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Kids' Winter Birthday Party Ideas

Brittany Anderson

Brittany Anderson


As a child, it’s easy to be a little bummed to have a winter birthday. But, with a little creativity (and awesome entertainment), winter birthdays can be just as cool as warm weather celebrations. 

Most winter parties must be held indoors due to the frosty weather.  If you have the room, the most cost effective party venue is always your own home! Not to mention when you host the party at home, you will save money (that you can then use for entertainment and activities!).

What’s this entertainment you might ask? For a winter kids’ party, we suggest booking a caricaturist, magician or a balloon twister!

Having a caricaturist a great activity for the kids (and parents!) - it’s a wonderful keepsake/party favor.  Make sure the party guests are age appropriate for this activity (and will be able to sit still for a brief period of time during the drawing process) and create a DIY photo frame station for the kids to decorate while they’re waiting!

Booking a magician is a no brainer - especially for a winter party! Keeping the kids indoors can be tough, and a magic show will keep them entertained and excited.  

Another entertainer that will wow the kids with their skills, and have a treat for them to take home is a balloon twister.  Talk with your entertainer before the party and arrange that the balloon twister can craft items that go along with your party theme or even some winter characters!

Our bonus suggestion! You can’t go wrong surprising the kids with a special appearance from their favorite costumed character! From superheroes to princesses, tv characters to classic favorites, their arrival to the party is sure to be a special treat.

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