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Groom's Shower Ideas

Who’s to say the fellas can’t have a dignified pre-wedding shower like the ladies? No one, that’s who. Call it what you want: a groom’s shower, a bro-dal shower, or just plain old Friday night.

Whatever you want to label it, a groom’s shower is a fun way to honor an engaged friend. This event is different from a bachelor party in that it’s a more family-friendly environment, great for celebrating with his dad, extended family or co-workers that may not be invited to the bachelor party.

The groom’s shower is usually planned by the best man or a family member. Often, coworkers will throw an office wedding shower for a groom as well. When planning a shower for a groom, it’s okay to ask him what he wants and go from there, but sometimes hosts will plan it as a complete surprise.

Looking for groom shower ideas? Use the guest of honor’s interests as a guide. A workshop shower theme is one popular groom’s shower idea for the handyman who wants to stock his newlywed home with tools for DIY projects. Or maybe an activity, like a golf outing or day at the race track (cars or horses; pick your vice), would be better suited to the crowd.

Food can guide the planning as well. If he’s into gourmet food for example, plan a cocktail party outfitted with foodie-approved dishes. He’s more of a beer and brats guy? Put on a backyard barbeque. For games, guests can play cornhole or beer pong. The groom’s shower can be as funny or as serious as the guy you’re honoring!

Popular Groom's Shower Party Themes

James Bond Groom’s Shower Theme

For the friend who’s always leading the fashion trends in your group, dress to the nines with a James Bond groom’s shower theme. Indulge in the finer things in life: classic cocktails, rich horderves and live music.

Xiang Gao; Unsplash

Oregon Trail Groom’s Shower Theme

For the vintage video game lover, an Oregon Trail groom’s shower is a funny idea. Throughout the party, guests can play a survivor-style Oregon Trail game where they draw cards that depict the same fates you would get when you played the old-school game. (Remember: “You have died of dysentery”?) Last man standing wins.

Mad Men Groom's Shower Theme

He’ll feel like Don Draper when guests toast his honor at a Mad Men groom’s shower. Transport the gang back to the ‘60s with fondue and old-fashioneds, served in a city townhouse. Shower the groom with swanky cocktail glasses, mid-century modern decor items, posters of vintage ads and old records.

Tailgating Groom’s Shower Theme

Is a big game coming up? The groom’s shower can double as a watch party. Set it up like a tailgate, where guests can play lawn games, enjoy barbeque fare and sip beer. Then show the game on the big screen. When it comes time for groom shower gifts (probably at halftime), have guests give him swag with his team’s logo—we’re talking beer glasses, tee shirts, throw blankets and more.

Rachael Hall Photography

Casino Groom’s Shower Theme

Groom’s shower games are a cinch to plan when you’re pulling inspiration from a casino. Rent card game tables and let guests mingle while they gamble. Takeout-style appetizers and classic cocktails like a whiskey sour will lend an authentic Vegas feel. Add a live cigar roller to the mix for the full effect.

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