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  • DJ from Riverside, RI
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  • Starting at $100 per hour

67 Reviews for William Thomas


Review by Sheila G.

Birthday Party (Kids)Reviewed on May 19, 2015From Warwick, RI

Excellent and professional

Review by Leon D.

Private PartyReviewed on December 10, 2015From Belmont, MA

Feedback from my parent volunteers was Karaoke Books would be helpful. The event ran well with what we had! Thanks

Review by Rinata K.

WeddingReviewed on November 27, 2014From Chestnut Hill, MA

We had him dj and do karaoke at our wedding and he balanced it very well. He was able to mix that along with the traditional stuff and the jewish chair dance....the dance floor was always full and everyone of every generation was getting down. He's a super nice guy and someone who loves his job which is a great energy to have when you're running around stressing about details. He's also very responsive to emails which is wonderful.

Review by Julie I.

Birthday Party (Adult)Reviewed on June 18, 2017From Middleboro, MA

Review by Deb W.

Private PartyReviewed on December 23, 2014From Marstons Mills, MA

Bill was very polite and professional! He was able to download any song that was requested going back as early as the 50's for some of us old folks! He even sang to us at the end and continued to go the extra mile even though the party was breaking up (we tend to see people packing up at 9:30 p.m. ) when they are mostly retired. Thank you for referring him to us! We would use him again! Deb Wagner

Review by Don B.

Birthday Party (Adult)Reviewed on June 22, 2011From Taunton, MA

William did not stay at my wife's Birthday party; he set up the equipment and left to do a wedding. His DJ stayed and was very nice, a little un-polished & under trained. I had contacted William about the music we liked, and several of the artists were not available. As DJ put it, I’m just a “truck driver” We also agreed to have Karaoke however William failed to bring the equipment,I was a busy host, when I asked about Karaoke the party was well under way and there was no way to correct it. I paid Williams DJ in full and tipped him for his work. I would have thought I would have received a phone call from William to check on his DJ, but that never came.

Review by Michael D.

Halloween PartyReviewed on November 4, 2014From Cumberland, RI

Review by Chona R.

Anniversary PartyReviewed on December 21, 2009From Avon, MA

He is very boring!!!! Very disappointed!!! He should be off your list he makes the website bad!!!!


Well, this comes as a complete surprise to me! Considering it was a mid-day function, I had people dancing all afternoon. The only possibly negative feedback I received, was during dinner, I was asked to play more upbeat music. Which I had been doing, and also reminded them that the music I was playing was requested by THEM and also the GUEST OF HONOR! I'm sorry, but I don't play dance music during dinner. At leat 20 times throughout the afternoon I asked for requests, and every one I received, I played. For Philipino music, I allowed one of the daughters to connect her ipod to my mixer, so they could enjoy their native country's music as they ate. I had high praise

Review by Paul G.

Anniversary PartyReviewed on June 2, 2016From Swansea, MA

Guests came to me and complimented me on Big Bill. They told me he has songs that no other DJ has! We threw a lot of requests at Big Bill and he got to get most of them done. Overall good job! Name that tune was a big hit!

Review by Pat M.

Corporate FunctionReviewed on November 12, 2013From Burlington, MA

Very disappointed - arrived late and refused to play requests from employees-he informed them that he was not allowed to play any other music except theme based -which was not true - several employees were so upset at his attitude they left the event! at one point he fell asleep!


That is VERY surprising! Let me address Ms. Manly's 3 main complaints. 1. Yes I was 5 minutes late. I traveled 75 miles from Rhode Island to Burlington Mass. I DID hit heavier than anticipated traffic. 2. i DID refuse to play Spanish music for 2 Spanish ladies because I understood the theme was 70s Disco. If these ladies had complained to Ms. Manly, she could have approached me and clarified the rules and I would have been more than happy to play any music that anybody requested. That's how I work,very accommodating, and very happy to play requests. 3. I NEVER fall asleep, ever! Ridiculous, stupid statement. If they were unhappy, why give me $100 tip at the end?

Review by Dot W.

