Jim Goldfuss - Speaker

Author from Westbury, NY - Will travel up to 100 miles

$500 - $5000 per event
You've handled all the planning of your event, and the big day has come. You have welcomed all your participants, seen to their comfort, answered their questions, and now your speaker is ready to begin. Your heart is racing because you know the speaker you have brought in can make, or break, your entire event. You hope you have made the right choice, but only time will tell. During the presentation, you hear laughter and cheers as the speaker engages with your audience and makes that connection with them. When it is over, you watch from the side, as your participants come out smiling and laughing, and you hear the passing comments about how awesome the presentation was, and what a great meeting this turned out to be. Weeks later you STILL hear people talking about your event and the speaker that presented that day, and better yet, putting the things they learned there to use in their daily activities.

Isn't that what you're looking for? A speaker who connects with your audience, and provides a story of inspiration; one that motivates them to take action and change their lives? Well, my name is Jim Goldfuss, and that is the ultimate goal of every one of my speeches, regardless of what I speak about. You see, I grew up battling depression and anxiety, but didn't realize it until I was in my mid-thirties. That is over 30 years of learning and reinforcing negative and self-destructive mindsets and behaviors. My brother died by suicide as a result of his suffering, yet here I stand, speaking of inspiration and motivation, and encouraging my audience to change the way the see their situations and circumstances; change their paradigms and get them to understand that if they want to change the results, achievements, or anything else they are experiencing, they don't have to completely up-heave their lives and create chaos. In fact, it only takes small changes, minor course corrections, 1 Degree of Difference from what they are currently doing to start the transformation. We are all capable of things far in excess of anything we have experienced so far, it is just a matter of believing in ourselves, imagining what it is we want to accomplish, and then pursuing those desires with action.

I'm not just someone who talks about inspiration, I have experienced it first hand. I have gone from a shy and quiet person lacking confidence to speak up for himself; lacking a voice, to someone who embraces life and dares to do all the things I never envisioned. Above and beyond speaking in public and sharing my story, I am an author, an actor, a pilot, a father and husband to two wonderful kids and a beautiful and supportive wife. I have come from a point of despair where I wondered if this was all life was about, to living in passion, excited not only about the possibilities that lie ahead for me, but also the humbling satisfaction that by sharing my story I am able to help others experience that kind of awesome change and experience as well.

My speeches may be about my story, but they are really about everyone. My audiences can always find a point of comparison and identification with me, and realize that in my story, lies theirs as well, and through that connection we begin a journey that starts at the presentation, but last long after the presentation is over, the lights are turned down, and the doors are closed. Yes, I bring my audiences on a roller coaster ride of emotion, from the heights of euphoria, to the depths of anguish and depression, but only just enough for them to feel the emotion and make the connection. When thy leave, they are excited, but more importantly motivated, to go out and make a difference, and in the process, change their lives into ones that are more fulfilled, productive, and most importantly, inspired.

Have an outstanding day!
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Please note Jim Goldfuss - Speaker will also travel to Hicksville, Jericho, Old Westbury, Carle Place, Levittown, Syosset, Uniondale, Albertson, Bethpage, East Meadow, East Norwich, Garden City, Glen Head, Greenvale, Mineola, Plainview, Roslyn Heights, Williston Park, Hempstead, Old Bethpage.
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