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Why Hire an Anniversary Party Photographer

Rachel Baron

Happy anniversary!  Whether it's your first wedding anniversary, tenth, twentieth or the big 5-0, it’s a reason to celebrate! Plan an event to mark the occasion, get a pro in there to commemorate this special event in pictures. Here are four reasons why it is so important to hire a professional photographer to shoot your anniversary party.... MORE

Posted June 27, 2018

Why You Need Engagement Photos

Marta Block

A lot of the recent popularity of an engagement session has to do with social media. In the old days (you know, back in the year 2000 or so), there wasn't much to do with your engagement photos except send them to your hometown newspaper. Today though, with the explosion of social media, your photographs can be seen and shared in so many places. It's hard not to get caught up in the excitement. Like all wedding decisions, whether or not to invest in an engagement session has a lot to do with both time and money. Although you don't have to have an e-session, here are ten reasons we think you should.... MORE

Posted June 27, 2018

Kids Birthday Photos: 5 Reasons to Hire a Pro

Nicole Putorak

Hire a professional photographer for your kids' birthday photos. Why? Let’s face it…you’re not Anne Geddes. And your juggling skills are half that of the clown you booked for your kid’s party. So with all of the responsibility that comes with pulling off the perfect party, why would you even consider being the event photographer, too? We have an idea: You concentrate on the party. Our professional photographers will handle the pictures.... MORE

Posted June 27, 2018

First Birthdays Only Happen Once: Hire a Photographer

Erika Olson

It doesn’t seem possible, does it? Your baby is turning one. Tissue alert: there’s probably not going to be another 12-month period that’s as miraculous as the year that’s just passed. Your little cutie will certainly keep growing and continuing to charm everyone in sight, but there’s simply no more dramatic transformation than the one that takes place between birth and age one. So you already know you’re going to celebrate this milestone in a big way. Now it’s just a matter of making sure you’ll have happy memories to look back on forever.... MORE

Posted April 08, 2015

How Much Does a Wedding Photographer Cost

Marta Block

I found budgeting to be the hardest part of planning my wedding. Not sticking to amounts, or keeping costs under control, but just figuring out what my wedding budget should be. I found a lot of articles and pie charts telling me what percentage of my budget should be reserved for each element (dress, ceremony, food, etc). But I had a hard time getting anyone, even wedding vendors, to give me actual approximate costs. The cost of a wedding photographer was one of the most difficult items to nail down. ... MORE

Posted November 03, 2014

Are Engagement Photos Useful?

Marta Block

Like all things wedding related, engagement photos have undergone a radical "re-think" in recent years. Just ten years ago or so, most people didn't even have an engagement photo session, or "E-session" as they're called now. If you expected your wedding announcement to appear in the newspaper, you might go to a local photographer's studio and get a portrait taken. Today though, E-sessions are widely touted as a great way to get to know a potential photographer, and a great way to get some less formal, more exciting pictures taken before your wedding.... MORE

Posted November 29, 2011

Your Wedding Day, Creative Ways to Document the Fun

Marta Block

Amazing wedding photographer?  Check. Expert wedding videographer?  Check. What else?  When your walk down the aisle is far behind you, the only tangible reminders of the day will be your pictures, video and guestbook.  Consider these additional ways to make memories of the day.... MORE

Posted January 12, 2011

Professional Wedding Photographer David Sheppard-Brick Tells All

Drew Stoga

Years after your wedding, long after you forget who gave the worst speech or who kissed whom, you will still have your wedding photos. A professional wedding photographer can make all the difference in the world and choosing the right one for you is of the utmost importance.... MORE

Posted October 22, 2010