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Whether you refer to them as the master of ceremonies, the MC or the emcee, these individuals possess the gift of gab. Comedy clubs, boxing matches, beauty pageants, and countless other events all require the services of emcees to be successful. Find a talented MC today by using the links below.

Top Emcees Near Ashburn, VA

GoodGuyDavid1, profile image



Emcee from Hyattsville, MD (33 miles from Ashburn, VA)

Hey My Names David Vanison My Rap Names GoodGuyDavid1 and I'ma Awesome Rapper. I have about 20 Songs In Total about 10 of them Are My Most Favorite songs My Most favorite song I have Made is Called “The Sun “ where I tal...

Starting at
$1,000 per event
Gregory Bator, Auctioneer & Emcee Extraordinaire, profile image


Gregory Bator, Auctioneer & Emcee Extraordinaire

1 review
1 verified booking
virtual services offered
Emcee from Detroit, MI (371 miles from Ashburn, VA)

Always entertaining, a charity auction with Gregory is an event not to be missed. With laughter, on-stage antics, audience participation, and just plain ingenuity, Gregory's "gift of gab" and auctioneering skills have ra...

Starting at
$1,000 per event
George Washington III - Emcee and Live Announce!, profile image


George Washington III - Emcee and Live Announce!

2 reviews
3 verified bookings
virtual services offered
Emcee from Charlotte, NC (314 miles from Ashburn, VA)

George is an experienced singer, entertainer, educator, voice actor, announcer, emcee, and on-camera talent. He knows that for the collaboration of a live show to be successful, it requires all involved to be a part of a...

Starting at
$100 per hour
Chuck Dukas Live Event Emcee and Auctioneer, profile image


Chuck Dukas Live Event Emcee and Auctioneer

14 reviews
31 verified bookings
virtual services offered
Emcee from Los Angeles, CA (2272 miles from Ashburn, VA)

Chuck Dukas is a very busy man these days as the top Network TV show audience warmup host to serving as a Live Event Emcee for some of the biggest across the country. Along with serving as an emcee or audience warm-up ho...

Starting at
$750 per event

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