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Halloween Party Ideas

The most bewitching night of the year deserves no less than a completely spell-binding party. You don’t have to put on a gore-themed spookfest if that’s not your thing—anything fantastical or out of the ordinary will do the trick. Once you’ve got your guest list, it’s time to start the party planning.

Before you even start thinking about a theme, you need to decide if you want your soiree to be a costume party. If so, rather than having your friends dress up as whatever they want, create a theme that lends itself to easy and streamlined costume ideas. Often times, people shy away from attending costume parties simply because they don’t know what to dress up as, so make it easy for your guests. It’ll be fun to see all the different iterations on a common theme. You can even have cheap props on hand in case someone shows up sans costume (tsk, tsk).

Food is going to be crucial, because your guests can’t subsist on candy (or alcohol) all night. At a costume party, people are likely going to be socializing and dancing, so small bites and finger foods are a good bet. To take it a step further, serve themed foods, like pumpkin brie and monster munch—but a word to the wise, keep your eats appetizing, not gross looking (or sounding).

A DJ or live band will keep your guests dancing all night, but in addition to music, you could offer festive party games, like bobbing for apples, mummy bowling and a pumpkin bean bag toss. Whether you want to go spooky, glamorous or whimsical, these popular Halloween party themes will make sure yours is the party everyone is talking about until next Halloween.

Popular Halloween Party Themes

Masquerade Halloween Party Theme

Up the ante in a major way with a masked costume party. This gives your guests freedom to choose their own costume if they want to get creative, or the ability to wear something a bit more "normal" and just put on a mask if costume parties aren’t their jam.

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Oregon Trail Halloween Party Theme

Bring the iconic computer game to life this Halloween. This theme takes everything to the next level with an interactive party. Have guests dress up as their chosen occupation, then mark their journey with game cues. Write out fates for their characters and have guests pick them out of a hat. By the end of the night, you’ll find out who survives.


Heroes and Villains Halloween Party Theme

Make everyone choose a side for this quirky party theme. Hire a hypnotist or party robot (trust us—that is actually a thing) for entertainment, and decorate with pop art. Pull inspiration from Marvel, or your favorite comics and superhero movies.

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Harry Potter Halloween Party Theme

We’re still not over Harry Potter, and since it will forever be the most magical book series, it lends itself to an awesome Halloween party theme. Guests can dress up as characters or houses, you can serve up pub-style food, and incorporate enchanted decor throughout, like a sorting hat, potions and floating candles.

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Space Halloween Party Theme

If it isn’t Halloween to you without a dark-lit space with plenty of glow-in-the-dark elements, this is the theme for you. Transport your guests to outer space, and ask them to show up with reflective clothing, and/or holographic and neon accessories. You’re definitely going to want to spring for a DJ on this one.

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