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The numbers of people, all ages, displaying symptoms of depression and anxiety are rising.
Jim Stordahl is a father and grandfather who has raised four daughters, while living a Bipolar-2 life. Racing thoughts. Multiple agendas. Sometimes being his "own worst enemy". He even went to two military Boot Camps.

Jim is speaker who you will "feel" like you know. With 10 years as a school bus driver, Jim knows how to talk to young kids. Speaking at training, workshop and safety meetings, at more than 100 governmental and postal service conferences, he has also served as a speech writer for the Postmaster General, in Washington, D.C.

Jim is an energetic and dynamic speaker and his presentations, power point free, quickly gets his audience involved...Jim is now an officially ordained minister in the Universal Life Church, able to legally perform weddings anywhere...he is actor, public speaker, author and podcaster--Jim is a Des Moines Register Storyteller...Father of five daughters and grandfather of nine (8 boys)...Retired 22-year veteran of armed forces. Has military stories from both Army and Navy...Retired Postmaster from U.S. Postal Service...School Bus driver with stories from his 8 years of driving...Recently self-published a bus driving book on Amazon -- (BUS BIZ)...US Postal Service Communications Manager...US Navy Photojournalist, Atlantic Fleet Audiovisual Command -- primary talent on news program "Telescope"...US Army Public Affairs Specialist, acting First Sergeant, 135th Public Affairs Detachment...Mental health advocate and self-published author of six books dealing with life with Bipolar Disorder (Bipolar Dad; Scatterbrain; Bits & Pieces; Straggler; The KMA Syndrome; Send my Mail to the end of the Trail).

Podcaster with three podcasts currently online. Currently seen in regional TV promo for Wild Rose Casino...Has appeared in a dozen TV commercials in Central Iowa...Closed out 2020 with three TV commercials. Currently in regional Iowa Public TV (IPTV) promotion for "Rewards Card"...Has been in an IPTV documentary, as Floyd County Sheriff W.H. White, in reenactment of a real-life murder mystery (Unintended 1900)...Recently appeared in TV commercial for STEW HANSEN Dodge, "I can't help it, they're that good!"...Recently appeared in new Streaming Video (Go90)--EMBEDS--shot in central Iowa, about reporters embedded in the political process.

Won a Fall storytelling event recalling Spring Break trip to Florida...has appeared on stage as storyteller for Des Moines Register "Storytelling Project", my story is on YOUTUBE: "James Stordahl: Why this man loves Spring Break"...Just completed work with British TV (Boundless Productions), having been selected by Iowa Department of Economic Development to serve as scouting assistant and RV driver.

My on-stage presence developed in high school, college, the military, and during career with USPS, and as a background extra in 12 movies and 20 commercials.

My experience as the Iowa Postal Service Communications Manager put me in front of lots of TV cameras and microphones -- My experience as a speechwriter for the Postmaster General took me to that next level, as a writer and a public speaker -- You can find a lot of coverage when you GOOGLE my name. As my wife and I have been raising a daughter with Bipolar Disorder we have gathered a lot of helpful and useful information to share with others. This accumulation of information and experience has also driven me to write seven books -- The books are available on Amazon.

Our daughter, Betsy, got me started down the right path -- She broke down from Bipolar Disorder and Borderline Personality Disorder -- The biggest shock was the dysfunction we met when trying to get help -- My wife and I struggled, at first, and then learned that we had been thrust into a maze of mental healthcare dead-ends, with lack of direction, lack of caring practitioners. an overwhelmed system, and a general overall disregard for mental health challenges.

Bipolar Disorder makes you sabotage your work habits with making poor decisions and making negative comments -- For me, I have lived a life full of significant episodes of aggression in response to perceived threats -- What I do best is "telling" the bipolar story -- from raising a daughter with BPD -- to my personal journey -- My "talks" are like nothing you have heard before -- they are first-person-personal -- From Army Boot Camp, followed by Navy Boot Camp! A variety of Lone Wolf activities! Thinking I was someone else! Working 58 jobs and never being satisfied -- always chasing the 'racing thoughts'. Now that the STIGMA hurdle has been jumped, I talk about the awkward times. And I stand as a survivor of a disease that never goes away.
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Please note James Stordahl will also travel to Polk City, Berwick, Alleman, Des Moines, Johnston, Bondurant, Altoona, Elkhart, Grimes, Sheldahl, Huxley, Slater, Cambridge, Granger, Mitchellville, West Des Moines, Kelley, Maxwell, Runnells, Madrid, Mingo, Norwalk, Waukee, Carlisle, Woodward, Colfax, Cumming, Booneville, Dallas Center, Collins.
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