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Justin Weber Yoyo is a performer in the NYC/Brooklyn area that provides juggling entertainment to a variety of shows ranging from festivals, community events, private parties and more! He is a member of New York Yoyo Club and teaches circus programs in schools with National Circus Project and Big Apple Curious. In addition to performing for different events types he is also able to provide YoYo workshops and lessons where he can teach a groups of people achievable basic moves. It is a great experience for team building and a way to supply interactive fun for large groups. Inquire for more information!


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tamara w

Event - 2016-01-09

Incredible performer. He performed at my daughters bat mitzvah and engaged the adults, the Tweens, and the little ones. Able to communicate as a mime with all ages. He spent extra time teaching the...

Courtney F

Fundraiser - 2015-10-31

I had a great experience with Justin.

Chanta T

Birthday Party (Adult) - 2015-11-14

Justin weber was amazing . So talented and cute aswell. My family and friends loved him too