Kids' Party Entertainers that Everyone Will Love

Who says party entertainers are just for kids.

Brittany Loggins


Whether your child knows exactly what theme they want for their party or you are hoping to surprise them with one of their favorite hobbies or entertainers — there are plenty of options out there for children's entertainers. The Bash will help you browse different types of performers so that you can choose the one that is perfect for your child. From interactive circus performers to cuddly animals — you are sure to host an amazing party that your child will love.  

Costumed Characters

Princesses, superheroes and clowns — oh my! Especially for younger kids, a costumed character is nearly always a win. The Bash let’s you search through companies that offer a wide array of performers, as well as individuals who specialize in specific characters from their favorite movies or TV shows. Don’t worry, there are plenty of reviews, pictures and even videos so you know exactly what to expect ahead of time. 

Face Painters

You would be hard pressed to find one person who did not enjoy getting their face painted as a child — so this type of entertainer is pretty much a no-brainer. If you have a specific party theme — like animals, princesses or superheroes — you could ask the artist if they could put something together along those lines ahead of time. Make sure you include the number of kids that you are expecting — and make sure to note whether or not you think all of those kids will be interested in a large or small painting. It would also be fun to ask the artist if they can do something small for the adults in attendance — like a little cheek or temple painting — so that everyone has the chance to get in on the fun.


Make your kid’s wildest dreams come true with a magician! Let the performer know ahead of time if there are specific tricks that your child absolutely loves (like card tricks or making objects disappear). Also, ask them if there are special tricks that your child could help them perform or even learn ahead of time so that they feel extra special on their big day. 

Animals, Petting Zoos, Pony Rides

While a birthday party at a petting zoo is exciting, there are a few venues that will take their animals on the road! If your child is particularly passionate about certain animals, make sure to ask if the zoo has that animal available. Baby animals are also a huge hit — so make sure to ask if they have (or expect to have!) any babies available. To add in an interactive component, pony rides are a great option, as well as animals that the kids can take turns holding. Make sure to ask if those options are available ahead of time. 

Balloon Artists

Who doesn’t love a balloon artist? Make sure to ask ahead of time if they can make a special balloon crown for the birthday boy or girl so that your child feels extra special. It would also be cute to have them make animals into centerpieces for the tables ahead of time. 

Circus Performers

If your child is crazy about the circus, call in a few performers to make their day super special. You could have someone on stilts, a juggler and maybe even an acrobat or two. When booking, ask if the performers would be willing to give short juggling or tumbling lessons. They could also bring in smaller stilts and give each kid a chance to walk on them! 

Caricature Artist

For the young and aspiring artist, having someone there who can transform the faces of their friends into fun caricatures would be super cool. Since this is a party for kids, make sure you ask ahead of time if the artist can take a picture so that they don’t have to waste time sitting still for a drawing. Then, they can run back and grab their portrait when they are finished playing. 

Bubble Blowers

If your child is mesmerized by bubble blowers who specialize in those humongous bubbles in the park — this would be an amazing entertainer to have at their next birthday party. Ask ahead of time if they can bring along music and if they let kids hold the ropes to blow their own bubbles!

Animal Artist

If your kid’s favorite person is, well, the family dog — host a party where their friends can bring along their dog as well. Find a person who specializes in pet portraits and let their friends leave with a fun drawing or caricature of their pet. They are sure to treasure it forever.

Published on 1/17/2020