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27 Reviews for MADAME JENNIFER


Review by Stephanie C.

Halloween PartyReviewed on October 22, 2023From El Mirage, AZ

Thank you so much for accommodating us! We were running a little behind and at the last minute, I’m amazing psychic was able to adjust to our needs! I honestly don’t know of a company that would honor that. Our psychic, Miss Sally was wonderful! She was very professional, and looked great! What a fun experience! My guests truly loved it! It made my Halloween party that much more special. ??????

Review by Jennifer G.

CelebrationReviewed on October 22, 2023From Phoenix, AZ

Wonderful experience! Madame Jennifer is so warm, engaging and talented. She validated some things and gave great guidance to all of our guests. We cannot wait to see her again!

Review by Edward P.

Private PartyReviewed on May 12, 2023From Scottsdale, AZ

She was on time and handled all of us well but I think she became tired after guest 6 of 8 or so. We did have a fun evening though.


A talent score of 3.5 is astounding considering a client came to my store a couple days ago for a third reading with me--stating my previous reading about her repeated failed custody proceedings would turn to victory. And, indeed, she won! It is my supposition these ratings are a case of upper middle-class retirees, including attorneys, who have lost, or never had, high consciousness. I did my best to entertain, in the most gracious manner possible, while sharing my psychic impressions for betterment of their individual topics; enjoying their wit and intelligence to even declaring, upon departure, they were my all-time favorite party-attendees. Phony hypocrites?

Review by Mario .

Halloween PartyReviewed on October 31, 2022From Scottsdale, AZ

Madame Jennifer was wonderful. She was so engaging with the guests. She was the highlight of the party!

Review by Jennifer G.

Private PartyReviewed on October 23, 2022From Phoenix, AZ

The best!!! Our guests were so happy- she was professional and kind and hope to have her back soon!


Am so pleased all went well! Here's my confession . . . your reader was Madame Sally! Madame Sheryl was booked out from under your event (we have so many Halloween parties this year), so I sent Madame Sally instead. So glad she did such a wonderful job! Just let me know for any future events you want Madame Sally so I know who to send!:):)

Review by Cheryl H.

Private PartyReviewed on November 16, 2021From Rio Verde, AZ

Review by Jenna L.

Private PartyReviewed on May 2, 2021From Phoenix, AZ

She did a great job. Everyone was shocked by the information she was able to share and see. She is very talented, punctual and professional. She had great communication leading up to the event as well. Highly recommend!

Review by Carolyn E.

Private PartyReviewed on September 10, 2020From Glenn, MI

My guests were surprised and delighted with Jennifer. She was the perfect addition to our get-a-way! I will be getting private readings from her moving forward!

Review by Lindsey K.

Bachelorette PartyReviewed on July 1, 2018From Scottsdale, AZ

We hired Madame Jennifer for my sisters bachelorette party and she was incredibly talented and shared things no one could have possibly known. I am very newly pregnant and the only person who had known is my partner. She read very strongly that I was having a child and reassured me he was happy and healthy. She’s the real deal and I highly recommend her for your party or event!

Review by Angela V.

Wedding ReceptionReviewed on September 23, 2020From Maricopa, AZ

We booked GMG for our wedding reception and while she personally was unable to attend, she sent She-Ra in place of her. The readings that were on done were spot on and all of our friends and family were buzzing all night about her and her readings. We liked her so much, we traveled to their place of business to let GMG how pleased we were. Very professional, very entertaining, very kind overall!

Review by dora p.

Halloween PartyReviewed on November 1, 2017From Phoenix, AZ

Madame Jennifer was fabulous, we loved her. She really had great intuition, nailed a lot of things right on the head. It was a fun addition to our party! Thank you, we would hire her again and definitely would recommend her.

Review by Meredith A.

Birthday Party (Kids)Reviewed on November 15, 2015From Peoria, AZ

We hired Grand Master Gerhardt for my daughters 13th birthday party. She's a legit psychic/tarot card reader. She was a huge hit, and the kids loved it. I definitely recommend her services for any party, event, or for a personal reading.

