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5 Things to Get for a Kids’ Party That Are Totally Worth the Money

Brittany Anderson

Think you can’t afford things like hiring a DJ or renting a bounce house for your next kids’ party? The fact is that some expenses, like hiring an entertainer, renting party equipment, or paying a babysitter to help wrangle kids, can not only be well worth the money but in some cases--like having a sitter--downright invaluable when you’re hosting a party. Here’s a list of the top things you may want to spend some of your party budget on the next time you throw a party for your child.... MORE

Posted May 31, 2019

Give Your Child the Best Birthday Ever!

Marissa Latshaw

It’s not too soon to start thinking about your child’s next birthday party (even if the birthday is next December!)  When you’re a parent, birthdays spring up quickly, creating a rush to get the details secured and the invitations out. This year, resolve to give your child a memorable party that is as unique as they are!... MORE

Posted August 01, 2018

Kids Party Tip: Age Appropriate Entertainment

Marta Block

Not every party for kids has professional entertainment. Sometimes parents choose to hire an entertainer because of a child's interest or special request, a beloved costumed character for example. Sometimes the entertainment is a natural outcome of a theme, a clown for a circus theme for example. But sometimes the decision to hire entertainment is just a matter of trying to make sure the party has some activity. How can you make sure your entertainment is age appropriate? We have some thoughts!... MORE

Posted June 27, 2018

Kids Party Tip: Kids and Costumed Characters

Marta Block

On Monday of this week we received tips from some of our fabulous costume character performers on how to safely hire a costumed character for your party. This, plus a recent trip to Disneyland got me thinking about children I've know and their diverse reactions to "characters." If your child has been invited to a party that may feature a costume character, or you're planning on hosting one, here are some tips for making sure all goes smoothly, with the child half of the equation. ... MORE

Posted June 27, 2018

Kids Party Tip: Choosing Kid Friendly Music

Marta Block

Thanks to artists and entertainers like Dan Zane and Ralph Covert kids' music has become increasingly sophisticated, music that the whole family can listen to together. At the same time, thanks to ipods and other sources of on-the-go music, kids are routinely exposed to much more sophisticated adult music. Sometimes, the music is a little more sophisticated than many adults would like. This can make choosing music for a kid's party difficult. What's a party planning parent to do? We have tips. ... MORE

Posted June 20, 2018

Back to School Kick-Off

Brittany Anderson

The end of summer can be a little disappointing for us all, especially our kids. However, it can be something to celebrate: new things to learn, reuniting with friends, and a little more “me” time for parents. School should be something to look forward too! Here are some tips on how to throw a great back-to-school party: #1 Pick a back-to-school friendly date School typically starts again in August or September. Look up when your child’s school begins session and set the party date within the first couple of weekends from then.   #2 Invite new friends! Send invitations to all your kid’s friends, including: best friends, last year’s class, new classmates, and kids from the neighborhood. Include parents on the invitations to get to know your child’s community; you can talk about upcoming events for the school year, coordinate carpooling and playdates, and exchange contact information for emergency pick-up.   #3 Plan activities Base the day’s fun on school-related subjects, such as art, science, and gym class! The variety will ensure that everyone has a blast doing something they love. Make your party an A+ event by booking entertainment from GigMasters.   #4 Give useful party favors Stick to the “school” theme by handing out practical party favors - crayons, pencils, erasers, stickers and more. This will help everyone kick off the year with a smile and make your party memorable all school year long.   #5 Donate Give any leftover party supplies or favors to your kid’s teacher, they will appreciate it!   #6 Inspiration Follow us on Pinterest to see our “Back to School” party ideas! ... MORE

Posted August 31, 2015

Kids Party Tip: Emergency Change of Location

Marta Block

I've always been jealous of people with summer birthdays, or people whose kids have summer birthdays. The party options always seemed so much more varied than my December birthday, or my kids' January & February ones. They also seemed so much more secure, since there's no worry of a blizzard canceling you cookout. But, this summer's nationwide string of storms, rain, and power outages have me rethinking that.... MORE

Posted June 24, 2015

Kids' Party Cake Wrecks (and How to Avoid Them)

