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Review by Heidi E.

Birthday Party (Adult)Reviewed on March 14, 2024From Mission Viejo, CA

Steve is one of a kind!!! So funny, so personable, and he just made the party!! We hired him for my husband’s 50th birthday party. Steve got up and it was like he was a part of the family. He engaged everyone and had everyone rolling. Steve is worth it very penny and more. Don’t hesitate to book him for your event. Thanks again Steve!

Review by Susan B.

Club EventReviewed on June 27, 2022From Oceanside, CA

I initially hired Steve in December, 2021 to perform at the wine club party at our 55+ retirement community. Due to covid issues, it was necessary to reschedule in June, 2022. Steve was very amenable to working with our scheduling issues. He was tuned in to the audience, and his performance was well received by the party attendees. He communicated with me often in order to ensure that the show would be a success; and it was! I highly recommend Steve Mittleman!

Review by Len G.

Birthday Party (Adult)Reviewed on June 12, 2022From Tucson, AZ

I couldn't believe my luck while scrolling through the Bash website when I saw Mittleman. I was looking for someone to perform online for my dad's 80th birthday party and I remember him from his big Laff-Off win in 1981. Steve called me right away and we settled on a fee. He sent me a questionnaire to learn about my dad, and he called me again a few days before the gig to check in. He was extremely professional and thoughtful. He arrived online early and he had the whole party in stitches. He followed up the day after to make sure we were satisfied. I sent him a nice tip and we may actually meet up someday to catch a Mets game. I feel like I made a friend!

Review by Patty V.

Christmas PartyReviewed on January 14, 2013From East Peoria, IL

Steve was great to work with. We coresponded by phone and email. It was around an hour of fun for our staff. I had many comments from our employees of how much they enjoyed his routine. He really tried to know the audience and was able to incorporate a few of our stores into his routine. Thank you Steve!

Review by Joel E.

Corporate FunctionReviewed on November 15, 2012From Troy, MI

Very good guy through the entire experience. Crowd loved him. Lots of laughs. I highighly recommend Steve.


I've made many friends over the years doing events. Joel is a real gentleman. Fun spending time with him.

Review by Maryann B.

Retirement PartyReviewed on June 4, 2012From Riverside, IL

Steve was phenomenal at managing and performing at our roast and toast. Everyone was raving the next day about well it went. Steve was very accommodating and respectful of making sure it was a clean yet funny roast. He was available via email or phone to all the roasters for help and advice. He was extremely well dressed for the occasion. He is a very kind and classy man. I highly recommend Steve.

Review by Paul J.

Club EventReviewed on November 13, 2011From Chicago, IL

Review by Mike M.

ConventionReviewed on October 7, 2011From Appleton, WI

Steve, was a pleasure to work with. Steve cares. His cooperation and follow up was there through ever step of the process. We had a tough audience. Small town people from rural Wisconsin. Steve worked hard to entertain us and he left us laughing.

Review by Greg N.

ConventionReviewed on March 15, 2011From Chicago, IL

Steve is a great performer. We made him get up early to do stand up and he pulled it off. There were a lot of laughs when Steve began using the audience as his targets. Everyone had a good time and Steve was very respectful. Thank you to Steve for a job well done.

Review by Catherine M.

Christmas PartyReviewed on March 1, 2011From La Salle, IL

Our company hired Steve Mittleman for a roast of our Leadership Team at our holiday party. In preparation, Steve took the time to really get to know us, and prepared extensively as he absorbed all the idiosyncrasies of our company, learned about our industry, and our personnel. All of the information we provided him through conversations and emails became fodder for Steve’s inventive and resourceful comic mind. His roast material was entertaining and spirited, but it was always good fun and everyone left feeling great. If you are looking for a professional, reliable, and truly funny performer for your corporate roast, Steve Mittleman is a sure thing!

Review by Martha T.

Corporate FunctionReviewed on December 10, 2010From Chicago, IL

Steve was great and very accomodating. We met our goal and the client loved him and the performance overall. I found Steve to be very nice and receptive to working with us. However, to be honest, he was a bit high maintenance to me and staff regarding lighting, setup etc (we heard him and tried to accomodate the first time but he was very persistent). When working with busy corporate people sometimes less is more. It did not take away from the experience but took more of my time than I needed to spend. I would recommend Steve to others with the caveat that they make the time for him.


Across the board I would've given me 6's out of a scale of 1's to 5's. This went gangbusters! I don't remember over-asking for better lighting, etc., but it does make a big difference and I only wanted my client to get the best show possible (which they did) and to get the most quality for their investment in me. This was a wonderful show and I have great memories. After a last second meeting I incorporated fun material about attendees and they all went wild over that material too.

Review by Mickey R.