Review by Christopher M.

Halloween PartyReviewed on November 5, 2015From Phoenix, AZ

She showed up and had everything set up by the specified time. It was my first time having a tarot card reader at one of my parties and people really enjoyed her readings. She was friendly and had a smile on her face whenever she wasn't serious into her readings. Very professional and fun!

Review by Greg A.

Birthday Party (Adult)Reviewed on April 11, 2015From Tempe, AZ

She was awesome, exactly what was needed.

Review by Hannah B.

Bachelorette PartyReviewed on June 12, 2015From Scottsdale, AZ

Kept things light and positive for our bachelorette party - a wonderful addition!

Review by stacy w.

Birthday Party (Adult)Reviewed on July 6, 2015From Queen Creek, AZ

She was amazing. Everyone had fun and enjoyed having her do personal one on one readings. Thank you so much.

Review by Kerri B.

Private PartyReviewed on January 9, 2017From Phoenix, AZ

She was amazing, had a line of people and everyone loved her. She was able to stay longer to get thru everyone :)

Review by Emily S.

Halloween PartyReviewed on October 31, 2016From Queen Creek, AZ

By the time we had finilized booking grand Master Gerhardt had already been booked. She went out of her way finding a replacement for us that we would be happy with. We ended up with Soror Seshat, gentle, confident yet soft spoken, she helped make our party a huge success. We asked her to keep things positive and light and she did a wonderful job. We would hire her again.

Review by Donovan L.

Private PartyReviewed on January 2, 2016From Phoenix, AZ

GRAND MASTER GERHARDT was punctual, professional and friendly. She set up her area quickly and was ready to receive guests. My guests loved her performance. Some guests received positive and fun news while others received slightly more serious news. GRAND MASTER GERHARDT was entertaining and fun. I would recommend her services.

Review by Wendi R.

Halloween PartyReviewed on October 31, 2016From Gilbert, AZ

Review by Elisabeth D.

CelebrationReviewed on June 16, 2018From Scottsdale, AZ

Review by Tressa K.

Halloween PartyReviewed on October 12, 2017From Phoenix, AZ

Review by KIM V.

Community EventReviewed on July 17, 2018From Mesa, AZ

Review by Shana S.

Halloween PartyReviewed on December 10, 2017From Phoenix, AZ

It was supposed to be fun. but i think she takes her job a bit too seriously. one of my guests told me she saw a "divorce" in her future. Really? not sure that is called for at a party. it should be fun and light-hearted.


Readings ARE generally kept light and fun! (As my reviews testify.) However, if a guest asks me a specific question, or wants more detail as to what I'm seeing in the cards--then I answer his or her question as best I can amidst the chaos of a rowdy party. I was simply being a psychic and giving the details I thought the guest wanted! It is a fact people come all the time, year after year, to my store to obtain readings due to the accuracy. Even if they don't necessarily like, in the moment, what I say--they keep returning because they say what I tell them comes true. But I shall attempt, even more than I do now, to keep parties light and happy.

Review by Sarah M.

Birthday Party (Adult)Reviewed on June 4, 2017From Scottsdale, AZ

Quoted price was 170.00 she knew how many ppl she had to get through prior to the event she went over time never said anything about charging extra at the end she charged me 296.00 I didn't say anything at the time because I didn't want to ruin the party vibe but I am disputing with my bank if your going to charge someone over 100.00 extra something should be said and customer should agree very unprofessional


Greetings, Sarah~ Your review neglected to detail: 1) Your complete lack of communication (forcing me to inquire with a guest about whether to continue or not), 2) You added a $50 tip on top of the $70 extra for the evening, and 3) You collected $20 from each guest, then grandiosely 'stepped up' to cover all on your card (adding the $50 tip!). Credit card 'disputing' is becoming quite a confidence game these days. You could easily have called me. Such a lousy review for an extra $70 is grossly out of proportion. You also neglected to mention the fabulous readings your guests received; many reluctant to depart from my table! Blessings to you, Madame