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Football Party Theme

Hut, hut—party!

About the Theme

Whether you’re planning a birthday for a football fanatic or putting together a viewing party for the big game, there are plenty of ways to infuse this American pastime into décor, food and entertainment.

Use playbook-style Xs and Os to dress up stationery, label yellow napkins as penalty flags and have some face paint on hand so guests can sport the colors of their favorite teams. To get guests more involved with the festivities, have two referee jerseys ready to hand out to a couple lucky guests who can pose as the Party Foul Referees. They can throw their own flags on party misconduct, like spilling a drink or arriving late.

VIBE: Laid-back


Venue Settings


Pubs offer a welcoming, laid-back vibe blends well with rowdy team cheering. Speak with management ahead of time and inquire about food packages or open bars. Find out if there's a private room, otherwise you may be sharing space with the regulars.

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Turn up the fun with music during commercial breaks and celebratory post-game dancing. A DJ can also mix together music from all the most iconic halftime show performers, from Justin Timberlake to The Who.

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Buffalo Wings

What goes together better than football and wings? Offer a wide selection of sauces and dry rubs varying in flavor and heat.

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Craft Beer

Okay so maybe there is one thing that goes better with football than wings: beer. Pick out craft beers from local breweries to pair with menu options.

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Creative Detail


Get guests interacting with each other over friendly bets. If your party centers around a real-time game, put together a “betting scorecard” with predictions like who will win the coin toss and what the final score will be.

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