Ken Gidge

Motivational Speaker from Boston, MA - Will travel up to 100 miles

$475 - $1200 per event
Inventor, Politician, Champion Flagpole Sitter, TV host, Radio Talk Show Host, Night Club Owner, Poet, Artist, Business Broker and alderman.

What does a Champion Flag Pole Sitter Do when he grows UP? Become a Politician, of course. Ken Gidge claims he is primarily an inventor and he has the evidence to prove it. But ultimately, he is an entertaining host, artist, politician, and advocate for those who understand the perils of being an Original. He will involve your audience, creating an immersive experience that will amuse, provoke and entertain. See him featured in the NH Chronicles as a Renaissance man.

· The last person married in 1969 and the first person married on an airplane on the same occasion
· Ken Gidge has been A champion flagpole sitter (see The Guinness Book of World Records 1974)The last Santa Claus at Lord and Taylor in Boston (this has got to tell you something)
· Appeared on, To Tell the Truth, and many years later as a political pundit for channel 9 NH TV, currently appearing on Channel 96 Nashua Cable – the ART of Politics
· A restaurateur, owner of Barnaby's ( restaurant and nightclub) Mrs. Patent's chicken, Edison's (convenience store and luncheonette)
· A published poet
· A Business Broker
· The inventor of Frigididoor/LeDoor - energy saving plastic doors marketed worldwide, Inventor of a boomerang Frisbee
· CEO of Cheers Auto and Trucks Sale
· The Radio Talk Show host of Night Orange- interview politicians, artists, inventors and created mockumentaries and parody news reports.
· Host to the National Inventor's Award presented to the youngest inventors Curtis Lawson 9 and Lewis Barton 14. ( reference Video Showcase Dec 28 1982)
This Awards was presented by President Bush Senior, note: this was the unrecognized spark for the Children's competition –Odyssey of the Mind
· Directed the creation of Largest Abstract in the World - in Nashua NH for the Telegraph News.
· New Hampshire State representative for 4 terms so far
· An artist who discovered a new form of art Gidge 3D·
Newly elected Alderman for the City of Nashua, NH.

His Work

Original Abstract Paintings Optical Illusions by Ken Gidge
Abstract ART that becomes 3-Dimensional shapes you Simply have to See to Believe...
Welcome to the official home of Ken Gidge's original 3-D paintings. These are one-of-a-kind, contemporary, abstract pieces of modern art. We use the term "modern" quite loosely as they can more accurately be described as "futuristic." What could be futuristic about these neon paintings? you might ask. While the technical answer is a closely guarded secret, the results are nothing short of spectacular. Ken has developed his very own, and quite literally "one-of-a-kind" technique for formulating rich neon paints and applying them to canvas in such a way that when viewed through ChromaDepth glasses with bifocal vision, the high contrasting abstract neon designs and patterns leap off the canvas in a multitude of psychedelic layers. Only these GidgeWorld 3D original paintings are guaranteed to project holographic colors that appear to be floating in front of, or diving deep into the canvas. Our beautiful hand painted pieces of art are extremely colorful and will brighten up any room with their eye-catching colors alone, but when you or your guests put on the 3D glasses, the paintings come alive with a vibrant array of natural shapes, splatters, and concentric designs. Ken's original 3D artworks are available ranging from sample-size at 4 x 4 inches, to quite large gallery-size at 36 x 24 inches, and everything in between.

Gidge original 3D paintings... Once you experience them, you'll never look at artwork the same way again!
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Please note Ken Gidge will also travel to Braintree, Cambridge, Newton, Readville, Brookline Village, Medford, Randolph, Milton, Quincy, Wallaston, Watertown, West Medford, Weymouth, Arlington Heights, Holbrook, Melrose, Nonantum, North Quincy, Waverley, Dorchester, East Weymouth, Hyde Park, Mattapan, North Weymouth, Oakdale, South Weymouth, Waltham, Babson Park, Avon, Canton.
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