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Lucas Hunt is the president of HUNT Auctioneers and has served the community as an auctioneer for many years. His experience includes acquisition, selection, number and order of lots, how to optimize bidding, and more. Whatever the auction may be, Hunt provides energy to excite his bidders, and ultimately raise the most money for the cause. Having graduated from World Wide College of Auctioneering, his skills are above and beyond, as he excels in professionalism, and can provide various styles of auctioning. He is trained in both English and American chant styles and is trained in Master of Ceremonies. He works diligently to ensure that your event or gala is run smoothly and caters to each event’s uniqueness. Book him today!



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Jennifer M

Fundraiser - 2017-12-02

We had a wonderful experience with Lucas! He was extremely professional, gave some great insight and recommendations for augmenting the fundraising ROI, and even made a special trip to visit with our...