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Midwest Dj Entertainment Of Indy Reviews

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58 Reviews for Midwest Dj Entertainment Of Indy


Review by Amber H.

WeddingReviewed on December 9, 2006From Indianapolis, IN

Meeting with Antjony was wonderful and he was very easy to speak with. My main issue with him was that a couple of days before the wedding we meet and finalized I thought how the day was to proceed and everything that I had requested of him he didn't do. From not annoucing my paternal grandparents aas they were not there and he was told this to the song I wanted played as we were announced. Anthony had given us a packet to fill out and there was a section on there about music to play if the party begins to die or there is nobody dancing . I had paid extra money for an additional hour to keep the party going longer and it quite almost 2 hours early because he kept playing music from the section to get people on the dance floor instead of dance music and people left. Then to make matters worse as we were cleaning up he began to play the good dance music.


Thank you for your input. We tried to accomadate as best we could, but Amber's reception ran late from the start. Guest arrived 1.5 hours after her contracted start time and she and her new husband didn't come to reception until almost 30 minutes later. The music selection was her own. "the Good music" was our selection since we played everything on her list which apparently none of her guests really appreciated her taste in music. If a client requests certain songs we play what they ask. If they leave it up to us we go for what is most popular or what the crowd seems to respond to. She admitted that both families were "drinkers" but no alcohol was served. We feel

Review by Amanda D.

WeddingReviewed on March 17, 2007From Greenwood, IN

There was a lot of jazz played at the beginning, even though on the wedding planner I had put down that I did not prefer jazz. Also the dollar dance was never played so I missed out on a lot of money. Also during the ceremony, the best man and matron of honor did not get to walk down to a song because the song was missed played. Also he had a guest come in and see his work, but they were only suppose to peek in their heads...they ended up talking to him for a few mintues. During that time, someone at the wedding (that I appointed) asked him to change the jazz music but he just kept on talking, and I had to go up and ask him again to change the music. I missed out on a lot of money since the dollar dance was never played. Also the music was taken down at 10:30 since everyone was leaving and never got the money back for the half an hour that was not in use. I think I deserve a refund.


Thank you for your feedback, Amanda. We are extremely sorry that things didn't go as well as we both had hoped. With all the last second changes that Amanda and her Matron of honor made during the reception as to whether or even when special dances and events would take place, we couldn't provide the level of service that we normally do. We had meet with Amanda before hand to discuss the wedding planner we provided her, the flow of the evening, wedding music and reception, but all the things we discussed she changed the day of the wedding & reception. This left us in the difficult position of trying to figure out what she truely wanted from one moment to the next du

Review by Amber N.

WeddingReviewed on August 18, 2007From Fort Wayne, IN

Well, they didn't introduce us when we came in. We had to go back outside. Then they didn't play any of the songs that I wanted but the ones like frist dance and father and mother and wedding party and that stuff. They didn't play shes everything to me and I wanted that. They had to be asked to play a specail song my maid-of-honor talked to them the week before. It was almost the end of the night. I was not very happy overall.


We are extremely sorry that Amber feels we didn't fulfill her wishes. Amber didn't arrange, as we had asked her prior, to have us informed when her party arrived. In the planner we provide, Amber requested 61 songs (that's 4-hours of music). She also okayed us to take requests from her guests. We played the majority of her requests but admittedly not all. We mixed the music selection between her list of requests and her guests. There simply wasn't enough time to play every single song on her list and fulfill her guests requests as well. We always strive to fulfill our clients wishes but it just wasn't possible to fulfill every wish in this situation. Anthony

Review by LaToysha Z.

Wedding CeremonyReviewed on January 13, 2012From Indianapolis, IN

Fred was AMAZING!!! He dj'd our NYE wedding reception and did a phenomenal job! The crowd was a mix of elderly and teenagers and he played music appropriate for both levels and everyone had such a fantastic time! I have already received 2 requests for Fred's contact information from people wanting him to dj family reunions and another wedding. THANK YOU Fred and Midwest Dj of Indy for helping to make our wedding a huge success!! Jerold & LaToysha Alston

Review by Stephanie C.

Wedding ReceptionReviewed on October 19, 2015From Pierceton, IN

Review by Lacy F.

Wedding ReceptionReviewed on September 29, 2012From Muncie, IN

They were helpful in the beginning before the actual wedding. But I do have a few complaints. Dj's cellphone went off in the middle of our ceremony. He got my father's name wrong which is super easy to say. (Fuller). And he kept pressuring me to move up things during the reception, which I didn't appreciate. He was professional besides that and pleasant to work with. But I don't think I would hire him again if given a chance to do it over again.


Thank you Lacy for your feedback. I appreciate it very much. The phone going off doing your wedding was regrettable as my wife and I were attempting to coordinate your ceremony and reception in two separate rooms. I mistakingly turned the sound on thinking I had turned it off. I did apologize for the mistake. As far as "pressuring you" It was your venue coordinator & guests asking us when you would be doing your special events. You had elected to do them so much later in the evening, most of your guests were leaving after a long day thinking you were not doing any. I in turn, attempted to help you be aware of the situation. Best wishes to you & your husband.

Review by Leroy D.

Wedding ReceptionReviewed on April 9, 2017From Greenwood, IN

Review by Lindsay B.

Wedding ReceptionReviewed on September 24, 2017From Syracuse, IN

Anthony was great; however our unity ceremony didn't have the right song played and he called my groom Eric (name is Zac) on multiple occasions throughout the night. That being said, he still did a great job with the music and all my guests liked the music and overall environment. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a reasonably priced DJ.


Hi Lindsey, thank you for your review.