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Ella the Spella the Phenomenal, "Masta" Storytella Reviews

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  • Comedian from Woodbridge, VA
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8 Reviews for Ella the Spella the Phenomenal, "Masta" Storytella


Review by Cindy S.

ConventionReviewed on October 7, 2023From Annapolis, MD

ELLA THE SPELLA WAS FREAKIN' PHENOMAL. She did just an amazing job. She was the hit of the convention. She was prepared for the gig and was so freakin' hilarious. DON'T MISS OUT ON GETTING THE BEST COMEDIAN IN THE BUSINESS. We were so lucky to have her at our convention. She impressed some of the participants that I believe they are going to be asking her to attend their conventions in out states. SHE IS SO AMAZING. So ELLA ... ELLLA ELLA THE BEST


Cindy Sebo and the members of the MCRA Rock! The warm greetings I received when I walked through the hotel lobby let me know what kind of night it was going to be and they DID NOT disappoint! I must say, I was a little concerned when the put the chairs in a circle......wasn't sure if we were going to play Duck, Duck Goose or Red Rover, but they were down for it and we had a blast. THE AUDIENCE....OMG, best one to date and I have never told any other group that before.....on Oct,. 9, 2023! I just love you all so much and felt honored to be your special guest, however; I am no longer a guest, IM FAMILY! The whole MCRA gang rocks! Thank you so much! EtS

Review by Tracy S.

Birthday Party (Adult)Reviewed on February 10, 2021From Saint Louis, MO

She was GREAT! The post zoom party feedback is "best zoom party ever". I recommend her for lots of laughs and jokes, involving the guests and being very professional. Not only will she make you laugh but she'll make you feel good too. She's a genuinely uplifting person. Hire her!!


It was such a joy to work with Mrs. Shepard. She was/is, by far, one of the most pleasant clients to work for. The energy of all of the participants was great and I felt extremely welcomed. There were man comedians already within the group but I am honored to have been selected to be a part of her husband's celebration. Thank you again, Mrs. Shepard, for allowing me to celebrate my birthday with your husband on his birthday as well. Peace & Blessings, EtS

Review by Tamika M.

Birthday Party (Adult)Reviewed on July 29, 2019From Gambrills, MD

Ella the Spella the Phenomenal Storytella was very entertaining. We enjoyed her at my mom's birthday celebration. I would recommend her for all occasions.

Review by Bert V.

EventReviewed on August 5, 2018From Clinton, MD

What an experience it was to witness the creative skills of Christina. Through our contact, she was as excited as we were as the date got closer. She arrived on time and and did not disappoint. We would be delighted to have her again and we will definitely recommend her to others.


I have been very fortunate to provide my service to a number of clients over the years, but I must say this was my favorite! I was so impressed with the order of events, the food, the decor and the entertainment was top notch! Mr. V and his wife made me (and I'm sure all of their guest) feel warm and welcomed. The whole atmosphere was vibrant, fun and again, very welcoming. In my opinion, this was the party of the summer and will definitely go down as one of the best events I attended in a long time... if not the best. Kudos for a job well done!

Review by Kaye C.

Birthday Party (Adult)Reviewed on August 8, 2016From Indian Head, MD

She was very funny, relatable and down-to-earth. We truly enjoyed her.


I love to see people having a good time and enjoying each others company and that’s exactly what I experienced a Ms. Kaye’s 40th birthday party. These folks know how to party and engage their guest all at the same time. They were a little freaky but hey……. no freak no fun…lol. And the DJ…..yaaaaas honey….”He did that!” ? Thank you Ms. Kaye for allowing me to be a part of your milestone celebration. You have a beautiful, energetic and fun-loving family. And by the way....40 looks good on you! All the best!

Review by Sandra B.

Church ServiceReviewed on February 11, 2015From Brentwood, MD

Professional and wonderfully talented and very personable.

Review by Thomas C.

Birthday Party (Adult)Reviewed on November 19, 2014From Essex, MD



I was initially disturbed by this clients ratings, however; I contacted him to express my concerns regarding his dissatisfaction. His attitude was negative and condescending and he had absolutely NOTHING positive to say! I suppose establishing an immediate rapport with the birthday honoree and guest and hearing non-stop laugher throughout the course of the evening is unacceptable? I may not be the best Comedienne in the world but I WILL NOT have my name or reputation tarnished! Mr. Cudrup is a bit disconnected from the world of comedy/laughter and should consider a "101 in laugh therapy!" I had an absolute blast!

Review by Maggie S.

CelebrationReviewed on August 12, 2013From Arlington, VA

This is a wonderful and accommodating performer. We shall ask her back again.