Glamping Party Theme

A little camping, a lot of glamour.

About the Theme

Where remarkable nature meets modern luxury. Entice your guests to experience the great outdoors without sacrificing the creature comforts they all love. This chic and stylish party is the perfect way to get that escape you’ve been meaning to take—with all your friends and family along for the ride. Choose a venue with a secluded landscape, so the fresh air can be enjoyed while lounging in cushy accommodations and sipping on refreshing cocktails

VIBE: Bohemian

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Venue Settings

Private Garden

Get into the great outdoors and enjoy the serenity nature has to offer. For this theme a Private Garden is the perfect location to set up camp, this secret urban oasis allows you to enjoy all the wonders of the outdoors with a few more amenities.


Classical Ensemble

Fill the afternoon air with transcendent classical music. So many classical composers symphonies were inspired by the world around us, and the beauty of nature. Draw on their inspiration when choosing a song list for your ensemble to play.


Cheese and Charcuterie

For this sophisticated party up your game from the traditional burnt hot dog on a stick. Opt for the much beloved cheese and charcuterie board for this soiree. This no-fuss meal is a great go-to for easy entertaining. Having a wide variety of meats and cheeses that are fresh, with different textures is a must. Now we just have to find a board big enough for all of our favorites.

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When any kind of camping is involved, s’mores are simply a must. Elevate this ooey-gooey treat into something fancy by adding Reeses, Oreos, Snickers, or even Girl Scout Cookies to the menu.

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Iced Tea Cocktails

Nothing is more refreshing on a warm afternoon than a large glass of iced tea. Quench your thirst and give new life to this classic drink by adding your own twist, and making it into a cocktail. Add vodka and lemonade for an alcoholic Arnold Palmer, or opt for a Southern twist with aged bourbon.

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Creative Detail


Whether you're celebrating a birthday or an anniversary, there must be cake. Opt for a cake design that nods to the theme, like toasted marshmellow details and graham cracker toppings.

Creative Detail


“Camp” in style for this soiree. Instead of the usual flimsy vinyl tent make this an opportunity to have an amazing centerpiece for your party. Mix different textiles like lace, durable canvas, sequins, and burlap to combine the rugged outdoors, and the glamourous feel of the party. To bring ultimate comfort to this outdoor setting add lots of cushy pillows, and even a hammock or two to relax in style.

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