Jean Krisle

Keynote Speaker from Salt Lake City, UT - Will travel up to 3000 miles

$3700 - $12000 per event
When your conversations must be engaging, your connections valuable, and your collaborations effective, Jean Krisle can help!

Driven to improve communication in our sound bite world, silo-stymied companies and splintered families, Jean is passionate about the pivotal significance of three underused communication skills: CONVERSATION, CONNECTION & COLLABORATION.

Blessed with a natural curiosity and fueled by a desire to succeed, Jean combined life experience, natural instincts, networking, focused training and ongoing education to hone her communication skills, support her clients, and drive her businesses to success.

Jean's life has been an ongoing model of anything is possible. She was in her late 30s when she was forced to step outside of her comfort zone and set some pretty lofty goals as she suddenly found herself a single parent with six young children.

Jean entered the workforce with nothing more than a high school diploma and worked her way from stay-at-home mother living in a California mountain community to Vice President of Communications for Atlas Network, a Washington DC-based international organization.

Jean is a "nothing is impossible" personality; she's been hired, fired (and sometimes tired), but through everything, Jean has been an optimist and a connector. She stays positive, pays attention, reaches out, and connects the dots.

She parlayed wisdom gained through personal and professional experience into a successful consulting business, professional speaking career, life-saving nonprofit organization, and international recognition as a thought leader for transparent communications, innovative outreach, and support in the addiction industry. Jean's approachable personality, quick intellect, easy laugh and can-do attitude are key factors in her success.

A successful business owner for more than a decade, Jean's most recent endeavor 10,000 Beds, Inc., a 501c3 nonprofit organization, was born out of a realization that with empty beds in addiction treatment centers throughout the United States, and at the same time people without resources wanting and needing treatment, there was a critical equation in need of an immediate solution.

Conceived in 2014 and officially launched in the fall 2015, 10,000 Beds was born from the very skills Jean teaches in her seminars today – conversation, connection, and collaboration. It's through the 10,000 Beds scholarship program Jean is able to connect those who need help with those who can help.

The unique model of reaching directly to treatment centers for scholarships, instead of raising funds through private donors to pay treatment centers for “scholarships”, has resulted in more than $1,000,000 in awarded scholarships through 10,000 Beds in 2016. The fast-growing organization is on target to double this achievement in 2017.

Jean has experienced more of the dark side of life than she ever expected. Her family has been affected by addiction on many levels. With six children, five stepchildren, and 20 grandchildren in a combined family with her husband Hal Krisle, Jean has experienced the highs and the lows of parenthood.

Jean can instantly flash back to dark alleys, bright flashing lights, suicide notes, room searches, weapons confiscation, and finally, thankfully, the evolution from sorrow, to fear, to hope, followed by hard work and a commitment to life in recovery. Gratitude is an important tenet of Jean's life. Teaching others, helping others, talking with others is one way she can give back.

Today Jean will tell you that many of her heroes are the family members, friends and colleagues in recovery who every single day choose to take responsibility for their lives and their choices.

Jean's life experiences fold into her presentation seamlessly and illustrate key skills needed to buoy up your attitude when you are facing challenges, push through whatever storm blows in, communicate effectively with colleagues, friends and family, and set achievable goals to achieve and maintain success.

Focusing on communication, optimism, leadership, and excellence in life and work, Jean's lifetime of expertise and experience makes her a well-liked and effective speaker with the ability to capture the attention of the most unwilling participant and engage audiences beyond their expectations. Jean believes without reservation that everyone can be a leader.

Jean engages her audience immediately with her candor, enthusiasm and engaging delivery. She weaves audience participation, humor, and personal stories into her message and effortlessly drives home critical points without unnecessary repetition or drama.

Often staying involved long after her presentation to meet and greet and continue the conversation, Jean believes her responsibility to an audience only begins on the stage. An invitation-only FB page allows audience members to stay connected and receive answers to questions they have following Jean's presentation.
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Please note Jean Krisle will also travel to Ogden, Roy, Clearfield, Layton, Hooper, Syracuse, Cache Junction, Kaysville, Huntsville, Eden, Farmington, Bear River City, Morgan, Willard, Centerville, Bountiful, Woods Cross, Mantua, Brigham City, Croydon, North Salt Lake, Plymouth, Howell, Paradise, Corinne, Enterprise, Millville, Riverside, Logan, Newton.
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