use it for the rest of the party.

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