Charlie Hoehn

Motivational Speaker from Littleton, CO - Will travel up to 10 miles

$8000 - $15000 per event
Charlie Hoehn has presented to a wide variety of age groups and demographics — corporate executives, tech startups, college graduates, high school students, retirees, soldiers & veterans, and international audiences. He's spoken to small and large groups -- from 20 attendees to 4,000 -- at TEDx, Google Startup Weekend, American Dream U, Carnegie Mellon, Colorado State University, App Empire, and more.

His talks instruct and inspire. Charlie's material instills confidence in the audience to take action. His presentations are methodically crafted to change the audience's behavior. He helps people overcome their fears by showing them the exact roadmap he took to solve his own problems. He is open and honest about what he's been through, and shows others how to reach their greater potential.

Charlie has played host at a number of conferences. He's known for being on-point, professional, and light-hearted. He's quick-witted and at ease on stage, and never panics in the face of a technical glitch. He can quickly solve problems, and easily maintain a calm and happy audience. When attendees feel tired and restless, Charlie finds a way to rejuvenate them. If the audience ever feels lost or confused, he slows the pace down to ensure everyone gets back on the same page. He's done numerous interactive training sessions, and has broadcasted live to overseas seminars.


(1) "Set The S.T.A.G.E. — What Every Student Needs To Know About Creating Their Dream Career"

Why do so many ambitious college graduates struggle to find employment or end up working in jobs they hate? How is it that so few thrive in the face of student loans and a crumbling economy, while most remain unemployed, living in their parents' basement? How do we prevent millions of young people from entering into a lifetime of dead-end, meaningless work?

The truth is that every college student is capable of creating his or her dream career… But first, they must renounce conventional job-hunting techniques. Students need to abandon spamming employers with their resumes, handing out business cards, and accepting traditional internships. Instead, they must “Set the S.T.A.G.E.,” which will result in more work opportunities than they'll know what to do with.

(2) The Secret to Motivating Gen-Y Workers: Prevent Burnout, Relieve Stress, and Boost Teamwork through Play

Burnout at work is a HUGE and increasingly common problem. Failing to preserve workers' mental health is a mistake businesses can no longer afford to make. Stress and absenteeism costs over $200 BILLION in lost productivity for companies in the United States… EVERY YEAR!

The cost of having a single burned out employee means steadily diminishing productivity throughout the entire company. The lowest performers don't simply fizzle out in isolation; they are proven to consistently drag down everyone around them! If nothing changes, these employees are at risk of having meltdowns at work (outbursts, panic attacks, quitting) or worse (health problems, substance abuse, suicide attempts). These unexpected events can have a disastrous impact on the morale and brand of the company.

Your company's most valuable asset is YOUR PEOPLE. And people cannot maximize their potential output if they feel miserable, stressed, and drained. Therefore, it's your job to keep your team happy and healthy. By methodically reducing their stress levels at work, you can actually boost your employees' productivity and creativity, and make the office far more harmonious. And in a happy workplace, teamwork thrives and turnover plummets.


Charlie graduated from Colorado State University in 2008, during the heart of the recession. After spending months shooting out his resume to more than a hundred companies — and only receiving two interview requests — he decided to change his strategy. Within a few months, he'd landed multiple dream jobs. He worked with several New York Times bestselling authors and entrepreneurs (such as Tim Ferriss, Ramit Sethi, and Tucker Max), and received job offers from billion-dollar companies… and turned them down.

Today, Charlie is the 28-year old author of two popular career books — Recession Proof Graduate and Play It Away. He is the CEO of BookPop!, a marketing company that helps great authors launch great books. He worked alongside Tim Ferriss for three years, helping him edit and launch The 4-Hour Body (#1 New York Times, #1 Amazon overall, over a million copies sold). Charlie has given keynotes and lead workshops at TEDx events, conferences, veteran seminars, and universities around the country. His work has been featured on NPR, New York Times, CBS News, Fast Company, Harvard Business Review, FOX Business, Financial Times, and many others. [Full bio here]
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Please note Charlie Hoehn will also travel to Highlands, Highlands Ranch, Englewood, Aurora, Denver, Louviers, Castle Rock, Parker, Lowry Afb, Lakewood, Morrison, Franktown, Sedalia, Indian Hills, Wheat Ridge, Arvada, Commerce City, Golden, Idledale, Dupont.
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