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Los Salazar Mariachi Band from Santa Ana, CA

Will travel up to 30 miles

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About Vendor 

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Trio Mariachi Los Salazar was founded by Ruben Salazar in 1996. They are a family band; father, daughter and sons. They have appeared in numerous T.V. shows: “Primera Edición,” “Cuanto Cuesta El Show,” “Noticias Univisión,” “¿Qué Pasa Con José Vargas?” and many more. Moreover, Trio Mariachi Los Salazar was requested to perform at the White House for President Bush himself in 2006 for a “Cinco de Mayo” celebration. In 2008, they were the opening act for the well-established singer Paquita La Del Barrio at the Gibson Amphitheatre. They also performed in the Golden Eagle Awards, sharing the stage with internationally-renowned singers José Feliciano, José José, and Viki Carr. On December of 2018 they performed for comedian Gabriel Iglesias. On February the 13th of 2019, they were invited to perform at the Anaheim House of Blues for Mexican Rock Band – Caifanes as a Birthday surprise for one of their members. Their repertoire exceeds over 1,500 songs and they will strive to make every accommodation to meet the client's needs. (Maybe include pictures from hall of fame here) MEET THE PERFORMERS: Ruben Salazar - Dad Ruben Salazar, the founder and father, began his career as a musician at the early age of eleven back in Mexico in 1966; he started singing and playing the guitar in transportation buses, corner-taco stands, and bars at the age of 12 in Mexico. As the years went by, Ruben learned from many accomplished Mexican musicians and eventually became an accomplished musician himself appearing in palenques regularly and on Mexican TV prime time. In 1986 he came to the United States wife and two kids Carlos Rubén & Azucena. Currently, he is a singer and the lead guitarist for Trio Mariachi Los Salazar. Azucena Salazar – Daughter Azucena, also known as Suzie, started playing the guitar at the early age of 10 and joined her father and brother Carlos in 1997 to form Trio Los Salazar. She participated in the National T.V. show, “Objetivo Fama 2005” where she was 1st place Runner Up out of thousands of participants! Azucena even protagonizad a music video with Mexican Celebrities “Paquita La Del Barrio” and “Ezequiel Peña.” In 2007, she was signed by Machete Music, a subdivision of Univision Music and released a solo banda album titled “Azucena del Campo” where she did a spanish rendition of the Bon Jovi classic This aint a love song. She has also appeared on the T.V. shows “Escandalo TV,” “Sábado Gigante,” “El Gordo y La Flaca,” and “Despierta America.” Currently, she sings and plays rhythm guitar with Trio Mariachi Los Salazar. Rigoberto Salazar - Son Rigoberto (Rigo), is the the youngest member of the trio. He began learning music in 2004 at the age of 14 from Ruben and from his brother Carlos. In June of 2016, Rigo became the official third member of Trio Los Salazar. His older brother Carlos substitutes for him from time to time. Currently, Rigo sings and plays guitarron (mariachi bass) for Trio Mariachi Los Salazar. Carlos Salazar – Son Carlos started learning music at the age of 10. He has studied music with very accomplished musicians Dr. Bill Cunliffe, Mark Harrison, Jeffrey Siskind, Bruce Babad, Dr. Joseph Jewell, Ron Eschete, and Dr. Brian Kehelenbach. He began performing professionally on guitar at the age of 12 with Ruben as a duet; a few years later, when Suzie joined the duet, he switched to guitarron, and played guitarron with Trio Los Salazar for 19 years up until June 2016. Currently, he is the musical director and booking manger for Trio Mariachi Los Salazar. He substitutes on occasion for Rigo on guitarron.


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Avg 5.0 | 177 Reviews

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Review by Jeffrey C.

Birthday Party (Adult)Reviewed on February 17, 2019From Santa Ana, CA

The most talented Mariachi Band I have seen. They were beautifully harmonious, accommodating and just splendid. I will be 100% using their services once again!

Review by C.J. C.

FuneralReviewed on August 8, 2013From Long Beach, CA

Los Salazar was wonderful. They understood exactly what we requested - festive, but not loud, traditiona/old school ranchera/mariachi music to serve as background at our Pops Celebration of Life event. They were on time, well dressed, polite and excellent musicians. Everyone loved them. We would definitely use them again!

Review by Suzie M.

Birthday Party (Adult)Reviewed on March 11, 2019From Upland, CA

Los Salazar were the high point of our birthday party for my 90 year old mother. Their music, talent & rapport with the our guests was awesome! Many people asked for their card. Everyone was delighted to hear their family story, which also endeared them to their audience. It was a pleasure to have them, and we would definitely hire them again. Suzie was very articulate as the spokes person for the group!!! ??????

