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Kids Party Tip #10: Drop Off or Not?



Just when you planned the perfect party for 20 children, the day arrives and you realize it’s not just 20 guests, but an additional 20-40 parents accompanying their kids, too. Are you prepared?  To make sure you are, keep this party tip in mind.

As a general rule of thumb, children up to the age of 5 will attend with their parents. This does vary from area to area and preschool to preschool. If you're unsure of what the norm is in your area, ask a few parents who have been around longer. Or, if you want to make sure parents know to stay or not to stay, include that info on the invitation. For example, "Drop Offs Welcome," or "Don't worry, coffee and grown up snacks will be available, too." Once primary school begins, around the age of 6, parents may begin dropping off their kids at parties. Still, there may be a few children around the age of 6 who are not comfortable being left alone, so you should expect a few parents to attend even at this age. Certainly, by the age of 7, most kids will expect to be dropped off and you can begin to count on the number of guests to be limited to the guests you invite to the party. Again though, if you want to make sure parents stay or don't stay, include the information on the invite. You can also discuss this with the parents when you take the RSVP. A simple, "Would you like to stay and visit as well?" or "I'm assuming Johnny's comfortable staying on his own?" will get the message across.  Don't expect that the parents attending will help you out during your party.  Often they are there to catch up with one another, watch the fun, and that’s it.  If you would like help, make sure to ask the parents before the party. Don't forget to let your entertainment know if you're expecting parents to stay or not. Knowing how many people, and what ages will help the entertainer plan a show that works for everyone!

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