Tradesman - Bar - Brooklyn, NY
Tradesman - Bar - Brooklyn, NYTradesman - Bar - Brooklyn, NY
Tradesman - Bar - Brooklyn, NYTradesman - Bar - Brooklyn, NY


Bar in Brooklyn, NY

  • Packages Starting at $2,500
  • Between 30 and 120 Guests
  • 1,200 SQ Feet
  • Member Since 2019

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Located in the vibrant borough of Brooklyn, New York is Tradesman, a community-centered bar and eatery event location. Owned, operated, and designed by Larissa Vargas and Mark Gregor, this venue has established itself as a neighborhood favorite in Bushwick. Larissa, Mark, and their team take a humble approach to business, yet with great pride, they also strive to provide the best possible service. The Space Architecturally inspired by craftsmen and artisans alike, the venue boasts a workshop aesthetic. Builders used the original materials left behind by previous owners to construct the now cozy bar. Wooden accents bring warmth to the space underneath soft lighting, while exposed brick walls provide an authentic appearance with a trendy edge. To go with its industrial vibe, the bar’s rotating beer taps are assembled from pipe fittings. An outdoor patio is located at the back of the bar and displays a laid-back urban setting that blends into the Tradesman’s vintage image. The Experience The venue’s staff aims to provide a friendly atmosphere where all are welcome. Renowned for their eclectic selection of beer, the taps are constantly rotated to keep things fresh and interesting for visitors. Tradesman boasts a tastefully curated menu, however, they do allow for outside caterers to make use of their kitchen when serving an event held here.

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Starting at $2,500