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Darryl Ross - Author & Motivational Speaker Reviews

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23 Reviews for Darryl Ross - Author & Motivational Speaker


Review by Jane S.

Corporate FunctionReviewed on October 11, 2022From Merritt Island, FL

Darryl received rave reviews from the group and started our training day out on the right foot! He was entertaining, had a message that was tailored to our group and was extremely engaging. I am already planning on asking him to join us for our next in-service day. Well done Darryl! I could not ask for more!

Review by Sherry R.

Corporate FunctionReviewed on October 13, 2021From Tampa, FL

Darryl was great! He focused on the topic/material we requested and engaged our group. Our employees were energized by his presentation and are still talking about it. We will definitely use him again. Wonderful presentation.

Review by barbara m.

Corporate FunctionReviewed on June 10, 2021From Saint Petersburg, FL

What can I say?? Darryl was amazing! He worked with my group to understand exactly our needs prior to the event, and the day of the event he was just over the top! Our group was energized and revitalized after his performance. He understood our employees and what they've been working through this past year and helped them laugh and have some fun and he was just fabulous! I plan to work with him again and again!

Review by Walker R.

Corporate FunctionReviewed on December 17, 2021From Saint Augustine, FL

Darryl was professional and a really compelling speaker! I'd recommend him for any corporate event.

Review by Donna J.

CelebrationReviewed on December 19, 2020From Washington, DC

Darryl was fantastic he was very engaging and motivated and kept the audience attention the entire time. I would highly recommend him.

Review by tiffany t.

Corporate FunctionReviewed on May 24, 2019From Saint Petersburg, FL

Darryl is fantastic! Very engaging and energetic. The audience felt like they were being talked with instead of talked to. He engaged the audience appropriately. The room was full of laughter and smiles. Exactly what this group needed. Everyone left very motivated.

Review by Johnny W.

MeetingReviewed on April 11, 2019From Clearwater Beach, FL

Our group has not had someone as engaging, interactive and informative as Darryl Ross was as our keynote speaker. Individuals from my group continue to come up to me and tell how great Darryl was. Darryl would definitely get a recommendation from our orginaztions. Thanks!!

Review by Marian D.

Corporate FunctionReviewed on March 8, 2019From Fernandina Beach, FL

Darryl was well received by our attendees. We received all positive feedback. What struck me particularly was the time he took to "personalize" his session to specifically relate to our organization and attendees, rather than just presenting a 'cookie cutter". He was a joy to work with; professional, warm and extremely accommodating. I look forward to working with Darryl again in the near future!

Review by Amber M.

Corporate FunctionReviewed on March 6, 2019From Tampa, FL

Darryl Ross was amazing. He was engaging, energetic, and entertaining. He really was intuitive with the Tampa Bay Way. He did his research of our company to ensure he presented what we were asking for. Before the event, he contacted us several times and returned any communication we sent in a timely manner. Our team loved him and would recommend him for any event you may have.

Review by Scott J.

Corporate FunctionReviewed on February 3, 2019From Saint Petersburg, FL

Darryl brought great energy and humor to our corporate event. He showed up early to get a good understanding of our event and incorporated that information into his presentation. Our members enjoyed his message and really help contribute to the success of our association meeting. I would highly recommend Darryl for anyone’s event or company meeting.

Review by Cheryl C.

Corporate FunctionReviewed on July 25, 2018From Charleston, SC

I highly recommend Darryl Ross. His preparation for the event was unparalleled and it showed in his speech. Darryl is a mix of motivational speaking and business training, wrapped in a dynamic personality. Everyone was engaged throughout his time and have since inquired if we can have him present at future events. I am highly satisfied with his performance. Thank you.

Review by Desiree T.

Corporate FunctionReviewed on January 26, 2018From Miami, FL

First, I want to say including a speaker in our sales/operations kick off meeting was last minute. I was amazed at how quickly Darryl understood our business and could tailor his presentation to both our industry and what the organization is currently experiencing. He was knowledgeable, energetic and engage everyone throughout the entire presentation. The session was 2 weeks ago and employees are still talking about it and referencing some of the things we learned. We were beyond pleased and cannot wait to work with him again.

Review by Erin M.

Corporate FunctionReviewed on May 26, 2017From Tampa, FL

Darryl knocked it out of the park! We are a not-for profit leadership development and community service organization. We have been building leaders in the Tampa Bay area for over 30 years and our board needed some fresh leadership ideas at our board retreat. Darryl brought a lot of energy, laughs, and very useful information that our board will use at our programs and in our leadership development of our class members. Darryl, we are grateful for you :)

Review by Terri R.

EventReviewed on April 28, 2017From Orlando, FL

The BEST speaker to date! Funny. Inspirational. Informative.

Review by Kandra M.

Corporate FunctionReviewed on May 10, 2016From Orlando, FL

he was very motivational and kept the crowd interested.

Review by Karen J.

Corporate FunctionReviewed on May 5, 2016From High Springs, FL

We very much enjoyed having Darryl speak at our event and the feedback I received from the other participants was all very positive. His message hit our target exactly and we feel he was well worth the money. I referred him to another department in our company who is planning their event as this time.

Review by Keith A.

Corporate FunctionReviewed on April 25, 2016From Tampa, FL

Darryl was the perfect speaker after a dull stockholders meeting. He was able to tailor his topics to fit matters relevant to our company. He was also very professional and had a good grasp of management issues. Additionally, and perhaps most importantly, his use of humor help keep everyone's attention and made the evening enjoyable. Keith Appenzeller, CEO King Engineering Associates, Inc.

Review by Bryce C.

Club EventReviewed on March 11, 2016From Naples, FL

We were looking for a speaker for our event to have fun with group, give the group a motivational "charge", and give us a new perspective. His presentation was fresh and enlightening and the entire group really enjoyed day! We got exactly what we were looking for!

Review by Sheri K.

Corporate FunctionReviewed on February 24, 2016From Mulberry, FL

Darryl was wonderful! We worked together prior to the event so that he could learn a little about our company and our leadership's motivation needs. It was obvious that Darryl did his own research prior to the event as he spoke about our stores and our business. He was extremely professional, energetic, and knowledgeable about the topic. Our leaders loved how engaging he was and very approachable. We wanted the session to last all day! I have had employees contacting me all day via email or by just stopping me in the hall to share with me how much they enjoyed Darryl's session. I highly recommend Darryl Ross!!!

Review by matt m.

School AssemblyReviewed on February 10, 2016From Brooksville, FL

He was great, kids loved him. I hope to get him into another school here in Hernando County in the future.

Review by carly g.

Corporate FunctionReviewed on June 18, 2015From Long Island, NY

Darryl was awesome!! We enjoyed him so much we hope to have him back again soon!!

Review by Denise R.

EventReviewed on December 11, 2014From Ashburn, VA

Darryl did an outstanding presentation! My company is undergoing a lot of changes this year and he was able to deliver a humorous perspective on managing change. Darryl gave employees new ways to look at and deal with change. I even heard people talking about his presentation days after his visit. His presentation definitely motivates people to alter how they perceive and react to change…I personally did. Thanks Darryl!

Review by colleen r.

EventReviewed on November 6, 2014From Germantown, MD

Mr. Ross gave three engaging presentations through cultivating students curiousity, encouraging determination, focus, and hard work to promote social and emotional well being. Look forward to having him visit MCPS in the future!