Corporate FunctionReviewed on February 4, 2013From Springfield, IL

Steve was excellent in incorporating what little information he had on our company into his routine. His audience participation was good as well. Enjoyed working with him.


I have to thank Mickey for a nice quote, but the 4's don't adequately reflect what an amazing show this was! Even though it only goes up to 5, I would have given me 10's. This was wonderful. I literally followed a minute of silence (for lost associates) and then got 250 people laughing for 50 minutes. Not to mention endless positive feedback by Mickey, execs and attendees.

Review by Jessica S.

Birthday Party (Adult)Reviewed on January 17, 2021From San Bernardino, CA

I needed to do something for my husband's 50th birthday party that wouldn't leave us all staring at each other in Zoom. Steve did an amazing job balancing the diverse range of attendees, and everyone had a great time! I was unsure how the Zoom experience would work. It almost worked like removing the fourth wall-kind of like Steve was sitting at the dinner table. He had lots of interaction with attendees, and my husband was very happy! Thank you, Steve!!!

Review by Vikki V.

Corporate FunctionReviewed on January 30, 2020From Naperville, IL

Thank you!

Review by angie d.

Club EventReviewed on May 15, 2019From Deerfield, IL

Steve entertained the ladies at a luncheon and we had a fun and entertaining afternoon. He was easy to deal with and responsive in all communication.

Review by Melissa A.

FundraiserReviewed on April 15, 2019From Cedar Rapids, IA

Steve did a motivational talk based on his book and was amazing. We had some last minute change of venue and he easily adapted. He engaged with the audience on a 1:1 level, answering questions & sharing relevant anecdotes that were both personal and genuine. So impressed, would love to work with him again.

Review by Brenda L.

Wedding ReceptionReviewed on February 11, 2019From Three Oaks, MI

This guy is Awesome. He was a comic relief at my daughters wedding reception. From roving comedian during cocktail hour to introducing the bridal party and the evenings events as an emcee. Great voice, great presence and good clean comedy. So happy! So Happy! The guests loved it. Call today, Steve Mittleman will not disappoint!

Review by KYLE R.

Birthday Party (Adult)Reviewed on December 23, 2018From Columbus, WI

Steve was excellent. He tailored his performance to my wife's birthday and to the crowd. Well done, thank you!

Review by Tracy H.

Christmas PartyReviewed on December 16, 2018From Muscatine, IA

Steve was a pleasure to work with! He kept in contact all the way up to the day of the party! He was on time and made every one laugh the moment he walked in the door! I would highly recommend Steve! And definitely will hire him again in the future!

Review by Jessica M.

Corporate FunctionReviewed on July 20, 2016From Chicago, IL

Steve was very professional and responsive, and did an overall great job at our event! Steve balanced his tried-and-true standup jokes with stories about his health and fitness journey and transformation. This worked well for our event, which was hosted by the Green/Healthy Living Committee to highlight the health benefits of laughter. It was a very uplifting event, thanks to Steve!

Review by Jennifer B.

Retirement PartyReviewed on June 15, 2016From Milwaukee, WI

Excellent experience! We were happy to have you!!

Review by Diana C.

Corporate FunctionReviewed on December 13, 2014From Schaumburg, IL

Mr. Mittleman COMPLETELY destroyed our event. First was his attitude toward what he wanted to do and when as if he was the client. He was rude to a guests and was just the poorest decision I've ever made. He ensured a great clean show as this was a corporate event but did completely the opposite as he should have. First were the inappropriate sex jokes, then the cursing, then racial jokes which he deemed necessary to pick on a specific gentleman of Asian persuasion. Our CEO was LIVID with his performance and the lack of respect he had for us (his clients). Not to mention his material was about 20years outdated. I WOULD NEVER EVER RECOMMEND HIM TO ANYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


As every entertainer knows you can't please everyone all of the time. The client did review my demo before hiring me. My hundreds of reviews nationwide (on Gigmasters) speak for themselves. The only thing I asked for was lighting adjustments. I've never received feedback like this before. As all my past clients know it's not my style to be blue, rude or offensive. She loved me, the CEO didn't. She obviously wrote this to please him.

Review by Todd D.

Club EventReviewed on October 17, 2014From Mequon, WI

Steve was professional, accommodating and very funny. The feedback from the Crowd was great. We would definitely hire Steve Again for a future event.

Review by Loretta M.

Awards Night PartyReviewed on May 19, 2014From Homer, AK

Steve is extremely personable and mingled with our group throughout the evening. Although a lot of guests left early, we had the largest number ever to stay after the main portion of our program!

Review by Lori N.

Christmas PartyReviewed on February 6, 2014From Santa Claus, IN

Steve was a very personable comedian! He made sure everyone had a great time. We had a wonderful Christmas party, Thank you!!