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The Cocktail Guru is a Worldwide Beverage Consulting Firm founded in 2005. The mission of The Cocktail Guru has always been “to spread the good cocktail at a time!” The Cocktail Guru was founded by bartender Jonathan Pogash who realized there was a gap with cocktails. Pogash decided there needed to be more unique offerings for bars, restaurants, and beverage brands. To accomplish this, The Cocktail Guru has worked with nearly one hundred corporations on mixology sessions. The Cocktail Guru has not only grown to represent hundreds of beverage brands around the United States, but has created a unique network of regional "Cocktail Gurus." The Cocktail Guru offers; brand marketing, event coordination and execution, wedding cocktail design, signature cocktail development, and mixology classes! With the elite network of bartenders and mixologists The Cocktail Guru has partnered with, there is sure to be a talent to match the event that you're hosting! Allow The Cocktail Guru to spread their philosophy and appreciation of cocktails with you and your guests!