Family ReunionReviewed on August 10, 2014From Seekonk, MA

William Thomas (aka BigBill Entertainment) could not perform due to illness. The proxy that was sent in his place was Brett Thomas, and he did a great job for us, despite an injury to his hand. Some of his lower scores were due to one of his hands being in a cast, otherwise, I'm sure he woud have done even better. My affair was a very casual event and Brett was very personable and very accommodating to our requests--we had him quite busy typing in new songs to sing because my family will sing all night long!! I was very happy with the services provided.

Review by Jess S.

Birthday Party (Kids)Reviewed on December 8, 2013From Coventry, RI

Very disappointed for the amount of money spent for 3 hours! First he showed up late to event. Though he did have the music selection I was told that he would interact with the kids and play games to get the party going. This did not happen.. In fact, he did not move from his chair the whole time. At one point I walked over and he was playing words with friends on his phone. Also I was told he had lights, he did not... Felt we were taken for an easy kids bday party! Next time I'll get a karaoke machine and do it myself. :)


I was NOT late, I was right on time. I interacted with the kids for the FULL 3 hours. They had a blast! The young lady whose birthday it was said she wanted me for her birthday next year too! I didn't use lights because the pizza place was brightly lit and it was early afternoon. I didn't move from my chair? What did she want me to do, dance with the 10 year olds too? Very strange person.

Review by Lisa B.

Birthday Party (Adult)Reviewed on October 28, 2018From Norton, MA

The dj that we hired was surpost to be William Thomas, but instead he sent someone by the name of "Steve". There was no interaction with the guests. We were constantly recommending songs so we could get the party going. Steve was not entertaining at all. Guests were remarking about how boring Steve was. Would not recommend William Thomas talent, especially if he's using other people to do his gigs.


This is in direct contrast to what Steve was told last night. They said how much they loved him and how accomodating he was, especially when it came to setting up karaoke so her mother could sing. It is our policy to ask for requests, so we know we are playing what they want to hear, Steve did that. He was reasonably active on the mike, if you want a game show host, hire a game show host. We were hired to play great music. We did. The client was SOOOOO bored, they asked him to stay another hour. Pretty funny.

Review by Leslie S.

Birthday Party (Adult)Reviewed on August 2, 2014From North Kingstown, RI

Shortly before our long-planned event was scheduled to start, a woman appears and says, "Sorry, but Big Bill could not make it and sent us instead." No advance email or phone call. To make matters worse, he sent this nice woman and young man apparently without proper training or equipment - they could not get their speakers working at first and did not have cables. Thankfully, the friends of ours at the venue let them use the venue's speakers and wire. The woman and young man were both nice, decent people and did a decent job after a bit of stumbling. The way Big Bill handled this was very unprofessional. Would not use nor recommend this DJ. Scott Summer

Review by Kate M.

WeddingReviewed on December 15, 2014From Assonet, MA

Terrible service and experience. I can't really rate Big Bill because he didn't show up. I received a TEXT at 930 PM the night before my wedding that he was sending his brother because his full time job was keeping him late! Hear are the highlights of what 700$ gets you Cried my eyes puffy that this was a disaster night before wedding! Brother showed up not informed at all. He ran up the center aisle in the middle of the ceremony to ask the reverend when to play the Brides song! Still didn't play the correct song for me and my father to come down. Messed up almost all names and line up for the reception entrance. My brother had to fix the guys tie! Just don't hire!

Review by Claudia M.

Retirement PartyReviewed on December 30, 2019From Barrington, RI

Review by Amber V.

Graduation PartyReviewed on July 17, 2022From Fall River, MA

The experience was VERY disappointing and VERY uncomfortable. First it was not Bill Thomas that showed up. In the contract it said Bill Thomas or someone he designates but I was never told during our correspondence that another person would be coming. The person that came was unexperienced. One of my guests had to help him when he was unable to get the text to fit on the screen for Karaoke. He seemed more interested in singing old folk songs at an 18 year olds graduation party than DJing, very cringy. My son made a playlist with some songs to be played and ones that were dance only. First thing he did was start playing the ones they wanted to dance to during dinner.