Los Salazar:

Thank you for your kind words Suzie. It was a pleasure and honor.

Awards & Badges 

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Song List 

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  • Bésame mucho | Popular
  • Cielito lindo | Popular
  • Cucurrucucu paloma | Popular
  • Granada | Popular
  • Guadalajara | Popular
  • Guantanamera | Popular
  • La Bamba | Popular
  • La Cucaracha | Popular
  • La malagueña | Popular
  • Las mañanitas | Popular
  • Quizás | quizás
  • Ojos españoles-Spanish Eyes | Popular
  • Sabor a mí | Popular
  • Solamente una vez | Popular
  • Volver volver | Popular
  • Acá entre nos | Vicente Fernández
  • Amor de los dos | Vicente Fernández
  • Con la misma tijera | Vicente Fernández
  • De que manera te olvido | Vicente Fernández
  • El rey | Vicente Fernández
  • El arracadas | Vicente Fernández
  • Estos celos | Vicente Fernández
  • La ley del monte | Vicente Fernández
  • La primera caricia | Vicente Fernández
  • La ley de la vida | Vicente Fernández
  • Las llaves de mi alma | Vicente Fernández
  • Mujeres divinas | Vicente Fernández
  • Palabra de rey | Vicente Fernández
  • Perdón | Vicente Fernández
  • Por tu maldito amor | Vicente Fernández
  • Que de raro tiene | Vicente Fernández
  • Si acaso vuelves | Vicente Fernández
  • Tu camino y el mio | Vicente Fernández
  • Tu ingratitud | Vicente Fernández
  • Urge | Vicente Fernández
  • Amor eterno | Juan Gabriel
  • Costumbres | Juan Gabriel
  • El día que me acaricies lloraré | Juan Gabriel
  • Hasta que te conocí | Juan Gabriel
  • La diferencia | Juan Gabriel
  • No tengo dinero | Juan Gabriel
  • Se me olvido otra vez | Juan Gabriel
  • Te lo pido por favor | Juan Gabriel
  • Amanecí entre tus brazos | José Alfredo Jiménez
  • Caminos de Guanajuato | José Alfredo Jiménez
  • Ella | José Alfredo Jiménez
  • La media vuelta | José Alfredo Jiménez
  • Llegó borracho el borracho | José Alfredo Jiménez
  • Paloma negra | José Alfredo Jiménez
  • Paloma querida | José Alfredo Jiménez
  • Serenata Huasteca | José Alfredo Jiménez
  • Si nos dejan | José Alfredo Jiménez
  • Te solté la rienda | José Alfredo Jiménez
  • 100 años | Pedro Infante
  • Flor sin retoño | Pedro Infante
  • Tú sólo tú | Pedro Infante
  • Entrega total | Javier Solís
  • Esclavo y amo | Javier Solís
  • Payaso | Javier Solís
  • Sombras | Javier Solís
  • Y | Javier Solís
  • El Primer Tonto | Joan Sebastian
  • Secreto de amor | Joan Sebastian
  • Tatuajes | Joan Sebastian
  • La Venia Bendita | Marco Antonio Solís
  • No hay nada más difícil | Marco Antonio Solís
  • ¿Como fue? | José José
  • Almohada | José José
  • Amar y querer | José José
  • Lo dudo | José José
  • No valió la pena | José José
  • 2 cosas | (Boleros y Tríos)
  • Cerca del mar | (Boleros y Tríos)
  • Chacha | (Boleros y Tríos)
  • Como un duende | (Boleros y Tríos)
  • Consentida | (Boleros y Tríos)
  • Contigo | (Boleros y Tríos)
  • Contigo aprendí | (Boleros y Tríos)
  • Creí | (Boleros y Tríos)
  • Cruz de olvido | (Boleros y Tríos)
  • Delirio | (Boleros y Tríos)
  • El andariego | (Boleros y Tríos)
  • Eternamente | (Boleros y Tríos)
  • Falsa | (Boleros y Tríos)
  • Irresistible | (Boleros y Tríos)
  • La barca | (Boleros y Tríos)
  • La gloria eres tú | (Boleros y Tríos)
  • La hiedra | (Boleros y Tríos)
  • Los dos | (Boleros y Tríos)
  • No | (Boleros y Tríos)
  • No sé tú | (Boleros y Tríos)
  • Nomás contigo | (Boleros y Tríos)
  • Novia mía | (Boleros y Tríos)
  • Nuestro juramento | (Boleros y Tríos)
  • Ódiame | (Boleros y Tríos)
  • Oja seca | (Boleros y Tríos)
  • Página blanca | (Boleros y Tríos)
  • Perfidia | (Boleros y Tríos)
  • Piel canela | (Boleros y Tríos)
  • Por fin | (Boleros y Tríos)
  • Que seas feliz | (Boleros y Tríos)
  • Rayito de luna | (Boleros y Tríos)
  • Reloj | (Boleros y Tríos)
  • Rondando tu esquina | (Boleros y Tríos)
  • Sabor a mi | (Boleros y Tríos)
  • Sin ti | (Boleros y Tríos)
  • Tres regalos | (Boleros y Tríos)
  • Usted | (Boleros y Tríos)
  • Verónica | (Boleros y Tríos)
  • Por mujeres como tú | Pepe Aguilar
  • Que bueno | Pepe Aguilar
  • Recuérdame bonito | Pepe Aguilar
  • Destilando Amor | Pepe Aguilar
  • Como quien pierde una estrella | Alejandro Fernández
  • Cuando yo quería ser grande | Alejandro Fernández
  • Loco | Alejandro Fernández
  • Mi viejo | Alejandro Fernández
  • Necesito olvidarla | Alejandro Fernández
  • Nube viajera | Alejandro Fernández
  • ¿Por que es tan cruel el amor? | Ricardo Arjona
  • Caminos de Michoacán | (Canciones Populares)
  • Cielo rojo | (Canciones Populares)
  • Cuatro meses | (Canciones Populares)
  • Demasiado tarde | (Canciones Populares)
  • El corrido de Los Pérez | (Canciones Populares)
  • El corrido de Macario Leiva | (Canciones Populares)
  • El mil amores | (Canciones Populares)
  • El señor de las canas | (Canciones Populares)
  • El Sinaloense | (Canciones Populares)
  • En tu día | (Canciones Populares)
  • Gabino Barrera | (Canciones Populares)
  • Hay unos ojos | (Canciones Populares)
  • Juan colorado | (Canciones Populares)
  • La huella de mis besos | (Canciones Populares)
  • La puerta negra | (Canciones Populares)
  • Los laureles | (Canciones Populares)
  • Mi ranchito | (Canciones Populares)
  • Nieves de enero | (Canciones Populares)
  • Para no verte mas | (Canciones Populares)
  • Por un amor | (Canciones Populares)
  • Prieta linda | (Canciones Populares)
  • Puño de tierra | (Canciones Populares)
  • Quien | (Canciones Populares)
  • Se me hizo fácil | (Canciones Populares)
  • Seis pies abajo | (Canciones Populares)
  • Sentencia | (Canciones Populares)
  • Sonora y sus ojos negros | (Canciones Populares)
  • Sufro tu ausencia | (Canciones Populares)
  • Te he prometido | (Canciones Populares)
  • Tragos de amargo licor | (Canciones Populares)
  • Tristes recuerdos | (Canciones Populares)
  • Una página más | (Canciones Populares)

