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MISTER VIBE #1 Psychic Hypnotist 5 Years In A Row! Reviews

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73 Reviews for MISTER VIBE #1 Psychic Hypnotist 5 Years In A Row!

Review by Spencer D.

Holiday PartyReviewed on December 26, 2021From Chicago, IL

I've always been fascinated by handwriting analysis and thought it would be something novel to entertain my guests with. Mister Vibe was an excellent choice to demonstrate this unique form of personality reading. He's extremely knowledgeable and, as the photos he's posted illustrate, very experienced. Everyone was wowed by his perceptive insights about their writing. A very personable guy, Mister Vibe made it feel like he was in the room with you over Zoom. I strongly recommend this master of graphoanalysis for any event that wants to be something to write home about!!!

Review by Sophia H.

Holiday PartyReviewed on December 16, 2021From Chicago, IL

Mister Vibe's spot on psychic readings via Zoom were a fun, fascinating addition to my party. I wanted authentic readings for my guests and screened through several responses from so-called "mystery performers" who are, in fact, magicians pretending to be psychics. I'm delighted with my decision to hire Mister Vibe who is the REAL deal. There was continual, engaging interaction with my guests throughout the evening. He's easy to work with and did a great job of communicating with me beforehand about preparing for a successful virtual experience. Everyone loved it! Highly recommended!

Review by Lillian J.

Birthday Party (Kids)Reviewed on November 13, 2021From Skokie, IL

Mr. Vibe was the perfect choice for my daughter's 13th birthday party. My daughter asked for a tarot card reader. Mr. Vibe went above and beyond to provide an entertaining yet informative experience for my daughter and her guests. Not only did they have fun, but they learned a lot about tarot cards and pendulums as well. He took the time to call me in advance to prepare us so that we would have a successful experience. The girls learned a lot and had a fun time! Thank you!!

Review by Sabina K.

Birthday Party (Adult)Reviewed on April 19, 2017From Schaumburg, IL

Mister Vibe added an immeasurable amount of awesomeness to my best friend's surprise birthday luncheon. He packed a lot of psychic reading into a short time for our group of about 20. It was both a fun and meaningful experience for all of us, especially the guest of honor who got extra attention. A week later, we're still talking about his insights. If you want to give someone a uniquely personal gift that keeps on giving, I highly recommend hiring Mister Vibe!

Review by Kathi T.

Halloween PartyReviewed on October 15, 2016From Orland Park, IL

I hired Mr. Vibe for my annual Halloween party to do strolling palm readings and a hypnosis show. He promptly arrived as scheduled and worked the entire day until the last guests were leaving! The hypnosis show was a huge hit... So much so that many people requested to be hypnotized following the group performance, and he readily obliged. I would not hesitate to recommend Mr.Vibe as a hypnotist, palm reader, tarot card reader and handwriting analyst. He's a jack-of-all trades when it comes to entertainment!

Review by Cecilia D.

FundraiserReviewed on April 5, 2018From Joliet, IL

I'm so glad we chose Mister Vibe to do group palm reading at our carnival fundraiser. We've had slow psychics in the past who just sat there taking 15 minutes or more seeing people one at a time. This created a long line of guests who waited for hours and never got a reading. I was thrilled to see Mister Vibe on his feet working the room and quickly reading ENTIRE TABLES of people non-stop for 3 hours straight. Wow! He was more than up to the task of entertaining EVERYONE there and they LOVED IT. When it comes to psychics, if you want to get the most fun for your money, book Mister Vibe!

Review by Harvey C.

Corporate FunctionReviewed on August 9, 2018From Chicago, IL

All his positive reviews are true, Mister Vibe is an awesome entertainer! His hypnosis show at our summer company party was big hit and insanely funny. Days later, it was still the talk of the office. He's a total professional on and off stage. Don't think twice about hiring him to make your next event a blast!

Review by Neil S.

