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Pangean Orchestra - Global Musicians, profile image

Pangean Orchestra - Global Musicians

World Music Trio from Gilbert, AZ

Bring something beautiful and exotic to your next event! Our Pangean Orchestra has tons of familiar and exotic instruments played by fabulously talented people. This is your chance to have some amazing talent from around...

Starting at
$1,000 per event
The Pan-American Trio, profile image

The Pan-American Trio

World Music Trio from Washington, DC

The Pan-American Trio performs a dazzling array of styles from all over the Americas, including jazz (both traditional and modern), blues, bluegrass, Brazilian samba and bossa nova, salsa, tango, and more. With just bass...

Starting at
$400 per event

Taikoza and East Winds Ensemble

World Music Trio from New York City, NY

Taikoza is a world touring Taiko drum ensemble that will make your event that much more a success with its dynamism and energy. Taiko drums that are up to 3 feet in diameter and bamboo flutes that create a performance th...

Starting at
$750 per event

Voice of the Turtle: Sephardic Music and More

World Music Trio from Cambridge, MA

VOT is one of the world's most acclaimed ensembles dedicated to the performance of Sephardic music. With roots in the world music movement and early music, Voice of the Turtle also performs a variety of Jewish music as w...

Starting at
$300 per event


World Music Trio from Portland, OR

Okropong ("eagle") performs traditional Ghanaian dance and music chosen from the various ethnic cultures in Ghana, including Ga, Ewe, Ashanti, Dagomba and Dagarti. Using a variety of hand and stick drums, talking drums,...

Starting at
$1,000 per event


World Music Trio from Edmonton, AB

World Music Trio MaxxMajor is based in Edmonton, Alberta and has been a member with GigMasters since 2014. Events typically cost anywhere from $200 to $400 and vary based on the specifics of your event. MaxxMajor will t...

Starting at
$200 per event

Percussion Plus

World Music Trio from Fort Collins, CO

Situated in Fort Collins Co. one of the most dynamic and upcoming cities in the U.S.A, Global Rhythms is eager to nurture a new generation of gifted musicians who will help advance and shape the musical culture of our c...

New York African Chorus Ensemble Inc.

World Music Trio from New York City, NY

Be transformed by the sounds and spirit of the New York African Chorus Ensemble Inc; the foremost group that specializes in the performance of African traditional, popular and Art music. The vibrant and polyphonic rhythm...

Starting at
$1,500 per event

Joann Mack

World Music Trio from Fremont, CA

Joanna plays traditional Indian Classical sitar and is accompanied by the Bay Area's best, professional tabla players. She is available for private concerts, weddings and events.

Starting at
$500 per event
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