You guys are a wonderful resource for musicians who are serious about their craft.

- Jim Perona, Wheaton, IL

“It has truly been a blessing to be a member of GigMasters! It's so nice to have a booking site that helps EVERYBODY with their booking needs. I have only been with you for a year but the gigs I've had and the memories I've been able to share have been priceless! Thanks for being there GigMasters!”

- David Chaney, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

“I advertise all over on the internet and your site is by far the best in terms of ease of use, price, accessibility and number of inquiries. Thank you for being so great and for keeping it affordable for us musicians!!!!”

- Jennifer A. (Gabriel's Horns)

“You folks run a great program. I am very pleased with the quality and robustness of the user interface. Thanks for a job well done!”

- Bob A. (Casablanca Piano)

“Out of everything that GigMasters provides, the big standout is their approach to customer service. In this day and age of technology and automated responses, GigMasters seems to be run by people that really care about their business. You can reach out to them via email or pick up the phone and call, and you can be sure that someone will answer and help you with whatever you need in a friendly, helpful and unpretentious manner… something almost unheard of with service providers these days.”

- David Pellot, (SOUNDBAR Entertainment)

“I first started my band five years ago and was looking for bookings. I first contacted literally hundreds of event planners, destination management companies, brick and mortar booking agencies and agents. I got our profile page up on at least a dozen of these various companies' websites. Nothing. I then subscribed to 6 or 7 different online booking sites. It's been over five years now, and GigMasters has been the only one to get us gigs. I'm now in a second cover band, and being older and wiser I went with GigMasters only, and that band averages between 30 and 40 GigMasters gigs every year. Thanks GigMasters!”

- Dave Meros, Los Angeles, CA

“Been a member of GigMasters for a few years now and I don't plan on ending my membership any time soon. GM is great! I recommend it to musicians as a way to supplement your income. The membership fee is worth it. TIP: pay the 5% booking fee on behalf of clients. You'll get more gigs that way. GigMasters is a great platform and they have fantastic customer service. It might not be for everyone, but ‘it works if you work it’.”

- Kurt Scobie, Atlanta, GA

“GigMasters has been fantastic. The fee you pay to join is more than paid for by your first gig. Generating a six figure income is more than possible with GigMasters. I think GigMasters sort of mimics life in a way. If you are successful in business, enjoy what you do with a passion, and truly work with fine musicians - that's half the battle. In closing, I can't think of another place that offers so much opportunity.”

- Jeff Gordon, Bensalem, Pennsylvania

“Love GigMasters! You guys are the best! It has been a fabulous experience working with you. Thanks to you I have had such great jobs and met so many lovely people to boot. Your customer service team is great too.”

- Cindy Zweibel, Fort Lee, New Jersey

“Thank you for your phone call and follow-up email... Your awesome customer service-ness further confirms that signing up with GigMasters was the right move! Now then, bring on the gigs. Thanks again!”

- DeAnna Moore - (Party of 5)

“Thanks to you and management for responding in such a timely manner. Yours is truly a professional organization!”

- Rudy Crichlow - (Casplash Entertainment)

“Thanks for all that you do! You are very appreciated!”

- John Harr, Portland, Oregon

“GigMasters really is the preeminent online booking site. That’s apparent just from the amount of years that GigMasters has been doing it. And the amount of performers that are on there, successfully booking and earning a living.”

- John Alden, New York, New York

“I love GigMasters. It is the best platform for musicians and people in entertainment because you make it so easy for clients to find what they’re looking for and hire us.”

- Sharon Planer, Minneapolis, Minnesota

This is the first time I have utilized GigMasters services & I am very satisfied with the outcome. You guys provided me with a list of local bands within a certain demographic of my choosing. All I had to do was pick the bands that I wanted a proposal from and GigMasters took care of the rest. I can truly say that finding a band that best fit our party was achieved within 24 hours. I am unequivocally satisfied with GigMasters.

- Johnny Ramirez, Halloween Party, Austin, Texas

“Couldn't have done it without GigMasters, even in such a short notice. You guys saved our party. THANK YOU!”
- Adam Rodriguez, Celebration, Paramount, California
“Your service is amazing! I placed my information on the GigMasters web site, and within the hour, Rick from King Creole contacted me! I work for a fortune 500 company in Silicon Valley and 2 weeks after my party, guests are still talking about Elvis's appearance and Rick's unbelievable range of music selection! GigMasters, I can't thank you enough!”
- Addie Bryant-Habit, Birthday Party, Morgan Hill, California
“This service was a life saver. I had appointments with 5 GigMasters DJ's, and I have now booked a DJ for my wedding. I can't thank GigMasters enough!”
- Neil M. Allen, Groom, Utica, Michigan
“Thank you for this great service — I will certainly use you again and tell everyone I know about you. What an efficient way to get information about entertainers! I would have never found this band ('Sweetrock') without you - they sound perfect! They will be the finishing touch to a great party plan!”
- Sue Kolaga, Graduation Party, Brookfield, Wisconsin
“It was very easy to find what we were looking for & I got very prompt responses from the entertainers. They were professional, and on time. And our guests really enjoyed them! If we have another event, I would be happy to use GigMasters again.”
- Jeana Giagnacovo, Anniversary Party, Dallas, Texas
“This is our second year using Gigmasters for our event and both times we have been thrilled with the quality of the groups that we have booked and the professionalism that all displayed. Thanks so much.”
- Sue Blackmore, Dinner Dance, Hamilton, Virginia
“I must say that this is the most incredible service I have ever come across. I will be a client for life. Thank you!”
-Nancy Berkowitz, New York
“Hey GigMasters! Your services helped me so much! I searched for entertainment for weeks before stumbling across your web site. Its such a great resource, and I only wish I had found it earlier!”
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“This is my first time using GigMasters and I am quite pleased with how smoothly everything is going so far. You provide a great service and I'll be spreading the word after our event.”

- Edgar Chang

“Just want to thank you all for making a great evening with Doug Deathridge and the Desert Knights. There has not been that much talent on the Ajo Elks stage in many years. The crowd loved the music, the band was professional, and a good time was had by all. We would love to have them come back some time!!!”

- Cathy Hutton

“Thank you so much for helping me. I wasn’t sure what to do and this is great news. I will be using your site to find a new DJ and will definitely be using it in the future knowing that i can trust you to help me with anything I need.”

- Khrystah Klotzbach

“Thank you for your customer service. I was very impressed with your web-site, the response, and the way you followed up. I will certainly keep you in mind for future events and will certainly reference you to my friends and colleagues. Many thanks.”

- Jackie Archibald

“This is the first time I have utilized GigMasters & I am very satisfied with the outcome. You guys provided me with a list of local bands within a certain demographic of my choosing. All I had to do was pick the bands that I wanted a proposal from and GigMasters took care of the rest. I can truly say that finding a band that best fit our party was achieved within 24 hours. I am unequivocally satisfied with GigMasters.”

- Johnny Ramirez