Terri Zimmer

A specialty cake can be the crowning centerpiece to an amazing kids’ birthday party. Or it can be a lasting reminder of mistakes made…... MORE

Posted May 07, 2015

What to Expect at an Indian Wedding

Marta Block

Photo Credit: Jihan Abdalla PhotographyInvited to an Indian wedding? You're in for a treat. But first, You probably have a lot of questions about what to expect. ... MORE

Posted April 08, 2015

First Birthdays Only Happen Once: Hire a Photographer

Erika Olson

It doesn’t seem possible, does it? Your baby is turning one. Tissue alert: there’s probably not going to be another 12-month period that’s as miraculous as the year that’s just passed. Your little cutie will certainly keep growing and continuing to charm everyone in sight, but there’s simply no more dramatic transformation than the one that takes place between birth and age one. So you already know you’re going to celebrate this milestone in a big way. Now it’s just a matter of making sure you’ll have happy memories to look back on forever.... MORE

Posted April 08, 2015

Bar Mitzvah Mayhem: Top 5 Don’ts

Rachel Baron

I recently went to a Bat Mitzvah (that’s the girl version of a Bar Mitzvah), and I tend to take notes of the good, the bad and the downright disastrous. ... MORE

Posted November 07, 2014

4 Ways to Avoid Costumed Character Catastrophes

Rachel Baron

Elmo, Leonardo the turtle, Doc McStuffins, Dora the Explorer – all seemingly harmless characters your children watch on television.Until they show up in real life.... MORE

Posted October 21, 2014

Top 5 Ways to Get Grandma Involved at Kids' Birthday Parties

Rachel Baron

Whether you call her grandma, nana, bubbe or something else near and dear, know this - grandma probably feels a bit out of sorts at your kid’s birthday party. She’ll stand in the back near the food (you know, and just pick) or maybe sit in a chair if the ol’ sciatica starts acting up.... MORE

Posted October 01, 2014

The Goyim’s Guide to Bar Mitzvahs

Rachel Baron

Mazel tov! You’re going to a Bar (or Bat) Mitzvah. Except, you’ve never been to one. The Bar Mitzvah is a party many Jewish families begin planning as soon as the child is born. (Guilty as charged over here.) Oy! Don’t have a shvitz. I’m here to let you know what to expect.... MORE

Posted September 19, 2014

Planning  Kids Parties for Multiples: 10 Tips to Double (or Triple) Your Fun

Roni Shapira Ben-Yoseph

Parenting multiples can turn everyday tasks into epic challenges – especially when it comes to planning their birthday parties. Reconciling distinct interests and personalities, honoring my twins’ individuality, and maintaining my sanity along with our family’s bottom line all require a bit of ingenuity, mindfulness, and the occasional leap of faith. ... MORE

Posted September 10, 2014

SorryNotSorry: I’m an Outrageous Birthday Party Mom

Rachel Baron

My only child, a boy, was born February 27, 2008. I began planning his Bar Mitzvah February 28. No really.  ... MORE

Posted August 22, 2014

Biggest Mistakes to Avoid When Planning a Kids' Party

Katherine Lee

When you're planning a kids' party, one of the key things you'll need for success is to know what not to do. From overestimating kids' abilities to not having enough activities to entertain kids, here are the biggest kid party planning mistakes to avoid the next time to host a celebration for a child's birthday, holiday, or other special occasion.... MORE

Posted June 09, 2014

How to Hire a Face Painter

Nicole Steeger

Face painters have the ability to transform children and adults into walking works of art. It's no wonder why they are so popular for kids' parties and special events. Face painters add instant fun to any party. Guests big and small love leaving with a fabulous face that makes for a great parting gift. As with any performer, it can be hard to narrow down the professional that is right for you and your event. That's why we asked our face painting members to give us some tips that will help you throughout the looking and booking process. Here's what the experts had to say: ... MORE

Posted December 20, 2013

How to Hire a Costumed Character

Ryan Levesque

Costumed characters can make a little ones birthday celebration extra special. The look on their face when they see their favorite character come to life is priceless. But, you can never be too careful when selecting a performer - especially when you are inviting them into your home to spend the day with your children. That's why we talked to some of our top costumed character performers to get their advice on how to select the right professional for your event. ... MORE

