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Jay Cash is the go-to live auctioneer in New York City. He sets the perfect atmosphere through his entertaining and understandable chant. He represents the perfect mixture of an energizing salesperson and ambassador for your event and products. Jay offers a pre-auction consultation, templates, supplies, technology, and staffing. He can accommodate live, silent, and online auctions. Jay offers multiple pricing models to fit any budget. If your event needs an energetic and hands on auctioneer, Jay Cash is your guy! Book now.



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Amy S

Fundraiser - 2018-07-28

Jay was amazing. He took a very crazy situation and handled it beautifully. He is very positive and really helped us to be sure that we did not leave money on the table. His demeanor is comfortable...

Whitney A

Fundraiser - 2017-10-28

Jay was a fantastic partner for our event. He made time to talk prior to the event to help us determine timing and floated several excellent ideas to us to enhance event participation and fundraising....