A First Birthday Only Happens Once: Hire a Photographer

It doesn’t seem possible, does it? Your baby is turning one.

Erika Olson


Tissue alert: There’s probably not going to be another 12-month period that’s as miraculous as the year that just passed and baby's first birthday will be here before you know it. Your little cutie will certainly keep growing and continuing to charm everyone in sight, but there’s simply no more dramatic transformation than the one that takes place between birth and age one. 

You already know you’re going to celebrate this milestone in a big way. Now, it’s just a matter of making sure you’ll have happy memories to look back on forever. That's where a 1st birthday photoshoot comes in. Whether impromptu throughout the big day, or scheduled with a professional beforehand.

Here are 5 tips to help make sure you enjoy your child’s first birthday party while capturing all of the special moments.

Reality Check: You Can’t Do Everything

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The first and most obvious way to ensure you’ll have those memories is to take pictures during the event. However, if you want to do everything in your power to guarantee positive memories, perhaps you should leave the photos to a pro and hire a photographer

Let’s face it: It’s hard to be a super-parent. Whether you’re going to host your child’s first birthday party at your home or set up shop at a local restaurant or other kid-friendly establishment, you’re likely to have ten million things on your mind that day. Party hats, party supplies, party favors, and let’s not forget birthday decorations—just to name a few. 

And, the odds that you’ll have banked a full night’s sleep beforehand? Pretty low. The last thing you need to worry about is putting together a 1st birthday photoshoot.

Enjoy the Party, Don’t Work the Party

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There will be people coming and going constantly. There will be other babies and toddlers and older kids running around. You’ll be asked where the bathroom is and where to put bags, coats, and shoes dozens of times.  

If you’re having food and drinks, you’ll be constantly monitoring tables to see if it’s time to replenish the stocks. You’ll be trying to catch up with friends and family you haven’t talked to in months.  

And at some point, you’ll gather everyone around to sing “Happy Birthday” and watch the birthday boy or birthday girl dive into a purposefully messy birthday cake. It’s a moment you’ll look back on for the rest of your life. Then it’ll be time to open presents—you definitely do not want to miss that! 

So on top of all of that, do you really want to be juggling a camera and trying to get well-framed, not-blurry shots? And then in the weeks ahead, do you honestly see yourself having several free hours to go through all of those pictures, touch them up, and actually do something with them? The realization may be sinking in: Overseeing the party and acting as the photographer is more than you can (or should) take on.

Go with a Pro

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Sure, you might have a high-end camera and be happy with (even proud of) the shots you’ve taken of your child to date. But a first birthday party will require your game to be at another level. 

Chris Stratton, a photographer from The Bash, based in central Pennsylvania, brings up an issue many harried parents will overlook on the big day: lighting. 

“We have invested in equipment and have a number of options for portable lighting,” Chris says. “Color correction is a must in a rapidly changing environment such as a party. Under fluorescent lights, some skin tones can appear green. Moving from outside to inside, images can become far too yellowish-red.”  

A professional will be able to slip unnoticeably around your party to get the best candid shots while also working with and controlling supplemental and available light.

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Candid Camera

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Another thing a pro can do for 1st birthday photography is be on the lookout for what Chris calls “say-cheese syndrome.” You’re going to want to have shots of everyone who was present, but both kids and adults can fall victim to fake expressions when asked to pose on demand. You’re not looking for a portrait photographer or future stock photography images from this celebration.

After the festivities have drawn to a close, your photographer will touch up the images so that everyone is looking their best. Wrinkles or dark circles on you? Stray hairs, spills or bumps and bruises on the little ones? Behold the magic of Photoshop! 

“We have, on request, removed unwanted objects or even guests from a favorite image,” Chris elaborates. “And in some cases we can combine two or more photographs to make one perfect one.”

Pin this handy shot list as a guide for a 1st birthday photoshoot. Your photographer is a pro and they know what shots to get. But, it always helps to have a checklist for peace of mind.

You’ll Thank Yourself Later

Photo: Mark Umbrella/shutterstock.com

So as you plan an incredible party for your son or daughter’s first birthday, consider bringing in a pro to memorialize the happy occasion. Let them handle the 1st birthday photography while you focus on celebrating. Just like the past twelve months, your baby’s 1st birthday party will go by in the blink of an eye. Make sure you’re able to enjoy every minute of it.

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