Rick Lewis Teamwork Leadership Sales Humor

Motivational Speaker from Atlanta, GA - Will travel up to 3000 miles

$4500 - $10000 per event
***"The most captivating, engaging and eye popping performance I have seen in my 30 years of conference presentations...deep insight into human behavior, the culture we align to, its blessings and its curse." Denny's Restaurants President & CEO, John C Miller***

Are you looking for a presentation that is OUTSIDE THE BOX of the usual options?

Do you need something truly different and SHOCKINGLY EFFECTIVE to get the full attention of your attendees and inspire them to a whole new level of clarity, creativity and influence in their personal and professional lives?

WHAT IF it could be CRY OUT LOUD FUNNY at the same time?

WHAT IF this world-class kind of impact were made AFFORDABLE even for the modestly funded event?

***“We have had many motivational speakers talk eloquently and powerfully about great ideas, but we have rarely had somebody like you demonstrate them in such an entertaining and delightful manner.” GE Plastics - HR Director***

BE BOX FREE is a once in a lifetime experience for your guests. A highly impactful, surprising, fun and practically useful keynote presentation that uses comedy and theater to launch your audience into a new level of understanding and action outside the box of ordinary results.


Imagine your guests sitting down for their meal as their server approaches the table to refresh the water glass.

Filling the glass to the absolute brim from a height of 2 feet, your guest is asked, "Is that enough water for you?" by a completely straight-faced waiter.

Imagine the same waiter returning to the table throughout the meal and becoming more eccentric with each visit, dropping silverware on the floor and crawling around on his hands and knees to pick it up, chasing a misplaced ice cube around the table with a spoon, and serving sugar with your steak and potatoes.

THIS IS ACTUALLY YOUR SPEAKER, undercover as a bad waiter, playing the role of an utterly inept server who is breaking every rule of normal and expected behavior.

By the end of the meal your guests have leaned to the left or right at least a dozen times to whisper to the person sitting next to them, "Did you just see what I saw?"

The result? Some of the most powerful EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING the event industry has ever seen.

THE TRANSFORMATION: You'll watch your guests experience their own patterns in vivid detail, namely, how they react to unexpected circumstances and events, what their default habits are when they're met with situations that are unusual and outside of their expectations, and how they relate to challenging individuals who cross their path. After all, THIS IS WHAT YOUR GUESTS FACE EACH DAY of their personal and professional lives. The unplanned, the challenging, and the unexpected.

TO BE SUCCESSFUL IN TODAY'S WORLD means learning to respond to these kind of situations effectively and consciously, not reactively and thoughtlessly.

Near the end of the meal an announcement is made by the hotel management. They have asked the "waiter" to come forward and apologize for his behavior.

Nervously arriving on stage, the waiter stammers for words and then asks if the audience is aware that they've been part of a social experiment as a hidden camera photo of a SHOCKED AND SURPRISED guest is projected on the screen. It's at this point that the audience realizes that they've been totally fooled and waves of laughter erupt from the room as it dawns on them that they have been part of an INSPIRATIONAL PRESENTATION they didn't realize had already begun.

With warmth, engagement, and humor your speaker unpacks the experience they have just had, sharing more photos and footage of past audiences and speaking about the habitual "in the box" behavior we're cultural trained to default to when the going gets tough in our professional or personal lives. He explains why it gets us stuck in our lives. Finally, he reveals the 3 ESCAPE MOVES that anyone can use to live, think, and work outside the box with maximum CLARITY, CREATIVITY & INFLUENCE.

Rick Lewis is the founder of Be Box Free. He and his team of trained presenters offer the Be Box Free presentation to organizations and event planners who want one of today's most cutting edge and effective keynotes — an exciting, innovative combination of engagement, surprise, comedy and education to launch attendees toward positive change. A trainer & entertainer, he is the author of numerous books on personal development, including "7 Rules You Were Born to Break" on organizational excellence, & "You Have the Right to Remain Silent" on the topic of mindfulness. His upcoming book, "Be Box Free: 3 Escape Moves to Get You Outside the Box and Living With Mindfulness, Clarity and Influence," clearly defines what "being in the box" is all about, reveals the cultural underpinnings of how our companies, organizations and institutions have gotten stuck, and shares the practical steps that we can take to escape "in the box" living.
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Please note Rick Lewis Teamwork Leadership Sales Humor will also travel to East Point, Lawrenceville, Lilburn, Mansfield, Norcross, Thomasville, Decatur, Hampton, Mc Donough, Howard, Red Oak, Morrow, Stone Mountain, Tucker, Redan, Stockbridge, Clarkdale, Jonesboro, Rex, Locust Grove, Marietta, Ellenwood, Inman, Riverdale, Fayetteville, Forest Park, Griffin, Lovejoy, Conley, Jenkinsburg.
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