5 Questions to Ask a Wedding Band Leader

Marta Block


There are people who make their living booking bands in to clubs and for special events. Then there's you, an about-to-be-married person who for some reason is instantly expected to know everything there is to know about hiring live entertainment for your wedding. That's why we started this series of 5 Questions to Ask. It's not a definitive guide, just a quick look at some things you should know.

1. Is this the band that will play at my wedding?
Being a musician is a hard way to make a living. A lot of band members belong to multiple bands and a lot of bands have multiple guitar players, saxophone players, etc. There's nothing wrong with this, but if you really like one or two band members, you should know whether or not they're the ones who will be at your wedding.

2. What will the band wear at my wedding?
If you want a black tie event, but your chosen band usually performs in jeans, that's something you should know ahead of time. Most bands have a variety of outfits to match different kinds of weddings.

3. Have you ever played at our venue? Are there any problems or equipment needs we should know about?
An experienced band should know what sort of electrical and space needs they have. If they've played at your venue they can give you a heads-up about issues like the loading dock being non existent or the electricity being inadequate. If they haven't played your venue they should be able to tell you what they need. Issues like this can add up to unexpected costs later on.

4. Are you available to play longer on our wedding day?
Hopefully, your wedding will all run according to plan, but what if things are 30 minutes behind schedule? Will your band be available for a little overtime?

5. What do you see as your role at the wedding? There are many different roles a good band leader can play at a wedding, from background music to party-starter. Give some thought to what kind of role you want the band leader to play, and make sure your chosen band fits it.