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At DSV Video & Film, we pride ourselves on client communication. The ability to understand exactly what your client wants and then to "speak the same language" in translating those desires to the screen, are the most important talents to look for when choosing a video production company. DSV Video & Film Productions takes the time to carefully listen to be sure we understand exactly what you are trying to achieve by discussing the purpose of your project, its intended audience, and the exact information to be communicated, before we even get started on your project. We're also careful to keep up ongoing communication throughout the project so parties are always "on the same page" in terms of concept, time expectations and budget. This can never happen by taking a cookie-cutter approach to production, but rather by carefully considering each project individually and bringing to that project our best ideas. We have over 15 years of experience effectively communicating and delivering our clients' concepts. Dan Sperling has successfully completed well over 200 video projects, working with 100 companies and agencies including Blimpie, Frito-Lay, Atlanta Centers for Cosmetic Surgery, Siemens Corporation, The State Bar of Georgia, Trust Company Bank, Dow Jones Investor Network, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Mead Marketing, U.S. Orthodontic Care, and the University of Georgia 's Law School. Dan Sperling personally oversees the entire production process and takes control and responsibility over every major facet of production. We believe that having one experienced individual who is responsible for the look and feel of your final project, helps to insure that you are completely satisfied with your final product. A single vision helps to bring a consistency of quality, and an adherence to the overall concept of your project. Because of Mr. Sperling's considerable experience with every realm of production, he writes with shooting in mind, shoots with editing in mind, and edits with your overall concept in mind. Many production companies work using an "assembly line" approach. One person is in charge of writing, another in charge of shooting, another in charge of sound, another in charge of editing. Once each person has completed his or her assignment, the product is handed off to the next person in charge. While this approach sometimes works beautifully, it also creates opportunities for your message to get lost, and for your vision to be forgotten. At DSV Video & Film Productions, Mr. Sperling oversees every phase of production and is in charge of every major production decision, including the final script draft, final edit, and of course, the look and feel of the overall finished project. He writes, directs, shoots and performs the final edit on all productions that flow through the company. We offer our clients a wide range of technology so that the intent of your project matches the budget. We offer production on Beta SP, Digital Betacam, HDTV (High Definition Television), DVC Pro, and16mm and 35mm film. Each format offers its distinct advantages and Mr. Sperling will recommend the best format option for your project. In addition, we use state-of-the-art editing and sound equipment to insure that the production quality of your project meets the highest standards. Today's viewers are highly sophisticated and have come to expect broadcast quality video productions created by seasoned professionals in all of their business-to-business communications. We commit to making each and every project completely polished and professional. We have experience working on a very broad range of projects including corporate image presentations, commercials, product promotionals, educational programs, industrials, teleconferences, "how-to" instructionals, tradeshow DVDs, infomercials, interactive CD-ROMs and streaming videos. We think that the creativity involved in producing such a broad range of projects to the satisfaction of a widely disparate group of clients, is testimony to our ability to think "outside the box". This creative spark is probably the hardest commodity to quantify, but if your production company has it, it's also the best insurance that your project will stand out from the rest! Click here to read what some of our clients are saying about us.


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