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Clairvoyant Lady Reviews

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  • Psychic from Rockville, MD
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35 Reviews for Clairvoyant Lady


Review by Hallie H.

Holiday PartyReviewed on October 29, 2023From Washington, DC

She was amazing! Everyone loved her! And I had several people go to her several times! There was a line for her as well! She was the hit of the party!

Review by Brenna M.

Private PartyReviewed on October 21, 2018From Washington, DC

We were SO FORTUNATE to have Clairvoyant Lady attend our party. What a fantastic human being! Her readings were so interesting, and many of the guests were surprised by how accurate they were and touched by her gentle and soothing manner. She is extremely gifted. She's also remarkably patient—we had a lot of guests and everyone wanted her attention. She gave readings to a full range of people—men, women, old, young, TEENAGERS! EVERYONE was equally impressed. And everyone walked away feeling like something important had just happened to them. She absolutely made our party a huge success. I could not recommend her more highly, and I am in her debt.


Oh Brenna! I am speechless, and humbled by your review.

Review by Sarah W.

Birthday Party (Adult)Reviewed on June 1, 2019From Bethesda, MD

We had a great experience with Pamela, who worked with a party of about fifteen teenagers. Several of them left saying it was the most fun party they'd ever been to, and they commented on her calm, peaceful, and kind manner. Allow yourself plenty of time, as everyone coveted more time with her. Her comments were insightful and sparked interesting discussions among the group after she met with each teen individually. Such an enjoyable evening! Thank you so much, Pamela!


Wow! And thank you for the thoughtful review!

Review by Charlene M.

Private PartyReviewed on March 6, 2020From Kensington, MD

Pamela approached our event with professionalism, great communication and some creative problem solving as it was a new situation to all of us. Our guests were amazed with her insightful tea leaf readings and delighted they had come. We hope to have her back!


A big thanks, truly, for this endorsement from Strathmore’s Tea Room!

Review by Lena D.

Cocktail PartyReviewed on June 8, 2018From Washington, DC

She’s fantastic! Her readings were highly accurate for 20 people at a cocktail party. I would definitely use her again.

Review by Johanna P.

Halloween PartyReviewed on November 2, 2017From Washington, DC

We had Pamela come in for a staff event. Every single person that met with Pamela was impressed and highly impacted by her talent. With no doubt, those who met with her, have plans to see her again. We would definitely recommend Pamela over any other without hesitation.


Thank you Johanna! I appreciate it.

Review by Benjamin A.

Halloween PartyReviewed on October 14, 2018From Red Lion, PA

AMAZING and WONDERFUL!!! Exceeded all expectations! She did readings at our party and our guests absolutely loved her so much that they quickly formed a line waiting for a turn! HIGHEST possible RECOMMENDATION and positive endorsement!


Thank you so much Benjamin, for such a fabulous review, and also - I neglected to mention, for your service to our country.

Review by Alicia C.

Halloween PartyReviewed on November 1, 2017From Fairfax Station, VA

Clairvoyant Lady communicated with me very well. I knew exactly what to expect and in turn had everything ready for her when she arrived. She was on time. Everything went smoothly. All my guests were astonished with her ability! She was a sweetheart, very kind and knew what she was doing! Extremely pleased with the entire experience!


Thank you Alicia for this complimentary and thoughtful review. The space you made for me was my best yet :-)

Review by Tami c.

Birthday Party (Adult)Reviewed on September 9, 2018From Port Republic, MD

We hired Clairvoyant Lady for my son’s 19th birthday party. We had 13 teenagers at the event and they all received a reading. She was a hit. The kids had an amazing time. She stayed a lot longer than her established time but wasn’t quick to charge me a lot extra. I did pay extra (by choice) but she was worth every penny.


Thank you Tami. As you know, it was a pleasure for me as they were such open and giving kids. p.s. The pink lights have adorned the tree in my livingroom. :-)

Review by Kat S.

Halloween PartyReviewed on October 31, 2017From Washington, DC

My team really enjoyed the experience - so much so we asked her to stay longer! She made our Halloween party one to remember.


Thanks Kat! Your's was a very upbeat and fun party!

Review by Nancee C.

