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Inspirational Disabled Speaker - Chet McDoniel Reviews

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8 Reviews for Inspirational Disabled Speaker - Chet McDoniel


Review by Tom D.

Community EventReviewed on January 29, 2010From Luverne, MN

Overall - he was amazing - It’s the little things in life that pass us by and Chet helps you realize that we choose to have a good attitude and make the most of our lives - It is an unbelievable feeling that you have with his presence is in your eyes, his voice entering your ears, and then his character enters your heart. Chet is an inspiration to everyone.

Review by Wade R.

Corporate FunctionReviewed on April 11, 2011From Raleigh, NC

We were very pleased with Chet’s presentation to our team. His message was clear and impactful, and his life’s story filled with examples of his faith, personal strength and positive attitude. It would be impossible to walk away from a meeting with Chet without realizing how truly blessed we all are, as well as how we can sometimes react negatively or in a petty manner when faced with challenges in our lives. What Chet faces in a single day, most of us never realize in a lifetime. He is a true inspiration and I would highly recommend him to others as a motivational speaker to other groups.

Review by Cathy M.

FundraiserReviewed on October 26, 2013From Lubbock, TX

Absolutely wonderful! Chet called as soon as he arrived at the hotel, came down to visit with us while we prepared for the evening, and stayed after his presentation for more of the program. His presentation was perfect for our group - from the heart and a "child's perspective" for our parents raising children's with special needs, Following his presentation, we raised $25,450 in a live Auction.

Review by Dan S.

Corporate FunctionReviewed on January 8, 2014From Austin, TX

Chet was outstanding. His message was perfect for the audience and instilled energy and desire. It was exactly what I hoped would occur.

Review by Carla W.

Corporate FunctionReviewed on August 20, 2008From Decatur, TX

Chet did a fantastic job! He was the last speaker at our teacher inservice, and the program could not have been more appropriate for the audience. The focus was on working with kids with special needs and the challenges they face. We tried to show how a positive attitude on the part of the teachers and the students themselves changes everything. Chet lit up the room with his positve attitude and the teachers were able to see how this attitude helped lead him to success!

Review by Katie E.

Corporate FunctionReviewed on December 7, 2009From McAlester, OK

Chet Mcdoniel brought his big personality and and "can do" attitude to us in a way that was both inspiring and educational.

Review by Lori D.

Corporate FunctionReviewed on May 14, 2009From Arlington, TX

He was absolutely fabulous! The staff was touched and inspired by his story and his message.

Review by Jan E.

Corporate FunctionReviewed on January 28, 2013From Sun City, AZ

Absolutely moving, inspirational and enlightening! My one and only complaint was Chet's closing....after such an incredible talk to be instructed, with some evident level of resentment, about how to treat someone in a wheelchair as the closing of this motivational presentation, only made me personally feel like I did not want to approach him, when prior to his closing I wanted to go give him a big hug and thank him. Instead of Chet's closing making me more comfortable about approaching or speaking to a disabled person, it made me feel less comfortable. Plus after explaining how he wasn't differrent, he closed with how different we needed to treat him.