How to Hire a Face Painter

Check out these tips to hire a face painter.

Maddie Sheely

Account Specialist + Contributor

Face painters have the ability to transform children and adults into walking works of art, so it's no wonder why they are so popular for kids' parties and special events! Face painters add instant fun to any party. Guests big and small love leaving with a fabulous face that makes for a great parting gift. 

As with any performer, it can be hard to narrow down the professional that is right for you and your event. We’ve added some expert advice from our Account Services Team and our face painting vednors that will help guide your experience in booking the perfect Face Painter for your next event.

Here are some tips to hire a face painter for your event:

Know Your Needs

Before you even start looking for the perfect face painter, it helps to think about how you see the performer fitting into your overall event. Do you want quick, fast designs for large amounts of people or are you having a smaller party where the artist can do more intricate designs. If quick fast designs are needed, say for a carnival or school, then look for a face painter that specializes in painting 20-25 kids per hour. 

For smaller parties like birthday parties, where artistry is more important, you want to hire a face painter that is also an artist. Be sure to look at their portfolio. Making sure you are aware of the type of event you’re having, and the amount of guests is critical when looking for a Face Painter.

Review Samples

As stated above, it is extremely important to look at samples of a face painter's work. Seeing their portfolio will give you a real and accurate idea of what they are capable of offering your guests. Face painting has become a serious art/business and no artist is the same! There are face painters who make beautiful art and those who simply learn basic designs.  

The artists who do extraordinary work are going to make you look better, make your event more exciting, and contribute to wonderful photos from the event. Make sure you also look at the face painter's client feedback on their profile. It is always helpful to get a true sense of what clients have to say about their experience with that specific performer.

Discuss Your Expectations

When hiring a face painter, you should carefully consider your expectations for the entertainment they can provide. While budgetary constraints have a tendency to guide your decision making process, it's important to remember that you have to have realistic expectations for your painter's ability and your guest count. 

It’s also important to consider the average age of the guests to be painted, as well as if there are any other planned activities that may delay the painters’ efforts to paint all of your guests. An experienced painter will be able to guide you through the gauntlet of the unknown and provide you with answers and suggestions to questions and obstacles you didn't even know you had. If you have a date, a time and a venue, a professional painter can usually help you to make sure you're getting what you need for your event!

Ask About Materials 

Possibly the most important question you can ask a face painter is what kind of materials they use. Face painters should only use FDA Cosmetic Compliant makeup. Not Just Faces (Baltimore, MD) suggests you ask the artist which brands of paint they use. "There are some face painters using acrylic paints, which while are considered non-toxic, are not meant for use on the skin. They should not use any kind of craft paints. Mehron, Snazaroo, Wolfe and TAG are all designed for use on the skin and are water-based." If a face painter uses the wrong materials it could cause serious skin issues for your guests.

More Questions to Consider

Once you find a face painter you like, talking logistics is very important. Feel free to use some questions below to make sure the Face Painter you’re speaking with is the right fit for your celebration:

  • Are the kids eating earlier or later in the party? Sometimes it's better to do face painting after the kids eat so the face painting stays looking good longer.
  • Is there a sheltered area for face painting? Hot days and rain are not face paint friendly, but we can still do it in a sheltered or inside area.
  • Do you have additional activities planned? It's good to have a craft, game, banner coloring project, etc. while we are face painting for those who don't want to watch the other children become "transformed". Many face painters have additional services that you can package with face painting. Some painters offer services like glitter tattoos or balloon twisting that could be added as an additional activity, so be sure to ask if you are interested!

Pro Tip: Check out our other article on 7 topics to discuss before paying a non-refundable deposit as well for more advice on questions to ask your face painter before officially booking through The Bash.

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