Birthday Party (Adult)Reviewed on November 19, 2016From Potomac, MD

--------------------- Wow! Absolutely everyone had huge smiles on their faces after speaking with Pamela. When I had my reading she honed right into me, encouraging my hopes and dreams. "She couldn't have known that," I heard several times amidst the general excited talk about her. Pamela stayed late to accommodate everyone. She added meaning, and sense of comraderie and love to my event and I would hire her again in a heartbeat. Nancee C., Potomac MD

Review by Jason U.

Corporate FunctionReviewed on December 5, 2016From Takoma Park, MD

She was great across the board! Everyone at the event loved getting their aura read; it was a great conversation starter and Clairvoyant Lady was accurate with her readings.


Thank you Jason! It was a pleasure.

Review by Elisa K.

Birthday Party (Kids)Reviewed on April 22, 2018From Bethesda, MD

Every single guest who had a chance to talk to the Clairvoyant Lady reported that she was extremely accurate and on point with her assessments of their inner selves and that she gave very positive and pointed commentary on their futures - everyone left her feeling enlightened and fulfilled. She is extremely gifted and I would definitely recommend her to anyone who wants to add a spiritually fun and special element to their party or gathering. Thank you so much for being so great! Oh (for a very small extra fee) and she stayed a little bit longer and was very generous with her time (to all individuals and with me).


Wow, thank you Elisa for the lovely review! You have such a happy energetic family, (and friends) it was a pleasure.

Review by Liz B.

Private PartyReviewed on December 19, 2016From Arlington, VA

My roommate & I hired the Clairvoyant Lady as surprise for a going away party at another friend's house, and we appreciated that she was flexible because the space we had available for her to set up was smaller than we expected. She is very sweet and stayed until every single person had obtained a reading, which was probably 20 or so guests, and then did a longer, more thorough reading for the guest of honor. Affordable and met our needs with high satisfaction! Thank you :)

Review by Caroline P.

Birthday Party (Adult)Reviewed on December 17, 2019From Washington, DC

Clairvoyant Lady did birth chart readings for my birthday. Her car broke down right before the party and was still able to get to us with all that hassle. She also was extra accommodating bc she changed venues and made sure everyone was read. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed meeting with her. I highly recommend!

Review by Joan S.

Birthday Party (Adult)Reviewed on August 12, 2018From Vienna, VA

She was great source of insight and entertainment. One 17 year old party guest said "her reading was so accurate" everyone had a great time!


Thanks do much! I enjoyed the energy of your event greatly!

Review by Buffie K.

Birthday Party (Kids)Reviewed on August 28, 2017From Issue, MD

She did a wonderful job, will definitely use her again


Thanks Buffie!

Review by Monique C.

Private PartyReviewed on January 23, 2019From Ellicott City, MD

It was a delight to have Pamela give readings to me and my friends for the New Year! She is multi-talented and gave fun intuitive readings. If you are looking for a psychic for an event or private party, I highly recommend Pamela. She will not disappoint!


Thank you, Monique. What a wonderful client you are!

Review by Chasity H.

Corporate FunctionReviewed on December 13, 2018From Leesburg, VA

Our team absolutely loved having you at our event! Thank you!


Thanks Chasity!

Review by Kim P.

Private PartyReviewed on November 27, 2018From Bear, DE

Pam was great! I invited 11 people and this who received readings said she was more than accurate...I would recommend her again and she is already booked with a friend of mine in two weeks....great card readings and energy

Review by Katie J.

Private PartyReviewed on October 29, 2018From Hampstead, MD

Truly entertaining evening for my birthday! Thank you


Thanks Katie!

Review by Chasity H.

Corporate FunctionReviewed on January 11, 2019From Leesburg, VA

She was accommodating and adjusted to the surroundings that were not optimal for her services.


Thank you Deb, for your review, and your patience!

Review by Joe G.

MeetingReviewed on May 13, 2019From Rockville, MD

This was a fantastic experience that I would highly recommend to anyone. Highly accommodating, personal, and professional!!


Big thanks Joe!

Review by Erika J.

Corporate FunctionReviewed on August 16, 2018From Washington, DC

She was a fun and dramatic performer. She was a little more casual of a vendor than I'm used to dealing with, but overall, the guests really enjoyed her. She even stayed late to accommodate additional guests who were waiting. I also loved her costume :)

Review by Nancee C.

Birthday Party (Adult)Reviewed on November 21, 2019From Potomac, MD