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A New Day And Time Entertainment Reviews

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115 Reviews for A New Day And Time Entertainment


Review by Michelle S.

High School ReunionReviewed on August 19, 2019From Mountain View, CA

Easy to communicate with, very responsive and did an amazing job at our event! Would definitely use again!


Thank you Michelle for the wonderful review! Greatly appreciate it! I had a great time at your event in Mountain View. The crowd was great on the dance floor and motivated me to do more of what I love most. Looking forward to more memorable times together. Take care and God Bless! DJ Roxwell

Review by Robert G.

Birthday Party (Adult)Reviewed on June 17, 2019From Fremont, CA

Couldn’t of been more pleased.


Thank you Robert for the great review! It was a pleasure meeting you and your family and friends at Campo Di Bocce in Fremont. The food was delicious. I'll be sure to come back again one day soon. Also I enjoyed entertaining all of you with today's music as well as the classics. I remember conversations with some of your guests about the music they remember and how it touched their lives. Hope to see you all again soon! Take care and God Bless! DJ Roxwell

Review by Raelinda W.

EventReviewed on May 21, 2018From Riverbank, CA

Review by Mary L.

Club EventReviewed on July 31, 2018From Reno, NV

Review by Christopher O.

Anniversary PartyReviewed on May 15, 2019From Stockton, CA

Review by Thalia G.

Christmas PartyReviewed on December 9, 2013From Livermore, CA

He was nice, professional did his best to give us what we had requested. The only issue was that the consistenancy of fun would go down, up after each song. Flow of songs could have been better (remix wise).

Review by Rochelle P.

PromReviewed on October 14, 2006From Rocklin, CA

He was a nice guy, but my event was lame. I know there is only so much a DJ can do, but I wish he could have tried to get the crowd involved better.


It is true that this event did not have the turnout that was expected. My overall talent should not be judged solely on how the party itself went, but how I mix and blend sounds as well as emceeing. There is a difference. I was very friendly and approachable rather than cold and impersonal. I catered to everyone, took requests like I always do for all my gigs. By the very end of the party, everyone and I mean EVERYONE was gone. No one to greet me on the way out, no one saying thank you for coming out or just see how I was doing in general. I love to socialize and network but at the same time, I know I'm hired to do a job and maintain my commitment to excellence.

Review by Toni M.

Private PartyReviewed on February 2, 2008From Oakland, CA

Damon was 2 hours late for our event


I have done several gigs for this family for the last 4 years and they know I offer great DJ services. It was originally scheduled a week prior to this date and the hours were changed as well. I told my client that I had a convention out of town on this day and there was a strong possibility that I might not arrive on time. She said just to get there as soon as I could no problem. Next thing I know when I got back into town, she had relatives who normally wouldn't call me at all ring my phone like crazy. I did countless favors for her only son over the years. Not to mention I have had her teenage nephew as my DJ protege for 3 years and pay him out of my own pocket.

Review by Alexia C.

Wedding ReceptionReviewed on October 12, 2011From Watsonville, CA

Initially, after many communications all was believed ready to go. HOWEVER, as very nice and professional as he seemed, he was late 2 hours to the wedding reception, and did NOT stick to the song list as requested by my daughter and son in law. If he had arrived early enough, the sound would have been a little better too. When he introduced the mother/son dance he didn't have the song ready, my son-in-law and his mom started to dance with no music, so my nephew (who sings) began to sing the song, thank God for that, and after about what seemed like a lifetime Mr. Roxwell found the song. I still had a good time, but I think we deserved much better.


This is truly sad. I honestly thought this was a beautiful occasion and the lines of communication were always open. I love to entertain and never come up short of quality customer service. For weeks I spoke to the mother of the bride via email. They provided a song list that I stuck to in the time allowed. Most importantly, I was contracted for only six (6) hours, not eight(8) hours so I was not tardy at all. I arrived early enough to set up and do a sound check. There was a short delay due to software issues, but I did have music backed up on a disc so things could continue. Both families were on the floor all night partying and even the caterers were impressed.

