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Elizabeth Hayes Musical Review Reviews

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  • Jazz Quartet from Dublin, OH
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36 Reviews for Elizabeth Hayes Musical Review


Review by Amy S.

WeddingReviewed on August 10, 2015From Oxford, OH

I had Different Hats provide music for both my ceremony and reception. Their name really says it all, they were able to accommodate all of our different needs throughout the night. First we had classical ceremony music, then jazz and popular classics for the beginning of the reception, and DJ at the end. I loved that we had music for our older guests at the beginning but still had the DJ for the younger crowd. Everyone loved the music and had a great time dancing. The song choice for the band is extensive and will fit all your names. The band even was able to make changes to the schedule on the spot at the reception based on our needs. Highly recommend this band!

Review by Paul B.

FundraiserReviewed on August 3, 2015From Carmel, IN

They were perfect for our event held at the Lucas Estate! Excellent sound, excellent mix of jazz tunes that really enhanced the evening! We had a number of patrons comment on their awe of the talented voice of Elizabeth Hayes!. I definitely recommend them for any event where you desire to add elegance!

Review by Christina G.

Wedding ReceptionReviewed on May 27, 2012From Vienna, OH

Lizz and Rex Review were absolutely amazing! They set the tone for our wedding reception and their professionalism, their performance, and their willingness to perform music as requested and with great talent were unmatched! We would definitely hire them again and may do just so, sometime in the future! Thank you so much for helping to make our big day so enjoyable:)

Review by Jim M.

Anniversary PartyReviewed on September 5, 2008From Dayton, OH

They were unbelievable! They made the party! MANY comments on their great talent. People at the party want to hire them. Scale of 1 to 10, I give them an 11 and I DID recommend to friends and family already. Well beyond my expectations, they charge WAY too little for what they do! Sincerely, Jim and all of the McElwain Family

Review by Melissa W.

Wedding ReceptionReviewed on May 7, 2013From Worthington, OH

Lizz and Rex were AWESOME !! I've never hired live music before, and this group exceeded all expectations I had ! The process and communications with the band was simple and streamlined, and once I spoke with Ron, I could breathe a sigh of relief knowing all would be well taken care of. They played an awesome mix of jazz, classic love songs and kept the party lively and appropriate. Our wedding was 50 people in a historic inn in Worthington, the music and ensemble were an excellent addition to our sweet, elegant evening. I heard so many compliments from our guests - thank you so much !!

Review by Laura S.

WeddingReviewed on June 9, 2009From Aurora, IN

I hired the Lizz & Rex Club Combo to play at my wedding reception, and they were a huge hit! They sounded great, I'm still getting compliments on how much everyone loved them. Thier vocals were wonderful as well. They made my reception a million times better than it would have been with any dj. I highly recommend this band!

Review by Joanne Y.

Wedding ReceptionReviewed on July 17, 2010From Columbus, OH

This group was ABSOLUTELY fantastic!!! We had such a good time and they were a pleasure to work with!! All the guests commented on how great they were!! When Liz sang "At Last" for the first dance one of the guests did not realize right away that it was live - it was sooo good she thought it was a recording. Even the smallest children danced the night away. I wish I was having another party, I would hire them again absolutely!!

Review by Stanley L.

FundraiserReviewed on April 26, 2009From Vandalia, OH

The evening was a greatly enjoyed by all who attended. Most of the small crowd asked that we do this again because they had such a great time and want to invite their friends the next time. One guy went and called someone to come over for the rest of the performance after hearing just one song! I setting up for the next performance as soon as I finish this survey! Great, great, great!

Review by Vicky C.

Corporate FunctionReviewed on September 3, 2008From Columbus, OH

Very satisfied!!! Personable and friendly upon arriving as well as during their performance. Everyone has good feedback from employees to guests. Will definately use them again.

Review by David H.

WeddingReviewed on August 16, 2008From Fairborn, OH

Hired them for our wedding reception. Wanted classy jazz favorites and popular classics during dinner. They certainly delivered. Lizz has a very beautiful voice. Ron can play across the keyboard and all of the woodwinds. And, they were just nice folks. Everyone had left, we were cleaning up, and they played a final song just for my Bride and me to dance to. It was very special.

Review by Mark P.

Grand OpeningReviewed on November 15, 2007From Dayton, OH

very professional, quick to respond, lived up to all promises, very well received by our clients. we will be planning another event the 1st quarter of 2008 and plan to use them again.

Review by Andrew S.

WeddingReviewed on December 25, 2009From Granville, OH

My wife and I booked the 11 piece big band for our wedding reception. We requested about a dozen special songs. My parents even sang with the band. Everything we asked we received!! Correspondence with Ron was sparse because we were so busy, and he was nothing but accommodating. Performance was without a doubt TOP NOTCH!!! Ron put together some of the best musicians in the central Ohio area to create an awesome sound with depth and liveliness. They played for three hours, with two breaks. We danced our hearts out. Guests had nothing but great things to say. My Dad was very impressed!!! Thank you. Andrew Sikora

Review by Shayla A.