Fraternity FunctionReviewed on February 14, 2020From Chicago, IL

Mister Vibe's unique, interactive entertainment was a real crowd-pleaser at our Valentine's Day party. His comedy hypnosis show was a total blast! He's a very impressive hypnotist and he had people doing some wild, hilarious things. Plus, his group palm reading added even more intriguing fun to the party. (It's amazing what he can see in your hand.) He was the perfect choice for the occasion and I strongly recommend him!

Review by Maggie G.

Baby ShowerReviewed on February 2, 2020From Northbrook, IL

His strolling palm readings were the talk of the baby shower! All the guests loved them! We had about 150 people there and Mister Vibe walked around table to table and read everyone's palm before the party was over. He's an amazingly talented psychic reader, very professional and a delight to work with!

Review by Eloise G.

Private PartyReviewed on November 13, 2015From Chicago, IL

Mister Vibe is definitely the real deal and jaw-droppingly accurate! I loved how he continually circulated among my guests performing multiple readings rather than have them waste time standing in a long line waiting their turn. This made his entertainment a very lively, interactive part of the party's fun throughout the evening. I strongly encourage anyone who wants to make their event an unforgettably awesome experience to hire Mister Vibe!

Review by Camilla K.

Bachelorette PartyReviewed on February 23, 2018From Chicago, IL

I hired Mister Vibe for my sister's bachelorette party because I was looking for something different and fun. He was a BIG hit and all the girls had a total blast! His group readings were absolutely amazing and kept everyone engaged. It was a great bonding experience filled with lots of laughs. He even gave my sister a special, longer reading. She was so impressed with his talents that she's having him perform a hypnosis show at her wedding reception. I highly recommend Mister Vibe to anyone who wants unique, group participation entertainment at their party.

Review by Leslie T.

Club EventReviewed on December 8, 2016From Merrillville, IN

Mister Vibe's hypnosis show was the best entertainment our organization has ever had! The laughter never stopped. It was so funny at times I was brought to tears. He got everyone involved, making folks in the audience feel like part of the show even if they weren't on stage. His performance was worth MANY times the price, which was very reasonable. We're definitely bringing him back again next year. For an absolutely amazing hypnotic experience, I strongly recommend Mister Vibe!

Review by Simone K.

Divorce PartyReviewed on August 24, 2019From Wilmette, IL

I wanted to have psychic readings at my party and immediately thought of tarot cards. However, I didn't realize tarot readings would be too time-consuming to be done properly for each of my 30 guests in 90 minutes until Mister Vibe helpfully pointed this out. Fortunately, he was able to do group readings instead. He entertained everyone in the time available and kept within my budget. Plus, the group readings were much more fun than I imagine tarot cards would have been. Thanks for a wonderful experience, Mister Vibe!

Review by Otto S.

Corporate FunctionReviewed on December 19, 2019From Chicago, IL

Mister Vibe's hugely entertaining show made our annual holiday party more fun than ever! It was engaging, energetic and laugh out loud funny from start to finish. Everyone loved it! Working with him was a pleasure and communication was excellent. I highly recommend Mister Vibe for any event!

Review by Miriam G.

Bat MitzvahReviewed on March 16, 2019From Northbrook, IL

Mister Vibe's hypnosis show was an extra special addition to my daughter's Bat Mitzvah celebration. The performance was appropriate for all ages and filled with non-stop laughs. Both kids and adults had a terrific time and kept talking about the amazing hypnotic feats they witnessed. Mister Vibe was easy to work with, very professional, polished and accommodating. All my calls and emails prior to the event were answered promptly. I highly recommend Mister Vibe to anyone looking for top notch entertainment!

Review by Jake K.

Private PartyReviewed on March 1, 2019From Chicago, IL

Mister Vibe was the highlight of my dinner party! He's an exceptionally well-versed psychic and delighted my guests with a variety of group readings plus hypnosis. His perceptions were astounding! I was impressed by how he engaged everyone and energized the evening with so much fun. I very highly recommend Mister Vibe to anyone looking for outstanding entertainment!

Review by Jan S.

