Jodi Pliszka, M.S.-Innovation Expert

Motivational Speaker from Muskego, WI - Will travel up to 100 miles



Your investment in Jodi will pay off right away by making it easier for your audience members to propagate new ideas that unleash lasting business growth-now more than ever! Jodi delivers immediately actionable, expert innovation strategies and tactics to get ahead and stay ahead of your competition!

Jodi is the innovation industry's “best kept secret.” She is unlike every other speaker; she's an 'expert who speaks and takes action.' The media has labeled Jodi as “Ms. Innovation.” Jodi's fusion of real-life stories and her conversational techniques connect with her audiences at an intimate, intense and individual level. Jodi has real-life, in-the-trenches business experience, her views are radically different. FACT: Being around people that think differently is the diversity that powers innovation. Jodi ignites passion by cultivating critical thinking skills; allowing you to reach your untapped potential.

Less than 5.5% of US patent holders are women, and less than 1% of these women has a Master's degree and successfully brought a product to market. Jodi has both, earning her a spot in an elite group of women inventors and a very small group of women Innovation Experts. Jodi is now sharing her expertise as a Innovation Consultant, Innovation Key Note Speaker, Business Therapist, and the world's leading Solutionologist®.

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“I was overwhelmed, inspired and blown away by Jodi's positive energy, inner power and drive to make a difference in the world. Jodi has a desire to reach out and inspire all those in the world who have their own struggles, and to show people that anything is possible, as long as you have the courage to believe.”

Matt Gallant, ABC TV Host: THE LIST. Host of Animal Planet's Funniest Animals & American Inventor TV Show.

"Jodi is the most amazing women I have heard speak. She is brilliant, funny, ?fun and astonishing. What Jodi has experienced is something that most of us will never know. And to do so with such grace and humility, she is more than a role model - she is what we all strive to be.
Dr. Natalie L. Petouhoff (Dr. Nat The Technocat)?
Consumer Product Expert and Invention Coach

“From start to finish, Jodi's energy inspires you to fulfill your own dreams and create your own victories, savoring every moment of life presented to you! Relatable, real, honest, driven, a true breath of hope in challenging times, Jodi sets you on the right path. Every day we are presented with blank pages on which we can write our own story of triumph through perseverance; Jodi shows us how to write through her example!”

Rick Rose, Entrepreneur, TV/Radio Host

"The road to recovery, motivation and inspiration begins with Jodi Pliszka. Her true story on healing and personal success will teach you the power of inner strength and perseverance. Jodi has a great story with a fairy tale ending, which happens to be true. A must hear speaker!”

Dr. Eric Kaplan Author "Dying to be Young" &"Dr. Kaplan's Lifestyle of the Fit & Famous.

“Jodi's story is a monument to overcoming - overcoming an abusive relationship, overcoming disease, overcoming a loss of identity, and overcoming self-doubt, fear and rejection. Jodi is redefining what it means to be a woman, a human and a spiritual being. I used to see angels as divine beings with long, bright, glowing hair and wings that hovered above those they loved. I now see them as flawed individuals with all of their warts, pimples, bruises and bald heads who dwell among us and embrace those with similar flaws. It is their loving touch that heals. What distinguish them from other beings is their warm hearts, glowing spirits, firm embrace, and fuzzy insides. Jodi is that angel to me. It's all too true . . .”

Daniel R.Castro, Fortune 500 Attorney
Award Winning Author of Critical Choices that Change Lives.

“You will always find that there is no shortage of heart felt stories all over the world today, but it only a few that stand out, mostly due to an amazing person, willing to share their experience in a way that gives hope and confidence to millions of others. Jodi Pliszka is one of those great people. From the moment I met her and had the opportunity to be her mentor on American Inventor, I knew that she was driven, committed and has the kind of persona that makes you wish more people possessed. Her story is a journey of hope, love and respect. Her passion for life is something that would sell for millions if it could be bottled. A truly beautiful person with an amazing heart and dream. So here's to Jodi's dream and yours, whatever that may be.”

Peter Jones, Entrepreneur/Producer American Inventor TV show


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Please note Jodi Pliszka, M.S.-Innovation Expert will also travel to Big Bend, Hales Corners, Franklin, New Berlin, Greendale, Milwaukee, West Allis, Waterford, Waukesha, Brookfield, Elm Grove, Franksville, Rochester, Caledonia, Mukwonago, Oak Creek, South Milwaukee, Cudahy, Genesee Depot, Saint Francis.
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