Posted December 19, 2013

5 Reasons Parents Trust GigMasters

Marissa Latshaw

Not until you're a parent do you understand what "time flies" really means - one minute they're in your arms, and the next they're driving your car. Celebrating special moments along the way gives us a chance to stop time. First birthdays, communions, bar mitzvahs, sweet sixteens, graduations -- these events bring our families together and create lasting happy memories. ... MORE

Posted December 11, 2013

Diet Friendly Party Tips

Marta Block

Between allergies and special diets like gluten-free and vegan trying to find party foods to serve that everyone can eat is becoming increasingly difficult ... and that's before people's New Year's resolutions start to kick in. ... MORE

Posted January 03, 2013

Kids Party Tip: Family Halloween Party

Marta Block

Over the past two decades Halloween has transformed itself from a kid's holiday to a major adult event. Obviously, we're thrilled with this cultural shift because it means more people having fun. It also means an increase in parties, including multi-age and multi-generational parties.... MORE

Posted October 11, 2012

Kids Party Tip: The Big Game

Marta Block

For sports fans planning a party "in season" can be difficult. It's even more difficult when you're planning a kid's party. Trying to schedule around sporting events as well as all the kids' various activities can leave you with a six year old's party at 9 pm on a Tuesday night. Obviously, not a great solution.... MORE

Posted September 13, 2012

Kids Party Tip: Grown Up Guests

Marta Block

As we've previously discussed, drop off age varies from community to community and from family to family. If you're expecting adults at your kid's party, don't forget that they too are your guests and need to be cared for just like your pint-sized guests. ... MORE

Posted September 06, 2012

Kids Party Tip: Following the Joneses

Marta Block

A friend of mine once confided something strange to me. "I'm so happy E's birthday is in January" she said. "Why?" I asked. "Because it comes before A's and I don't have to compete with whatever her mom's latest party idea is." I totally understand. I know this kid and her parties are so over-the-top that I've written about them on this blog before. ... MORE

Posted August 30, 2012

Kids Party Tip: Keeping it Age Appropriate

Marta Block

What age child should watch High School Musical? How young is too young for a sleepover? Is Harry Potter appropriate for grade school kids? What age should drop off parties start? Ask the next five parents that you see these questions and you'll likely get six different answers to each! As hard as it is for parents to figure out what's age appropriate for their own child, it's even harder to figure it out when hosting a party for multiple children. ... MORE

Posted August 23, 2012

Kids Party Tip: Adult to Child Ratio

Marta Block

I have two children and whenever we host a third child for an outing I begin to understand what sports people mean when they discuss "zone defense" versus "man to man." Once party guests hit the "drop off" age you can't really hope for a man to man defense strategy, but how many adults do you need per child? We've got some ideas.... MORE

Posted August 16, 2012

Kids Party Tip: Taking Contest Worthy Photos

Marta Block

We thought this would be a good time to review some of our tips on how to take a great photo at a kid's party.... MORE

Posted August 09, 2012

Kids Party Tip: When Current Events Interfere

Marta Block

As parents most of us try very hard to protect our children from certain news stories that we think they are too young to understand, or that none of us can truly understand. When we can't shield them, we try to present it in an age-appropriate way. Sometimes though, a current event or news story happens in such a way that our kids wind up hearing about it. If this happens before  a party, the news can get spread from child to child.... MORE

Posted July 26, 2012

Kids Party Tip: Everyone's a Winner

Marta Block

Maybe it's because of the Pinterest Contest we ran, but I've got competition on the brain lately. Like most parents I struggle with getting the right balance of teaching my kids to try their best and teaching them to not think that winning is the only thing. Teaching good sportsmanship is important, and birthday parties are one place that can happen. But, it's also important to remember that birthday parties are supposed to be about having fun, for all the kids. ... MORE

Posted July 19, 2012

Kids Party Tip: Watching Your Weight

Marta Block

If you live with kids you've probably fallen prey to the most difficult diet trap, eating your kids' leftovers. There you are, watching what you eat all day and before you know it a few forlorn french fries have made their way in to your mouth. The problem can be even worse around your child's birthday when you're not only making or getting a delicious birthday cake but other family favorites as well, and possibly having more than one party. ... MORE

