DeepC Divers

Rock Band from Boston, MA - Will travel up to 3000 miles

$600 - $6000 per event
DeepCDivers are a Boston-based original rock band whose melodic hooks finds a genuine appeal to the heart. Their music is a striking blend of alternative and classic rock with elements of funk and reggae sounds tempered with a pop sensibility.The band members each have long resumes which include tour dates throughout New England and beyond. The performances include The Middle East (Boston), Natick Center for the Arts (MA), CBGB's (NYC), and SXSW (Austin) to name a few. Their music has received radio airplay on 70+ radio stations nationwide and has been licensed to the Discovery Channel, A & E, E!, Nascar, MTV, Netflix and more.

Deep C is the band leader, singer-songwriter, composer, rhythm guitarist and occasional percussionist. Originally from south India. belonging to the Kodava Community from Coorg, India. Deep began his musical career with a band that played covers of songs from bands as diverse as the Beatles to Guns n Roses. He attended the Berklee College of Music in Boston and began exploring original music.

Paul Erlich, originally from Queens, New York, plays lead guitar, piano and keyboards. Paul's excellent ear has led him to specialize in improvisation. He plays microtonal guitar and a seven string guitar. He draws inspiration from the classical music he was raised with, the Beatles, classic rock tunes, Indian music he has grown to love and the jazz he likes to check out in his current hometown of Boston.

Gregg Marcus from Cambridge, Massachusetts plays bass guitar. One part mad scientist and two parts organizing force. Gregg holds the band together with sweet bass lines, quality live recordings and a relentless drive to craft the perfect set list. Gregg likes reggae, funk, blues and anything original and captivating. He is a full on sound geek to the point of building his own bass amp and creating a studio recording rig to capture the bands inspired moments.

John Bordage was born in Maine but picked up the drums when he moved to San Diego, CA. He played in a number of bands ranging in style from alternative rock, surf, classic rock, reggae, and folk/roots music.

DeepCDivers released Making Waves in 2017 which was critically acclaimed. The band is currently working on a 5 song EP set for released in June 2019.

Check out their recent interview on Vents Magazine.


You might describe their sound as mainstream rock with some infectious pop harmonies and accessible vibes, but mainstream doesn't have to mean conformist, conservative (small c) or predictable and Deep C Divers make music which is none of those things. It may travel between familiar locations in the musical canon but it takes the scenic route as it does so. It is slick and brimming with sumptuous vocals, clever guitar work and deft penmanship which balances big crescendos and subtle, more minimalist passages with ease. As a calling card for the album Making Waves it is the perfect enticement to check out a full musical platter from the band. Lovely stuff…what more do you need?


No one knows how to pull off classic rock tunes quite like this band from Boston. From the moment the song opened up with an intricate and timeless bass piece to the time Deep crows the opening lines 'I see you coming, I see you going', I knew I was in for a smooth musical ride with Smile for Better Days. The band retained a regular tempo throughout the song, the instrumentation perfectly complementing Deep's solemn voice as he sings of seeing a new day. It's not every day I find a band that knows how to make use of their song's allotted time.

For a band in a space as competitive as rock, Deep C Divers hold their own with this track. However, the song reflects the Queen-esque style of the band, which, if I'm being honest, makes it seem like the band will not be making waves with their latest album.

Allie Fitzgerald.


'Smile For Better Days' is a terrific song by the wonderful Deep C Divers.

As part of their latest album 'Making Waves', the well-rounded and highly talented Deep C Rivers have produced a magnificent single 'Smile For Better Days'. In this latest single the acclaimed Deep C Rivers, showcase just why they are the band to follow in the world of music with authentic lyrics and emotional theme. This one is for the playlists.


Smile For Better Days: A Musical Gem From Deep C Divers
Smile For Better Days is a single off the album Making Waves. The track has strong organic quality that flirts with the genres of country rock, folk, pop, and classic rock. Lyrically, Smile For Better Days is more than a salutation of “get home safe,” but a philosophy that is being shared by more and more people who understand the technology of good emotions and smiling.

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Please note DeepC Divers will also travel to Braintree, Cambridge, Newton, Readville, Brookline Village, Medford, Randolph, Milton, Quincy, Wallaston, Watertown, West Medford, Weymouth, Arlington Heights, Holbrook, Melrose, Nonantum, North Quincy, Waverley, Dorchester, East Weymouth, Hyde Park, Mattapan, North Weymouth, Oakdale, South Weymouth, Waltham, Babson Park, Avon, Canton.
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