Booked Events 

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Past Events

July 31, 2020 • Wedding Reception
Fri3:00 PM - 11:00 PM Corona, CA
October 21, 2019 • Wedding Reception
Mon5:30 PM - 7:00 PM Temecula, CA
October 7, 2019 • Wedding
Mon7:00 PM - 9:00 PM Temecula, CA
October 7, 2019 • Wedding
Mon5:00 PM - 7:00 PM Temecula, CA
June 22, 2019 • Birthday Party (Adult)
Sat6:00 PM - 9:00 PM Whittier, CA
June 15, 2019 • Birthday Party (Adult)
Sat1:00 PM - 3:00 PM Arcadia, CA
June 6, 2019 • Graduation Party
Thu4:30 PM - 5:15 PM Santa Ana, CA
May 11, 2019 • Mother's Day Party
Sat4:00 PM - 6:00 PM Buena Park, CA
May 5, 2019 • Celebration
Sun11:00 PM - 2:00 AM Huntington Beach, CA
May 5, 2019 • Cinco De Mayo Party
Sun3:00 PM - 8:00 PM San Clemente, CA
April 21, 2019 • Easter Celebration
Sun3:00 PM - 5:00 PM Pomona, CA
March 24, 2019 • Birthday Party (Adult)
Sun3:00 PM - 5:00 PM Chino Hills, CA

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