Review by Denielle F.

Wedding ReceptionReviewed on June 10, 2010From Fresno, CA

DO NOT HIRE THIS DJ! We DEFINITELY regret hiring A New Day and Time Entertainment! We had asked for certain songs to be played at our wedding reception, and he didn't even make the effort to find them. He came with 5 CDs to play for the whole night and didn't know how to use his equipment. We had asked to be able to play a slide show as a memorial for my recently passed father, and we weren't even able to play the music off our laptop, mp3 player OR CD!!! We had also asked to have an eclectic collection of music (country, rock, hip hop, R&B, and a few more options) as both of us have eclectic tastes, and he mostly just played oldies from the 60s and 70s.


It's sad this couple feels the way that they do. I was very accomodating and professional and provided what they asked for. I'm very passionate about what I do. I arrived over an hour early and set up quickly. I came with several cases of CDs, not just 5 as they claim, and played a WIDE variety of music given there were people of all ages. They provided a playlist and I made a valid effort to provide every song they wanted played during the reception. I've had my equipment for several years so not knowing how to operate it is absolutely ludicrous. They did not tell me they were running music from another source. What they provided was not compatible with my system.

Review by Melinda R.

Wedding ReceptionReviewed on October 11, 2013From San Juan Bautista, CA

Warning.....Look else where do not book this DJ...I could post a lengthy review of all the negative things that occurred at our event but I don't want to re-visit what a terrible ecperience the DJ was.... Do not book....look else where. I would not recommend any bookings with ths DJ. He is aggressive when you are explaining that you did not enjoy his services. Do Not Book This DJ you will be sorry.


This wedding was by far the most disorganized one I've ever done. They gave me 12 playlists only 3 DAYS prior to the wedding knowing I was booked 3 months in advance. Some playlists were 3 pages long and 2 were duplicates. The bride's mother kept changing the times and wanted me to stay longer with no proper compensation. She didn't understand I'm an independent contractor. The bride herself made prejudice remarks about some of the music that was requested. Their ceremony & reception CDs didn't even work and were given to me right before it started. You never give a DJ 12 playlists only 3 days before your wedding and expect them to have every single song available.

Review by Lauren B.

Wedding ReceptionReviewed on October 2, 2021From Pacific Grove, CA

Just had our wedding last weekend and DJ Roxwell DELIVERED! He had young and old out there all night, shaking their booties like they hadn't in a very long time. He was accommodating to our requests, listened to everything we had to say, and was super professional and on time. Couldn't recommend him more no matter what style of music you are looking for!

Review by L. Dianne K.

Family ReunionReviewed on December 2, 2020From Fresno, CA

DJ Roswell , was professional, kind and very attentive.. My family loved him.


Thank you so much Dianne for the wonderful review! I greatly appreciate it. It was a pleasure being with you and your loved ones recently. By the way it's Roxwell with an X instead of an S ;) Typos get me sometimes too. Happy Holidays to you and yours! Take care and God Bless!

Review by Phyllis M.

Birthday Party (Adult)Reviewed on November 16, 2020From Morgan Hill, CA

DJ Roxwell was personable, efficient, knowledgable, accommodating -- completely lovely. He made our outdoor event -- a small, masked, covid-conscious family gathering -- feel special and fun. I highly recommend him! DJ Roxwell lived up to every promise and was easy-going and pleasant to work/plan with. Excellent!


Thank you so much for having me Phyllis!!! It was a beautiful day in Morgan Hill this Saturday :) The music was great and so were all of you! I appreciate everyone practicing social distancing and wearing masks as well. We will beat Covid and cast it out of our nation and our world! I wish you and your family all the best and hope to see you again soon! Happy Holidays! DJ Roxwell

Review by Senecee T.

Birthday Party (Adult)Reviewed on November 1, 2020From San Francisco, CA

Fantastic!!! Second year booking Dj Roxwell for my birthday. He is amazing and plays good selection of music and keeps the party going. See you next October . Book him now!!