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St. Patrick's Day Party Ideas

Throwing a fun St. Patrick’s Day party requires more than a little bit of luck. You’re going to need delicious eats, festive cocktails and lively entertainment.

Back to the basics for a second: Let's make sure we know what we're celebrating. Historically speaking, March 17th is a day that honors the patron saint of Ireland, St. Patrick. Parades are held around the world that celebrate Irish culture and traditions, featuring Irish dancing and Celtic bagpipe music, and regional cuisine is prepared, like corned beef and cabbage.

Over the years, St. Paddy’s Day may have become a day for barhopping, but this is the year you elevate the celebration and host a party that’ll make all your Irish friends and family proud.

You can choose a theme to help guide your party planning, or just lean into holiday staples. Traditional food includes soda bread, shepherd's pie and Colcannon, while Guinness beer is a classic crowd-pleasing brew. Take your St. Patrick's party to the next level with live music from a bagpipist, harpist or gospel choir.

Whether you're planning a parade after-party or celebrating your Irish heritage, you can start St. Patrick's Day party planning by browsing local party venues and vendors to help bring your vision to life. A local cocktail bar or loft space would be a great place to host, and entertainment (think: bagpipe player, accordionist or photo booth) is the ultimate wow-factor to pull it all together.

Popular St. Patrick's Day Party Themes


Throw a highlighter themed fete with neon green everything. A DJ will pump up the party, while a blacklight will make everything glow. This one works best in an open warehouse or loft, so if you can swing that as your venue, you’re gold. No pun intended.

Valimont Photography

Midsummer Night's Dream

For something a little more tame, turn a garden into "Midsummer Night’s Dream." Think earthy and fanciful with lush green garlands and succulents. Nature-inspired decor is the idea, here. Serve green cocktails at your outdoor bar, and opt for floor seating on cushions for a bohemian vibe. Finish it all off with some string lights.

Samantha Gades; Unsplash


Give your St. Patrick's Day party a decade spin with '90s-inspired food and decor. You're still celebrating all the same festivities, but with a throw-back flair.

Let's get your St. Patrick's Day started.

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