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  • Comedian from Las Vegas, NV
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20 Reviews for Marvin Lee


Review by Jovonni B.

Private PartyReviewed on April 14, 2012From Las Vegas, NV

Mr. Lee has some of the best material I have ever heard. He IS the best performer I have ever seen! I now see comedy as science, not just telling jokes. I didn't feel as if he wrote a joke and was going to tell it regardless of the crowd, he had options. He studied the crowd, captivated their attention and did just what I asked, "Make their jaws hurt from laughing." There were teens in the audience as well as a few senior citizens; everyone was laughing. He was clean cut but the adults understood the subliminal/metaphorical provocativeness. He cursed one time. Saying, "I was a dummy or fool" doesn't come across the same as saying, "I was a dumb-ass." Thanks Marvin!

Review by Catherine G.

Awards Night PartyReviewed on January 31, 2011From Lander, WY

Marvin Lee was a welcome change from other entertainers we have hired in that he was so eager to please, truly interested in making our guests have fun, and made everyone feel at ease. Many of our employees said that they laughed so hard that their faces hurt. Marvin Lee is a special human being!

Review by Adriann A.

Christmas PartyReviewed on December 13, 2010From Oklahoma City, OK

Marvin was great. I saw him at a local comedy club, and was so happy when I found out he was available to do my company's corporate Christmas party. The age range of the group was mixed from 18 all the way to mid-70s, and he made everyone laugh all the same. He was able to keep more risque content appropriate, while still being entertaining. We had some technical difficulties and he just rolled with the punches. He was also able to work in aspects about our group into his set, which was great. I'd definitely recommend Marvin to anyone else, and if I had the opportunity I'd hire him again.

Review by Rich M.

Private PartyReviewed on September 15, 2010From Salt Lake City, UT

We were totally thrilled to have the opportunity to have Marvin Lee perform for our Fall Social. His professionalism and ability to tailor his performance for our "conservative" group was outstanding. We would highly recommend him for any group or activity !!!! Thanks were WONDERFUL !!!!!!!!!!!

Review by Delena E.

Club EventReviewed on December 6, 2010From Slidell, LA

Review by Steven V.

School AssemblyReviewed on July 6, 2010From McComb, MS

FANTASTIC! Everyone laughed the whole performance!! We'd love to see him again! Thanks, Marvin for the wonderful performance! Steve & Beck

Review by Anthony N.

Club EventReviewed on July 20, 2010From Lapeer, MI

Great performer, and I would recommend him.

Review by Anthony N.

Club EventReviewed on April 28, 2010From Lapeer, MI

Great comedian, and is a the best for any party.

Review by Ted T.

Club EventReviewed on April 2, 2010From Sioux Falls, SD

Marvin Lee was very helpful and really worked with us. As a new club the turn out for a few shows was quite a bit less then expected and Marvin went out of his way to give a great show. All of the patrons to our club were very happy and had alot of fun for all of the shows.

Review by Anthony N.

BanquetReviewed on November 30, 2009From Lapeer, MI

Marvin Lee is a great comedian, and is very professional. He did a great set in Lapeer, and made everyone wanting more.

Review by Jason S.

FundraiserReviewed on August 28, 2009From Cheyenne, WY

The audience was one State Representative, our 2-Star General, 2 retired generals, several Colonels, other military members, retirees, and spouses. Marvin Lee did a great routine and I have received several comments of how good his routine was! I would recommend him for any event! Great routine!

Review by Tatanisha J.

BanquetReviewed on June 20, 2009From Mansfield, OH

Marvin Lee was phenomenal!!! He was articulate and very funny. I had very important "do's" and "don'ts" and he accomodated them very well. He was punctual. He actually arrived before the time I requested! I would highly recommend him to others and would more than likely hire him again when I have another function! Thank you Marvin Lee!!!

Review by Markus L.

Awards Night PartyReviewed on August 4, 2009From Columbus, OH

Marvin Lee was an EXCELLENT choice for our awards ceremony. He was very humorous when touching on our key topic of leadership. Mavin was punctual and professional and did everything he could to fulfill the contract. Overall, we were VERY pleased with his performance. We definitely recommend him.

Review by Jennifer C.

Private PartyReviewed on July 18, 2009From Millersburg, OH

Holmes County LOVED Marvin Lee!!! He is hysterical funny and interacts well with the crowd. He does NOT make fun of or embarass your customers! A Class Act performance is what you will get with Marvin. Don't hesitate to book him.

Review by steven w.

Trade ShowReviewed on July 1, 2011From Las Vegas, NV

I wish I could give him a better evaluation because I like him personally and wish him well. However he needs new material. Much better material online than he shared with our group. He promised to be PG13 and was not but more important he simply was not funny most of the time and 2/3 of our group left the room before he finished his show. I was personally very disappointed. To me I wish we had never spent the money. It was a complete waste


In the 15 years of performing this was the first negative review ever (see my other reviews as proof.)What Mr. Waldman fails to mention was that the show was suppose to start at 10pm and I wasn't brought on stage until people were leaving before I walked on stage.(Apparently doctors have you waiting almost an hour at their conventions too!) Add in a LOT of all day drinking by many of the participants and there you go... I also did EVERY joke that Mr. Waldman requested and then some. He is a Doctor and so not truly versed in what a PG-13 show is by defination. I am, and go by the guidelines of the MPAA. (Motion Picture Association of America)The show was de

Review by Sharon D.

Corporate FunctionReviewed on December 7, 2015From Houston, TX

Marvin was fantastic at our holiday party and everyone had a really good time. It was a small venue and a small group of attendees, but he was very professional and did an excellent show. Would recommend him.

Review by Caleb H.

ConventionReviewed on October 21, 2015From College Station, TX

He's exactly what we looked for, young and hip image wise, but still able to impress older generation. He was performing to about 250 engineers and contractors, EVERYONE had a blast. I kinda want to give him a low rating just so he can stay affordable to me, but that is evil of me. Love him (not THAT kind of love, love).

Review by Jeff G.

Holiday PartyReviewed on December 9, 2013From Pocatello, ID

I would recommend Marvin Lee for everyone's event. Very professional he went above and beyond and blew my expectations away. If you want entertainment think outside the box as I did and hire him not only was he the hit of our party he made me the hit of the event. He is all everyone is talking about and being the holiday party planner I am being told this has been the best holiday party anyone has been to and some employees have worked for us over 15 years. I can not say enough good things about him in the space given I feel bad for the next person planning the holiday party having to top this one. Have no doubt I made the right and best decision to hire Marvin Lee.

Review by Jennifer S.

Christmas PartyReviewed on December 14, 2015From Houston, TX

We were very impressed with Marvin. He was thoroughly prepared and the entire event went smoothly. Our office had a nice time just sitting back and enjoying his comedy.

Review by Rose J.

Christmas PartyReviewed on December 16, 2015From Center, TX

We enjoyed Marvin at our Christmas Party. I received several comments of what a great party it was and that everyone loved having Marvin. Thanks, Rose