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Rick Lewis Humorous Motivational Speaker Denver

Motivational Speaker from Denver, CO - Will travel up to 3000 miles

$4500 - $12000 per event
You want something different for your event. Something both fun and inspirational to mix it up so you aren't bringing the same old thing to your audience. Because your audience has seen it all before.

Rick Lewis speaker, author and entertainer provides something truly different, both entertaining and inspirational, for meeting attendees who have seen the same sorts of motivational speakers again and again.

Rick's approach is a unique blend of education, thought-leadership, theater, comedy and inspirational message. He starts off at your event dressed identically to the serving staff at the meeting venue and pretends to be a waiter who gets more and more odd and eccentric over the course of the meal. By the end of the meal your guests will be in whispered conversation about how this server ever got his job and how he's keeping it.

Rick arrives on stage at the end of the meal after the banquet captain explains that his "new server" would like to apologize for being so nervous and inept. Rick shuffles out on stage looking nervous and starts stammering for words, drawing the group further into the ruse until he finally reveals that he is actually the keynote speaker.

This is an awesome moment that you will have a huge amount of fun watching your audience react to since you have been in on it all along.

After the laughter and groans die down Rick delivers a comedic and inspirational message about how humans tend to behave when they face unexpected situations, when things aren't going according to plan or they face challenges and difficult conversations with others.

Rick uses this experience with him as their waiter as an example of how outcomes can be improved when facing difficulties by learning to RESPOND instead of REACT.

Rick shares hidden camera photos from hundreds of his events to illustrate how silly we can behave when we're functioning on auto-pilot and what wonderful results we can inspire from others when we're paying attention, responding at our best and bringing kindness, humor and creativity to the challenges of everyday life and work.

This motivational presentation is a blend of theater, current neuro-scientific research, stand-up comedy, and cutting edge psychology that shows your guests how they can engage in effective professional development on their own power each and every day they come to work.

Rick has presented in the meeting business for decades and has many hundreds of thrilled corporate clients who call upon him when they want something different for audiences who have seen it all yet need to be deeply engaged and inspired by fresh content.

The basic keynote described above can easily be customized to support meeting themes of:

-Customer Service
-Stress Management

The presentation is especially suited to sales teams and customer service reps whose success hinges entirely on the skill of creating strong relationships in difficult circumstances. It works equally well for small business owners and entrepreneurs or entrepreneurial cultures where individuals are encouraged to think on their feet, take effective action and show initiative in solving problems and creating results.

Rick has three business books that can also be provided at your event if you'd like your guests to walk away with something in hand for further inspiration.

BOOK One - Confident Under Pressure - Discover the Hidden Advantages of Stress

This book shows how and why a sense of confidence is essential to professional and organizational development, how we can embrace challenges for learning and growth, and how stress and difficult conversations can be turned to everyone's advantage.

BOOK Two - 7 Rules You Were Born to Break - How Intelligent Misbehavior Can Help You and Your Organization Thrive

This books shows how today's professionals can think outside the box successfully, challenge norms for the benefit of the company, innovate, problem solve and evolve products and services while having fun doing it.

BOOK Three - The Power of Losing Control - 53 Actions of Natural Authority & Authentic Leadership

This book provides unique leadership tips and techniques for engaging others as a way to inspire exceptional performance, great teamwork, sales growth, superior customer service and vibrant company culture.

Rick also provides a free follow-up course, delivered by email, that guests can sign up for called "Games for Confidence" which are simple exercises that support them to keep their own professional development active and effective.

If you're intrigued by what you've read, give Rick a call and discuss your event and needs in more detail.

Or if you'd like to see Rick in action watch the videos attached to this profile.
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