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Chico McRooster

Animals For Parties from Paramount, CA - Will travel up to 80 miles

$250 - $2500 per event
* They are beautiful. They are BIG. They are reactive, tough and even romantic. They are also smarter than you think, clever, attentive, entertaining and just plain fun. Roosters bring smiles, amazement, awe and marvelous memories. An encounter with a rooster is something most will never forget.
* Consider making an incredible and lasting memory for your event. Invite one of our roosters to visit with your guests. Most folks will cherish the opportunity you gave them to connect with a REAL LIVE ROOSTER up close enough for petting & photographs. Hundreds of grateful fans of Chico McRooster have personally thanked us for this opportunity, which we have provided at many events in the past.

* Chico McRooster is our President & Founder. He was found unconscious as a tiny chick in the gutter of the alley. He was nursed back to health and found that events were a very exciting and happy part of his life. Home Depot, Petco, Lowe's & Feed Stores loved him as their own, as he spent many visits to their stores and special events. He attended parades, street fairs & costume contests. He always loved people, stood obediently on a table, posed for pictures and brought happiness to thousands who had the opportunity to meet him. In 2017 we lost Chico to an accident. We like to think he guides us from the other side and, like any good rooster, watches out for our safety.
* In our pursuit to fill the empty spot Chico left in our hearts, ChaCho, surfaced at a Professional Chicken Show — he now carries the candle and light of Chico McRooster. ChaCho likes to be called Chico, a great honor, so either name works.
* ChaCho is an endangered species Spanish Mediterranean Rooster. His breed is considered to be one of the oldest breeds alive today. Since the early 1900's, though, over breeding in this country, to gain the strength and beauty associated with this gorgeous Spanish bird, caused their blood-line to be lost. Spanish Mediterranean's were not returned to the US until recently in response to the increased interest in Heritage Breeds and Backyard Chickens.
* ChaCho is very friendly plus he has a specially designed harness with a leash. This allows him to walk around more freely without the fear of being "startled." He is always delighted to stand on a table where he can be the same height as the humans he loves. He also loves the excitement of riding in his well-protected cart. Both places, he can view the world from a safe perspective. He will pose for pictures and listen intently to your discussions about the world or him. Please remember, Roosters and most other birds are prone to being startled by surprises. Thus, they should not be considered as a petting zoo, especially for young children. We recommend 8-year olds as the youngest. Don't get us wrong. ChaCho can be easily petted with a small amount of supervision, which we do provide.
* We also have a lovely decorated cart which ChaCho loves as it provides security and safety for him. His little cart also adds color and excitement to our display. Please note that a 2-hour event is usually too short for our decorated cart.
We suggest a decorative tablecloth (plastic or oilcloth is best) on top of a table. Please also think about a nice background for photos by your guests. We will be happy to help you think through what might work best for you in advance of your event.

* * "It was such a blessing to meet you today, Margie. Can't wait to invite Chico over for a visit."
* *"Cindy mentioned what an awesome job you have done with Chico."
* *"Happy birthday Chico from Belize Central America."
* *"Adorable!" . . . response to "Year of the Rat" outfit.
* *"Hi CHA-CHA, You is lookin' great dude."
* *"He is as beautiful as any parrot."
* *"Wow! I must meet him! . . . He is gorgeous."
* *"Thank you so much for sharing ChaCha with us. The kids cannot stop talking about him."
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Please note Chico McRooster will also travel to Bellflower, Compton, Downey, Long Beach, Lynwood, Lakewood, Artesia, Cerritos, Norwalk, South Gate, Willowbrook, Bell, Carson, Los Angeles, Pico Rivera, Santa Fe Springs, Bell Gardens, Hawaiian Gardens, Huntington Park, Maywood.
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