Sweet 16 PartyReviewed on February 3, 2019From Chicago, IL

Mister Vibe's hypnosis show added lots of fun to my daughter's Sweet 16 party! I'm so glad I chose him. He was very professional, easy to communicate with and arrived early. Plus he's an amazing hypnotist! The girls are still talking about his incredible show. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a talented, funny and engaging performer.

Review by Susan H.

Private PartyReviewed on October 29, 2016From Chicago, IL

Mr. Vibe recently performed at my annual Halloween party -- and he was a resounding success! This is the third time I have hired Mr. Vibe, and he brought something new this time: hypnosis! My guests loved it --they were eager to try it and were amazed when they saw what he could do. Even guests who didn't try it loved watching the others under Mr. Vibe's spell! Once again Mr. Vibe added such a fun element to my party, and I'm so glad I hired him. He is so easy to work with, he genuinely cares what you, as the host, want to accomplish and he is dedicated to making sure that his performance is the best it can be. I recommend Mr. Vibe to you without reservation.

Review by Wanda C.

FundraiserReviewed on August 23, 2019From Chicago, IL

Mister Vibe's stage hypnosis show at our fundraiser was an outstanding success! We've never had entertainment like this before and he was the perfect choice. I have heard nothing but praise about his show from everyone. The audience was both amazed and roaring with laughter from start to finish. We are definitely having Mister Vibe back again!

Review by Christa G.

Trade ShowReviewed on November 12, 2014From Rosemont, IL

Mister Vibe was AMAZING! He arrived on time and got started right away. He was on his feet reading palms for 5+ hours and did not ask for a break or take a break at all!!!!! He worked way harder than I did at my tradeshow booth. He was still reading palms after I had packed up the booth and was heading out! He entertained my customers completely and the show was a great success thanks to him!

Review by Jacob S.

Graduation PartyReviewed on May 20, 2018From Chicago, IL

The absolute highlight of our graduation party was Mister Vibe's awesome hypnosis show. He took the party to the next level and beyond with his hysterically funny, fast-paced performance. To see him demonstrate astounding feats of hypnosis right in our home was incredible. Besides being a talented entertainer, he was very friendly, accommodating and arrived early. Highly recommended!!!

Review by Susan W.

Corporate FunctionReviewed on October 29, 2015From Chicago, IL

Mr Vibe was a huge hit at our company Halloween party. He did an amazing job of engaging so many employees and giving them all a personalized experience. I would highly recommend him for a personal or corporate event.

Review by Howard B.

Birthday Party (Adult)Reviewed on March 5, 2016From Wauconda, IL

It started with great communication and ended with great entertainment. Mr. Vibe was a pleasure to work with from start to finish. He worked the room as well as any professional. My guests, about 120, were talking about him throughout the night. They made comments like, "he was right on" and "it was like he knew me". I definitely made the right choice by hiring Mr. Vibe for my wife's 42'nd birthday celebration. Mr. Vibe surpassed our expectation. Job well done!!!

Review by Mitch S.

Birthday Party (Adult)Reviewed on March 4, 2018From Chicago, IL

I wanted some wild and unexpected entertainment for my wife's 40th birthday party and Mister Vibe was the perfect choice. His high energy hypnosis show was a scream, the laughter never stopped. It was fresh and original compared to other hypnosis shows I've seen. Watching my wife go under along with many of our friends was absolutely mind-blowing! His performance amped up the party's fun and excitement beyond my expectations. I got lots of compliments from the guests about how awesome it was. Thank you Mister Vibe, you have my highest recommendation!

Review by Isobel S.

Corporate FunctionReviewed on October 13, 2017From Chicago, IL

Our Friday the 13th office happy hour was lucky to have Mister Vibe as entertainment. What an exciting way to kick off the weekend! He wowed us with his readings and hypnosis, keeping everyone engaged. He's personable, professional and arrived early. The feedback has been 100% positive. Mister Vibe will definitely make your corporate event a fun and memorable experience!