Carla Floren

Jazz Singer from Denver, CO - Will travel up to 10 miles

$300 - $3000 per event
Carla Starkie is a motivational keynote speaker and jazz singer/songwriter. She performs and records under the name of Carley Starr. She generally performs solo on piano in the style of Nora Jones, Adele, Diana Krall and Cassandra Wilson. Jazz trios and full jazz bands can be available at times.
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"Her voice is flirty, luscious and controlled, with just a hint of vibrato at the right times, and some nice subtleties to her phrasing. Another accomplishment is the literary songwriting. ”
— Bill Reed, The Gazette

Courageous Living: Your Life Depends on It

"When the homicide prevention detective suggested that I consider leaving the state, changing my name and changing my social security number, I sank. As a single mother of five, leaving my home town was not an option.

After the end of a 15 year marriage, I found myself in an abusive relationship that literally took over my life before I knew what was happening. Dozens of attempts to escape the situation failed miserably. Subject to threats, manipulation, and abuse of the criminal justice system, I found myself back at square one over and over again. I was running for my life and getting no-where, until I made a resolution that would change everything. I would get out if it cost me my life.

With that resolution came a courage that I had never experienced. With fear defied, the goal was finally attainable. I had control of my life again. I would die courageously before I would live 100 years in fear.

Do you feel stuck in any area of your life? What dream seems unattainable? What are the potential consequences of making that change in your life? Chances are that a death threat is not standing in your way. What are the obstacles? What are your fears? Is there really anything oppressive enough to compel you to choose mediocrity?

Imagine your life if you faced your fears, didn't care what anyone thought of you, and fought for your dream as it your life depended on it. What would happen? What would life look like? Everything you want for your life is possible. It's right in front you. Make your resolution. Reach for your dreams. Fight like your life depends on it, because it absolutely does."

Carla Starkie is available for everything from 40 minute keynote presentations to full one or two day goal setting and accountability workshops.

Students leave the workshop with a complete picture of their personal guiding principles, values, vision, mission and purpose in life. As a student, you will learn to use these core beliefs to make major life decisions, create a plan for today and a map for the rest of your life. You will identify your resources and learn to best use those resources to attain goals and live dreams. My desire is that you leave with courage to change, to accept potential consequences, to face criticism.... and to live a bigger life.


"Carla has a magnetic personality and the ability to get things done, a remarkably rare set of qualities. I'm always in awe of a persons ability to command a room and get people motivated - and Carla has that ability in spades. Any company would be lucky to have Carla involved as a strategic partner, consultant, or speaker." -Andi Devlin

"Carla is one of the most dynamic trainers and motivational speakers I've ever worked with. Her training on everything from lead generation to using technology in real estate has helped me grow my own business! She has an amazing array of experience from real estate sales to title work to mortgage lending and is able to draw upon all of those areas when she puts together training programs. I would highly recommend her!" -Robin Searle

"Carla is an outstanding coach, organizer, trainer and marketing specialist. Very smart and an out-of-the box thinker! Breath of Fresh air! Highly recommend!"- Jennifer Knisley

"I attended one of Carla's classes earlier this year and was very impressed with her detailed knowledge of the topic she was teaching, the creative approach she took in approaching the subject as well as the style with which she taught. The presentation was thorough, entertaining and well worth the time I took to attend. I highly recommend Carla's training classes to anyone." - Russ Gordon

"Carla taught group classes on Social Media Skills, Website Development, SEO and Business Development for Agents. She is always personable and easy to be around, but best of all, she has experience, she knows what works and she knows how to coach you into excellence. I would always recommend that if Carla approaches you to discuss your business that you make time to hear what she has to say and put her to work. Your journey to success will be shorter and very rewarding." - John Wayne Holdren

"(Carla) is an outstanding motivator, she brings excitement and inspiration to all that she does." - Marlene Weaver
Leonard Cohen
Come Away with Me
Norah Jones
To Make You Feel My Love
Don't Know Why
Norah Jones
Someone Like You
Jazz Singer
Smooth Jazz Singer
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Please note Carla Floren will also travel to Lakewood, Aurora, Englewood, Wheat Ridge, Westminster, Dupont, Commerce City, Arvada, Littleton, Broomfield, Golden, Eastlake, Henderson, Highlands Ranch, Morrison, Idledale, Indian Hills, Kittredge, Louisville, Lafayette, Louviers, Brighton, Evergreen, Parker, Boulder, Eldorado Springs, Watkins, Erie, Dacono, Conifer.
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