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Should You Go to a Bridal Show

Marta Block

Long before there were blogs and wedding websites there were bridal shows. They go under a lot of different names "bridal expo," "bridal fair," "bridal show," "wedding show." But they all have the same basic idea, you go to one location and meet a lot of wedding vendors and other people interested in talking to the recently engaged. Here are some questions to ask yourself before deciding if a bridal show is a good idea for you?... MORE

Posted October 14, 2014

What Is Bridal Market?

Marta Block

If you read a lot of wedding blogs, or follow a lot of wedding folks on Twitter you may have seen a lot of posts about "bridal market" last week. If you're wondering what that is, no it isn't about mail order brides. Bridal Market is the wedding industry's version of Fashion Week, which, for you non Project Runway fans, is a bunch of fashion shows crammed in to one week in NYC so that buyers can buy and bloggers can blog.... MORE

Posted April 24, 2012