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Boudoir Photography

Boudoir shoots, a type of photography named after a woman's private dressing room, unites fantasy-fulfillment and vanity while still remaining tasteful. The style of boudoir photography is influenced from French postcards and pin up girls. A boudoir shoot portrays the empowerment of all females - turning the average woman into her own centerfold model. A woman having her photo taken, delicately and scantily clad for their significant other (or even just themselves) can bring enjoyment and pleasure to a relationship while making the woman feel attractive, sensual and daring.

Boudoir photography is exciting, however, it could be unfamiliar and create a self-conscious or even awkward moment for you, the client. You will want to make sure you can relax and have fun with this special experience and most importantly, feel comfortable with your photographer. Most boudoir photographers will allow you to come to their private studio or will travel to a comfortable location of your choosing. Booking the right boudoir photographer for you will ensure that the intimacy of the moment is captured just as you pictured it. Boudoir photography is not always about baring it all; it's about the subject portraying romance and sensuality. These photographs can be used as gifts for engagement, marriage, military deployment, holidays, relationship milestones or just for a pat on one's own back.

Hiring a boudoir photographer is not an easy decision. You need the right one. You'll want to talk to the photographer, check out some of their work, read client reviews, establish a location and discuss any different pricing options. This is where we come in. We want to help you find the perfect photographer specializing in boudoir photography to capture you at your most dazzling!

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