Posted July 05, 2012

Kids Party Tip: Kids Parties & Books

Nicole Steeger

This week's featured real event of a Les Miserables party got me thinking about how you could include children's books in kids' parties. Obviously, theme parties like Harry Potter, Dr. Seuss and Twilight are popular but are there other, more involved ways of including literature in your kids' party?... MORE

Posted June 28, 2012

Kids Party Tip: Playing Games

Marta Block

You know what games your child likes best, but will those games work for a party? Who better than a party planner, who also happens to have a Masters in Early Childhood Education to tell you? Dylan Glanzer of Parties by Dylan shares some of her favorite party games for younger kids with us.... MORE

Posted June 21, 2012

Kids Party Tip: Beware of Pinterest Traps

Marta Block

We love Pinterest. Our boards have really allowed us to reach new clients and find great new party ideas. But, when it comes to planning kids' parties, we've noticed a few big drawbacks when it comes to using Pinterest. The first drawback is that Pinterest is, to put it mildly, a time suck. There are so many great ideas, so many beautiful images. There are always more boards to look at and new people and companies to discover. You could spend weeks planning the perfect party, and forget to actually plan your party.... MORE

Posted June 14, 2012

Kids Party Tip: Involving Dad

Marta Block

With Father's Day approaching we've been thinking a lot about dads and parties. There's no reason dads can't be the party planners for kids' parties, but the truth is they usually aren't. Moms tend to run the social calendars and make the party plans. If you're looking for a way to get the dad in your life more involved in planning parties for the kids in your life, here are some tips. ... MORE

Posted June 07, 2012

Kids Party Tip: Creating a Theme from Scratch

Marta Block

When my kids were in preschool they loved pouring over catalogs from companies like Birthday Express and declaring that their next party would be a "Bob the Builder Party" or a "Cowgirl Party." At the time it made me sad that they were taking all their party ideas from catalogs. That was before they became more creative and started developing their own themes. Themes for which there were no easy-to-buy decorations! It's more creative, more original and more fun to create a theme, or choose a theme for which there aren't commercial products available, but it's also more work. That's why we have tips on how to do it.... MORE

Posted May 31, 2012

Kids Party Tip: The In School Party

Marta Block

Like Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine's Day the end of the school year is known for one thing, class parties. Some of a child's favorite school memories will be of homemade Valentine's and a school day spent on crafts instead of math. But if you're the helpful parent tasked with putting together the class party it can be a little stressful. We have some tips, no matter what the season.... MORE

Posted May 24, 2012

Kids Party Tip: Donating Gifts

Marta Block

Yesterday we launched our Party with a Purpose contest. Grown ups aren't the only ones who get a kick out of philanthropy. A growing kids' party trend is kids using their party as a way to raise donations for a favorite organization. Truth be told, part of the impulse behind this charitable act is parents wanting to reduce the clutter in their home! If this idea appeals to you, we've got tips. ... MORE

Posted May 17, 2012

Top 5 Sanity Saving Tips for Kids Parties

Marta Block

We've got some tips for hosting your child's next party without feeling stressed and overwhelmed. Let's take a look...... MORE

Posted May 10, 2012

Kids Party Tip: Sharing a Party

Marta Block

If you're worried about the expense or hassle of having a child's birthday party, sharing the party with another child with a similar birthday date can be a great idea. It not only avoids conflicting parties, but may make your party less expensive and less work. Other parents will be thankful too as it means one less scheduling conflict for them! We've got tips on how to pull it off. The first step is to identify a likely co-host. Ideally, it will be someone with a birthday very close to your kid's, otherwise it could be hard to schedule. The other child should have a significant number of friends in common with your child. Perhaps they're in the same class at school or live on the same block, or do an activity together. To keep the party from getting out of hand in terms of numbers, you'll want most of the guests to be invited by both kids. Also, ideally you will be friends with the other parent.... MORE

Posted May 03, 2012

Kids Party Tip: Too Many Parties?