WeddingReviewed on November 7, 2008From Cincinnati, OH

Very satisfied with Ronald and his band. They were very professional and helpful in helping us select music for our wedding ceremony.

Review by BK B.

Dinner DanceReviewed on December 29, 2007From Clayton, OH

We have had very good comments about your group. People especially like the song selection and the vocals. We plan to use your group for our events this year.

Review by BK B.

Dinner DanceReviewed on December 1, 2007From Xenia, OH

Lizz & Rex provided exactly the stlyes of music we needed for our dance. We hope to use them for future events. The sound was great and Lizz's vocals were very well done.

Review by Stanley L.

FundraiserReviewed on October 31, 2009From Vandalia, OH

This was Lizz & Rex's second performance at our charity fundraiser, and the attendance increased by about 1/3 over the first performance due to word-of-mouth advertising by those came the first time. Everyone I spoke with expressed only high praise for the pair and their extraordinary talents and have asked when they will be back. The charity donations more than doubled, so I am absolutely thrilled! I've nevr heard Lizz & Rex sound better (and I hear them every month.) This was far and above their best performance to date. I've already asked them to come back for two more engagements thanks to the tremendous response I've received from those who attended. Stan

Review by BK B.

Dinner DanceReviewed on October 15, 2008From Dayton, OH

We are so glad that we had Lizz & Rex perform at our function. We would recommend them to all of our friends and family.

Review by Aubrey W.

CelebrationReviewed on July 24, 2009From Cincinnati, OH

Review by Venus U.

Community EventReviewed on October 1, 2009From Erlanger, KY

Ron was very willing to work with us for the needs of our program - a Roaring Twenties Jazz Concert. The duo arrived in time for the program, brought all of the necessary equipment, and even dressed in attire appropriate for the event's theme. With all of these elements, we were quite pleased. There was room, however, for improvement in stage presence, especially for the lead singer.

Review by Drew S.

Private PartyReviewed on July 1, 2009From Cincinnati, OH

Simply great. Exactly what I was looking for. Great sound and very professional

Review by Stanley L.

FundraiserReviewed on April 26, 2010From Vandalia, OH

This was our third Vandalia Food Pantry benefit. Each time we've hired Liz and Rex, we've enjoyed growing support. This time, the size of the audience nearly doubled the last performance and the donations came in at four times the previous level. The group worked with us to enable an earlier start time than our previous arrangements, and, when the meal was delayed, they jumped right into the entertainment and kept the audience engaged until the meal was ready to be served. Then they played an additional half hour after the scheduled end and the crowd just loved it. This was the best event yet, and we are looking forward to having them back in October.

Review by Charlene G.

Wedding CeremonyReviewed on June 9, 2010From Wooster, OH

Fabulous band. Talented & great sound. Not professional. Mother/Wife is the manager. Among other things, she told us we had to leave reception and come back in to be announced, told our guests no requests because they hadn't been paid (their check was with the coordinator), asked individual guests for their payment, told us we never sent a song list or announcements (which we had done but not specifically enough for her), and arrived early (1pm for a 5:30 reception) and took forever to leave (11pm end to party, left around 1am) which cost us extra for the space.


We welcome feedback as an opportunity to self reflect. We are considerate people, who work hard to please our clients. The final balance was due thirty days in advance, but they never paid. They promised a check upon arrival. The groom's brother tracked down the check two hours after we started playing. No vendors even knew there was a coordinator. The groom told us not to play requests. The bride was difficult. Did not tell us she had changed her mind about announcing the bridal party. We arrived after the caterer at 1:30, because we were told to be set up by 4:00pm. We left the building at 12:00 AM. Our customers appreciate that we are a family business.

Review by Christina S.

Wedding ReceptionReviewed on August 16, 2010From Centerville, OH

They were very professional and accommodating for my wedding reception. The wedding took less time than we had planned but they began playing to provide a great environment for my guests even before we had asked them to! I booked them last minute but it didn't make a difference. They were still able to work with me with song requests, special favors, and add little touches to make it an enjoyable day! Having this quality of a jazz band is a nice and unique experience for your guests. Everyone loved them! Amazing!

Review by Sam M.

Wedding ReceptionReviewed on July 20, 2010From Lebanon, OH

(cut short for character count) 1) As the groom for our wedding, I worked out a song to sing with the band in advance of the reception and they worked with me to pull it off. Very accommodating. 2) Liz did a fantastic rendition of our first dance song "I Will." 3) We had different musicians for the ceremony, but Ron graciously let us borrow his own piano for it after ours was fried by rain. 4) Wide range of music that got guests of all ages out to the dance floor at some point during the night. 5) Ron and his wife were great to work with the night of and in the months leading up to the wedding. Communication is key!

Review by ELLEN L.

Wedding ReceptionReviewed on April 29, 2015From Oxford, OH

very vintage voice that suits "rat pack" and "big band" era music perfectly