Rap Band from Los Angeles, CA - Will travel up to 500 miles

$350 - $10000 per event

Meet 4 exceptional young men coming to a city near you by way of southern states Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas. Each member brings there own style and flare to the group. Ranging in ages from 24 to 27 these four guys have made some outstanding leaps and bounds performing with such music icons as Destiny's Child, Kiss, Ja Rule, Mary J. Blige, Yung Joc, Hootie and the Blowfish, and many more. Now that you know what power house artist the group has performed with lets find out who are these amazing performers.

Let's introduce you to the members that make up the group Southunoyz; Yung Sipp, Dominique Duncun, 3thirds, Maurice D. Collins, 7vn k, Kerry Maurice Pless, and Noyz, Brian Thomas. We begin by giving you an insight into who they are and, why and what makes each member so unique. Yung Sipp born in Hattiesburg Mississippi and partially raised in New Orleans, Louisiana began his journey of life March 7, 1983.

Dominique Duncan also known as Yung Sipp, is the third member of the group Southunoyz. He brings his special talent and style from life experiences of pleasures and pain from the streets of Mississippi and Louisiana. He first began rapping and writing at the tender age of 12 with hopes of one day making his dreams a reality. Sipp's word play ability can take you from the gutter streets to the most passionate erotic mental stimulation of the mind. He brings his southern flare, his grimy lyrics, and the ability to crossover to the smooth R&B Melody tracks, with his straight to the point attitude that's what makes Yung Sipp an integral part of SouthuNoyz. 3 Thirds, the second member of the group, was born December 30, 1982 in Austin Texas.

Maurice D. Collins also known as 3 Thirds helped co found Southunoyz after serving in the Iraq war (Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003). He is an intricate piece to the puzzle with his amazing lyrical talents and writing skills. His thought provoking lyrics will put almost any listener to his or her knees. His smooth rap sound, mentally stimulating and provoking word play lyrics are a force to be reckoned with on any level. Once the group was formed, from the beginning, thirds envisioned the group not only as an artist but as a movement and coined the phrase "The Beatles of Rap". His versatility and his unique ability to convey his emotions through imagery and metaphoric analyzing; makes 3Thirds an instrumental component to Southunoyz. 7vnK, the fourth member of the group, was born May 16, 1981 in Atlanta Georgia.

Kerry Maurice Pless also known as 7vnK A.K.A Mr. Sinister A.K.A Tha Kool Kat is the most versatile member of the group with skills including rapping, singing, writing and acting. In the words of Svn.K "I'm not a rapper but an entertainer"; that statement couldn't be truer. He brings a style all his own with his attention grabbing, catchy and witty phrases that are undeniably mesmerizing to any true music fan. He is a performer in every sense of the word. Once he hits the stage he is nothing less than captivating from the tone of his voice to his animated antics he will stop short of nothing to please the audience. He is by far an exceptional addition to Southunoyz. Noyz, the first member and the visionary of the group was born July 28, 1980 in Nuremburg, Germany and raised in Columbus Georgia.

Brian Thomas, also known as Noyz, brings the R& B element to the group. He is talented in many areas but his singing and writing skills as well as his work ethic are his strongest attributes. His smooth sensual voice can bring the ladies to a point of sheer ecstatic pleasure. His influences include the likes of Baby Face Edmunds, Toni Braxton, Mista and many more but he exudes a style all his own. He is unmistakably the calm to a raging storm with more pizzazz and grace than any performer you have ever seen. Noyz, the patriarch of the group, possess confidence and the ability to see things through to the end. There's no turning back now the Southunoyz Movement has begun.

Once all four members of the group were in place, after returning from their second tours of duty in Iraq; under the direction of the United States Marine Corps, Southunoyz was born in October of 2004. They have collectively received five combat action ribbons an honor that is not for the faint at heart. Southunoyz's diversity is apparent throughout their music. Their in your face lyrics in Fabricated addresses such issues as the perception of solidarity with deceptive underlying motives but that is only the beginning of what they can do. M.O.E (Money Ova Everything) is another intensive track. The title can lead to assumptions but once you begin to listen, the true meaning of the song is prevalent. In short M.O.E. is stating, invest in your future, stop trying to follow what everyone else is doing, be wise an observe your surroundings, as well as choose to lead not a follow. Say Aye yet another song by these amazing performers show a more exciting side to music. It dabs into the emotional feelings of both the artist and the fans, as the group prepares to perform, from the excitement to the nerves of uncertainty. In Say Aye they have captured the core feelings of what it means to be a performer. Baddest, the second track on their demo is self explanatory. It is a song about confidence, endurance and the empirical battles that occur on the streets. There is no denying they are the Baddest. Last but not least we have the catchy, marketable, snap music club hit Ladiez and Hustlaz. Once you hear this song you can not help but to move your feet, shake your hips, and bob your head it's addictive and will take you by surprise. This song has the components of becoming a number one hit so, do not blink, and keep your eyes wide open because you do not want to miss what this group has to offer.
S- Strikingly
O- Outstanding
U- Unequivocal
T- Talented
H- Handsome
U- Unambiguous
N- Noble
O- Observant
Y- Youthful
Z- Zingy

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Please note Southunoyz will also travel to Alhambra, Bell Gardens, Glendale, Huntington Park, Maywood, Monterey Park, Bell, Hollywood, Pasadena, South Pasadena, Montebello, South Gate, Burbank, Beverly Hills, Inglewood, Rosemead, San Gabriel, San Marino, Culver City, Downey, El Monte, Lynwood, Pico Rivera, Toluca Lake, Universal City, Willowbrook, Compton, La Canada, Montrose, North Hollywood.
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