Marta Block

My daughter was born on Leap Day so we knew for a while that her eighth/second birthday this year would be a big deal. She had four parties, and an almost week long visit from her grandparents. I was talking to a friend of mine about this who pointed out that this year her daughter was having three parties, and she isn't a Leap Day baby. "It's like the Queen's Jubilee," she joked. How did we get in to this mess with the multiple parties? Well, there's the party for the birthday child's friends, the family party and then of course, if neither of  those parties winds up occurring on the actual birthday, you have a separate immediate family party on the day of the birthday. Too much? We have some solutions. ... MORE

Posted April 26, 2012

Kids Party Tip: Other People's Holidays

Marta Block

This weekend my kids are invited to two birthday parties each, both on the last day of Passover. For us, it's not a big deal, we don't celebrate the last day as a holiday, and we allow our kids to make their own choices about what they will and won't eat during the holiday. But for more religious families it would be a problem. You can't completely avoid other people's conflicts when you schedule a kid's party, but holidays have a special weight. While you might not feel guilty if you schedule over a guest's t-ball game, you might if you schedule over his religious holiday. So, what do you do if you discover that you've inadvertently scheduled your child's party during a holiday? We have tips. ... MORE

Posted April 12, 2012

Kids Party Tip: Getting the Photos You Want

Marta Block

Last month we interviewed some of our fabulous event photographers to get tips on how to hire a photographer for your event. We love professional photography, but realistically speaking it isn't affordable (or necessary) for every kid's party. If you have a special milestone party like a Sweet 16, Bar Mitzvah, Quinceñera or 1st Birthday coming up then by all means go pro. But, if you're just looking for some regular every day photos, we've got tips.... MORE

Posted March 29, 2012

Kids Party Tip: Prepare for Returns

Marta Block

We know that parents are busy and that each age brings new challenges when it comes to planning and hosting kids' parties. That's why we like to cover a variety of subjects with our Kids Party Tip series. We always look for ways to help you include entertainment in your party, and we frequently look at psychological issues like shy hosts or lonely guests. This week though, we've got something simpler, a money saving tip. ... MORE

Posted March 15, 2012

Kids Party Tip: The Shy Host

Marta Block

A couple of weeks ago we talked about what to do when your party host turns rude. One of the main reasons for a rude or grumpy host can be that the host feels uncomfortable at his or her own party. This often happens to shy kids. Hosting a party can be a great way to let a shyer kid come out of her shell, but if there's too much pressure it can make everyone unhappy. Don't worry, we have tips.... MORE

Posted March 08, 2012

Kids Party Tip: The Just Because Party

Marta Block

Earlier this week we ran photos from a super sweet little girls' tea party. The party wasn't for a birthday, it was just because it's fun to throw a party. I think when children spent more time playing in their neighborhood it was much easier for them to put together their own "just because" party. ... MORE

Posted March 01, 2012

Kids Party Tip: The Rude Host

Marta Block

Last week we looked at what to do when a guest at a child's party was making life difficult, this week let's think about a potentially more embarrassing situation, when it's the host himself who has a case of the grumps. As the parents of the host, you have an advantage in that you can schedule a party at the time and place that is least likely to make your child nervous or grumpy. But, depending on the kid, being the center of attention, or just the build up to the party can make it hard to keep her emotions in check. If you have a child who you know reacts badly to pressure or attention, do what you can to diffuse the situation. Have a smaller party, don't open gifts at the party, and consider hiring entertainment.... MORE

Posted February 23, 2012

Kids Party Tip: The Rude Guest

Marta Block

Obviously, your child is sweet and perfect in every way, but the same can't always be said for his or her guests. Sometimes a guest shows up and for whatever reason, can't just seem to get with the program. Maybe he's tired, maybe he's nervous, or maybe he's just plain rude - whatever the case, you can't let him hijack the party. ... MORE

Posted February 16, 2012

Kids Party Tip: Craft Time

Marta Block

Crafts and kids' parties go together like cake and ice cream. It's a perfect combo, with plenty of room to go wrong! If you're looking for some ideas for how to get kids crafting at your next party, without driving yourself crazy, we can help.... MORE

Posted February 02, 2012

Kids Party Tip: Tracking the Kids

Marta Block

If you're having a party in a public venue, or you're having a large number of kids keeping track of everyone can be difficult. This is especially true if you don't know all the guests very well. If you're looking for some creative ways to make sure you have everyone, we can help. ... MORE

Posted January 19, 2012